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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-06-19 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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  1. cloudlike
  2. crescendoing
    • 2007 June 19, Barry Bearak, “7 Children Killed in Airstrike in Afghanistan”, New York Times:
      The death of the children on Sunday may well add to the crescendoing anger many Afghans feel about civilian casualties from American and NATO military operations.
  3. decktop
  4. fleetwide
    • 2007 June 19, “Crunch Time on Energy”, New York Times:
      The bill before the Senate would bring fleetwide averages from roughly 25 miles per gallon to 35 miles per gallon by 2020, hardly an impossible target.
  5. interleague
  6. machinelike
  7. microvascular
  8. midground
    • 2007 June 19, Dave Kehr, “New DVDs”, New York Times:
      Mr. Dwan’s great gift, which he discovered early on, was for opening up practically any shot into a complex, three-dimensional space that pulled in the viewer by strategically placed fore- and midground objects, a gift that gives his work a weight and presence equaled by few other filmmakers.
  9. multislice
  10. noncompete
    • 2007 June 19, Richard Siklos, “Closing Arguments Begin in Black Trial”, New York Times:
      The bulk of the $60 million came from so-called noncompete agreements that went to the four executives and to Mr. Black’s longtime second in command, F. David Radler, as a result of the company selling most of its newspapers in Canada and the United States from 1998 to 2002.
  11. nonrespiratory
    • 2007 June 19, Nicholas Bakalar, “Antibiotic Use in First Year May Increase Asthma Risk”, New York Times:
      But this study, of 13,116 Canadian children, found that the risk of asthma increased even in children treated with antibiotics for nonrespiratory illnesses in the first year of life.
  12. nonteaching
  13. oppositional
    • 2007 June 19, Michael Cieply, “‘The Kingdom’ Gambles That Entertainment Can Trump Politics”, New York Times:
      “Two of those guys from the most oppositional backgrounds you can imagine, a Saudi cop and an African-American from Washington, would have more things in common, wanting to make bad things not happen, than all the cultural differences between them.”
  14. radiographic
    • 2007 June 19, Lawrence K. Altman, “Radiology Was Young, and So Was I”, New York Times:
      CT scans take radiographic slices of the body in details Roentgen could not have imagined.
  15. reheal
  16. rhapsodically
    • 2007 June 19, Charles Isherwood, “The Power of Memory to Triumph Over Death”, New York Times:
      What she finds there, and what she learns about love, loss and the pleasures and pains of memory, is the subject of Ms. Ruhl’s tender-hearted comedy, which opened last night at the Second Stage Theater in a rhapsodically beautiful production directed by Les Waters.
  17. seethingly
  18. sentencings
  19. sociobiologist
    • 2007 June 19, John Tierney, “Taxes a Pleasure? Check the Brain Scan”, New York Times:
      The sociobiologist Robert Trivers worked out the mathematics of “reciprocal altruism,” whereby our urge to be nice ultimately serves to propagate our genes by inducing others to cooperate with us.
  20. townwide
  21. transvaginal
    • 2007 June 19, “Symptoms and Ovarian Cancer”, New York Times:
      The hope is that a combination of a pelvic and rectal exam, a blood marker test and transvaginal ultrasound — none of which is determinative in itself — might yield useful information.
  22. unclips
    • 2007 June 19, Jan Hoffman, “Bridging Gaps Between Hospital and Home”, New York Times:
      “Sometimes, a successful day just means I was able to get someone transportation home from the hospital,” Ms. Tennenbaum says as she clips and unclips her long brown hair in frustration.
  23. undammed
    • 2007 June 19, Anthony Depalma, “Conservancy Buys Large Area of Adirondack Wilderness”, New York Times:
      The last big piece of privately owned timberland in the Adirondacks — a craggy 161,000-acre wilderness of hardwood forests, 80 mountain peaks, 70 crystal-clear lakes and ponds, undammed rivers, white water gorges and secluded bogs — has been sold for $110 million to the Nature Conservancy , in a move intended to protect the land from future development.
  24. washings
    • 2007 June 19, Jane E. Brody, “Saving Young Skin From the Sun’s Perils”, New York Times:
      The fabric in this and other brands is designed to retain sun-protective properties through scores of washings, and the clothes can be handed down to younger children.