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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-06-16 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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80892 tokens ‧ 59336 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 8244 types ‧ 41 (~ 0.497%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. ambrisentan
  2. aramid
    • 2007 June 16, Nicola Clark, “One Word for Airplane Makers: Plastics”, New York Times:
      In the aerospace industry, composites are made of nonmetallic fibers — carbon, fiberglass or aramid — embedded in a resin of plastic or epoxy that is molded and then cured in autoclaves at high temperatures.
  3. aspergillum
    • 2007 June 16, Ethan Wilensky-Lanford, “Spiritual Guidance and Smooth Sailing for the Fire Dept.”, New York Times:
      Holding his right hand aloft, he used a tool called an aspergillum to lift holy water from a bucket held by an Episcopal priest, the Rev. Stephen R. Harding, another department chaplain.
  4. basepaths
  5. bosentan
  6. caseins
    • 2007 June 16, Alexei Barrionuevo, “Globalization in Every Loaf”, New York Times:
      The imported ingredients include caseins and caseinates (enzymes found in milk that are used as milk protein substitutes for pizza cheeses) and gums and resins that are used as binders to, for example, give chicken nuggets a certain consistency.
  7. coverages
  8. cutline
  9. dorkiness
  10. eruv
  11. eruvin
  12. fanfold
    • 2007 June 16, John Schwartz, “Work Done on Space Station Computers”, New York Times:
      Having the fanfold array resume its more compact shape has required shaking, poking and pulling with tools created or modified for the task, a process that NASA calls “fluffing.”
  13. fleshlike
    • 2007 June 16, Ben Brantley, “An Artist’s Look Back at Her Life, Now Ended”, New York Times:
      And the stooped, broad-backed, white-haired figure, supported by invisible minions, that you are asked to follow down an undulating, fleshlike corridor certainly looks like Ms. Nagrin.
  14. hitless
  15. hokiness
    • 2007 June 16, Susan Stewart, “Specialist in Tough (to) Love”, New York Times:
      Hype and hokiness aside, some reality shows are appealing because they seem real.
  16. interleague
    • 2007 June 16, Joe Lapointe, “On His First Visit to Fenway, Bonds Has Some Kind Words”, New York Times:
      “It would be important to me because it’s at home, yes, definitely,” Bonds said before the Red Sox defeated the Giants, 10-2, in the opener of a three-game interleague series.
  17. midthought
    • 2007 June 16, Allan Kozinn, “Discovering New Truths in Themes Developed Long Ago”, New York Times:
      And that, as the Emerson presented it, links it to Bach: the quartet had just concluded its “Art of Fugue” selection with the Contrapunctus XVIII, which ends in midthought, where Bach left it when he died.
  18. minicamp
    • 2007 June 16, The Associated Press, “Sports Briefing”, New York Times:
      ROOKIE INJURED IN PAINTBALL GAME A paintball shot in the groin left the rookie LaRon Landry unable to practice when the Washington Redskins opened their minicamp yesterday.
  19. minitheater
  20. motivic
    • 2007 June 16, Allan Kozinn, “Discovering New Truths in Themes Developed Long Ago”, New York Times:
      The Tuesday program included Wolfgang Rihm’s Quartet No. 4, an involving 1981 work that begins with a theme that sounds as if it were cribbed from a Beethoven sketchbook. Mr. Rihm leans heavily on Beethoven’s motivic development techniques, but the piece’s salient quality is its quirky dance between neo-Romantic lushness and dark, modern angularity.
  21. multibillionaire
    • 2007 June 16, Diane Cardwell, “A Gadfly Becomes Persona Non Grata in City Hall”, New York Times:
      But it took Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg , the multibillionaire with a reputation for cool-headedness, to actually bar him, beginning in April, from City Hall news conferences.
  22. nandrolone
    • 2007 June 16, The Associated Press, “Sports Briefing”, New York Times:
      The California Athletic Commission said yesterday that Gracie, 40, tested positive for a nandrolone metabolite steroid after defeating Kazushi Sakuraba by a unanimous decision in a match on June 2 at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.
  23. nonmanagement
    • 2007 June 16, Jeremy W. Peters, “Cost of Gas and Food Rose Sharply Last Month”, New York Times:
      After taking inflation into account, the average weekly earnings for workers in nonmanagement jobs — some 80 percent of the work force — fell for the second consecutive month in May.
  24. nonpitchers
    • 2007 June 16, Joe Lapointe, “On His First Visit to Fenway, Bonds Has Some Kind Words”, New York Times:
      Should Bonds not be chosen by his peers, Manager Tony La Russa of the St. Louis Cardinals could name him among three nonpitchers, in conjunction with the wishes of the commissioner’s office.
  25. nonrefugees
    • 2007 June 16, Isabel Kershner, “On West Bank, a Show of Force by Fatah”, New York Times:
      The Palestinians have long been distinguished by their social divides, split between the West Bank and Gaza, insiders of those territories and outsiders in exile, refugees and nonrefugees, village and town.
  26. nonsecurity
  27. posterization
  28. postrevolutionary
    • 2007 June 16, Ian Fisher, “In Aftermath of Gaza Battle, Grim Realities”, New York Times:
      GAZA, June 15 — This packed, impoverished coastal strip had a postrevolutionary feel on Friday: the green flag of Hamas , victor over Fatah in what amounted to a five-day civil war, flew over public buildings where once the multicolored Palestinian one had been.
  29. presentencing
    • 2007 June 16, Ralph Blumenthal, “R. F. Dial, 62, Dies; Convict Fled With Warden’s Wife”, New York Times:
      The presentencing report said that Mr. Dial was born in Tulsa on Sept. 26, 1944, that his parents divorced when he was 3 and that he had a brother who committed suicide in 1988.
  30. primitivism
    • 2007 June 16, Ben Brantley, “An Artist’s Look Back at Her Life, Now Ended”, New York Times:
      The visual effects — from that simulated atomic blast to the apparition of a giant talking totem pole — are riveting throughout, psyche- roiling combinations of a childlike primitivism and an uberartisan’s sophistication.
  31. prisonlike
  32. ranchland
    • 2007 June 16, William Powers And Glenn Hurowitz, “Home on the Rainforest”, New York Times:
      One hectare (about 2.5 acres) of forest cleared and converted to ranchland or crops produces a piece of land worth, on average, $200 to $500.
  33. raspily
  34. reinaugurate
    • 2007 June 16, Anthony Tommasini, “Podiums of London Welcome Newcomers”, New York Times:
      On Monday night, as I reported earlier, Christoph von Dohnanyi, the principal conductor of the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted works by Ligeti and Beethoven as part of the grand concert to reinaugurate this splendidly renovated hall.
  35. sixtyfold
  36. soppressata
    • 2007 June 16, Ginia Bellafante, “A Criminal in the Suburbs, but With a British Accent”, New York Times:
      Such is the fate of the premium-cable viewer that “Meadowlands” is set in a housing development somewhere in the marshes of England (proximity to a good soppressata be damned), among the gruesome, the humorless, the irredeemable.
  37. soundscore
    • 2007 June 16, Gia Kourlas, “In the Underworld, Looking for Beams of Blessed Light”, New York Times:
      Ms. Pulvermacher’s soundscore includes audio tutorials of an autopsy and snippets from a telephone conversation between herself and a woman you imagine to be her mother.
  38. unpicturesque
    • 2007 June 16, Randy Kennedy, “The Handwriting on the Road: An Artist Draws the Flood Line”, New York Times:
      Specifically, it is right on the decidedly unpicturesque pavement and sidewalks of Spring Creek, Brooklyn, and after a few weeks of work, it now winds and twists its way into Canarsie, where Ms. Mosher drove on Thursday morning in her environmentally friendly rent-by-the hour car, with five 50-pound buckets of blue-tinted chalk in the back.
  39. vinifera *
    • 2007 June 16, Frank J. Prial, “Juanita Swedenburg, 82, Dies; Won Suit on Wine Shipping”, New York Times:
      In her Foreign Service years, Mrs. Swedenburg developed a taste for European wines made from vinifera grapes like chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon, varieties she cultivated in her vineyard.