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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-06-11 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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  1. decadelong
    • 2007 June 11, Jeremy Pearce, “Homer J. Stewart, 91, Aerospace Engineer, Dies”, New York Times:
      By 1960, NASA had sketched the outline for a decadelong effort toward unmanned and then manned lunar explorations, as well as sending spacecraft to Venus and Mars.
  2. financings
    • 2007 June 11, “Treasury Sales Set”, New York Times:
      The Treasury’s schedule of financings this week includes today’s regular weekly auction of new three- and six-month bills and an auction of four-week bills tomorrow.
  3. flyout
    • 2007 June 11, Ben Shpigel, “Path to 300 Wins Gets Rocky for Glavine”, New York Times:
      The Mets’ dismal fifth began with a single, continued with a triple and a flyout before Infante pushed what Glavine called a perfect squeeze bunt up the first-base line.
  4. fructooligosaccharides
  5. goopy
    • 2007 June 11, The New York Times, “New CDs”, New York Times:
      But as the self-help bromides pile up and the arrangements thicken, all the seriousness gets mighty goopy. Ms. Cole performs tonight at the Allen Room of Jazz at Lincoln Center .
  6. griefathon
  7. interleague
    • 2007 June 11, The Associated Press, “Pujols Shows Off His Power as Cardinals Beat the Angels”, New York Times:
      TWINS 6, NATIONALS 3 Torii Hunter and Jason Bartlett each had three hits to help Minnesota avoid being swept at home for the first time by a National League team since interleague play began in 1997.
  8. liras *
    • 2007 June 11, Alex Mindlin, “When Lots of Money Makes You Feel Rich”, New York Times:
      Anyone who has ever thrown around a stack of liras or rupees knows that people are sometimes more extravagant with currencies that have high face values.
  9. manoir
    • 2007 June 11, Janet Maslin, “Strands May Be Delicate, but They’re All Connected”, New York Times:
      Taking up residence in Lucien’s house, Anna tells herself: “The manoir had once been the writer’s home, and she found herself in some modest contrapuntal dance with him.”
  10. microtransactions
  11. midgrade
  12. midstage
    • 2007 June 11, Andrew Pollack, “Antihistamine Shows Promise in Treating Alzheimer’s”, New York Times:
      Results of a midstage clinical trial are expected to be presented this week that will show that patients treated with the drug, Dimebon, did better than those receiving a placebo on all five measures of cognition and behavior.
  13. multihit
    • 2007 June 11, The Associated Press, “Pujols Shows Off His Power as Cardinals Beat the Angels”, New York Times:
      Halladay also had the first regular-season multihit game by a Toronto pitcher, and he drove in the first run of his career with a single in the second that snapped a 2-2 tie and put the Blue Jays ahead for good.
  14. nonemployee
    • 2007 June 11, Sean D. Hamill, “City’s White Elephant Now Looks Like a Transit Workhorse”, New York Times:
      After a decline in ridership during the 1990s, the number of rides has increased roughly 10 percent a year over the last five years, but nonstudent and nonemployee ridership has stayed relatively constant, about 80,000 rides a year.
  15. nonentertainment
    • 2007 June 11, Michael Cieply, “At Creative Artists, a Bit of Blushing After a Corporate Kiss-Off”, New York Times:
      And its success or failure is likely to tell whether talents as varied as Will Ferrell , Tom Cruise , Jerry Bruckheimer , Derek Jeter or Norah Jones — Creative Artists clients all — will maintain their leverage against evolving media giants like the News Corporation and Viacom or make new fortunes from the nonentertainment companies that are looking to Hollywood.
  16. nonmilitarized
    • 2007 June 11, David Staba, “New Passport Rules Bring Worry Over Tourism at Niagara Falls”, New York Times:
      So as the government tightens security between the United States and Canada, the world’s longest nonmilitarized border — 5,526 miles over land and water — businesses in both countries are growing increasingly wary.
  17. normalizer
  18. paradegoer
    • 2007 June 11, Trymaine Lee, “As Fifth Ave. Brims With Pride, Even the Horses Dance”, New York Times:
      An article on Monday about the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Manhattan misstated the difference in length between this year’s parade and the one in 1958, which one paradegoer, Tony Flores, took part in as a Boy Scout from Brooklyn .
  19. preperformance
    • 2007 June 11, Jennifer Dunning, “The Night Christopher Wheeldon Met Oscar Wilde”, New York Times:
      And yet Mr. Wheeldon reinvents it in potent dance terms, capturing the deceptively childlike simplicity of the original, though this is a ballet that demands a preperformance reading of program notes.
  20. reorchestrated
    • 2007 June 11, Claudia La Rocco, “With Her Own Company, a Former Dancer Reunites Elements of Her Past”, New York Times:
      A second Béjart piece, “Rite of Spring,” was dropped because the choreographer was too ill to oversee the production himself; it was replaced by “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue,” whose Looney Tunes Richard Rodgers score (from the musical “On Your Toes,” reorchestrated by Hershey Kay) and Technicolor sets and emotions suggest Balanchine had at least a little Béjart in him — maybe just enough for his great muse to make the transition between the two or to believe, 40 years later, that the pairing makes for coherent theater.
  21. shedrow
    • 2007 June 11, Joe Drape, “Missing a Sweep, but Little Else”, New York Times:
      Rags to Riches walked the shedrow and her muscular chestnut frame was no worse for the wear from outrunning Curlin, the Preakness Stakes champion.
  22. showup
  23. shruggingly
    • 2007 June 11, Jennifer Dunning, “The Night Christopher Wheeldon Met Oscar Wilde”, New York Times:
      But the young girl discards it, displeased by its scent, and the rose is tossed to the ground and hardly noticed by the student as he shruggingly steps over the nightingale’s body.
  24. sinuously
    • 2007 June 11, Jon Pareles, “What She Wants: Retro, Soul and Hip-Hop (Just a Little Bit)”, New York Times:
      But for most of her set she connected with the songs: melting some notes and sharpening others, singing tartly or sweetly, sinuously dodging the beat or riding it with quick bursts of syllables.
  25. skylit
    • 2007 June 11, Carol Vogel, “Art in the Present Tense: Politics, Loss and Beauty”, New York Times:
      But at the core of the show are more enigmatic works by older contemporary masters like Ellsworth Kelly , Robert Ryman and Sigmar Polke. Mr. Polke’s skylit room of magical paintings — dark abstract, translucent canvases — had viewers returning at different times of day to witness how they changed as the weather did, from bright sunlight to rain.
  26. tapestrylike
  27. tipoff
    • 2007 June 11, Howard Beck, “Spurs Show No Mercy in Dismantling Cavaliers”, New York Times:
      It seemed like a good omen for Cleveland when James, who missed his first eight shots in Game 1, hit a short jumper 35 seconds after the tipoff.