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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-06-25 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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  1. counterattacking
  2. epidemiologically
  3. establishable
  4. executant
    • 2007 June 25, Alastair Macaulay, “33 Years, and Good to the Last Pirouette”, New York Times:
      Bourrées are the tiny traveling steps on point that since the 1890s have often been compared, with a great executant, to strings of pearls.
  5. fleetwide
    • 2007 June 25, “Our Addiction to Energy (2 Letters)”, New York Times:
      Raising fleetwide averages from 25 miles per gallon to 35 miles per gallon by 2020 is a must, and the Senate should be commended for rejecting lobbying efforts by the domestic auto industry to defeat this provision of the bill.
  6. globelike
  7. hognose
    • 2007 June 25, Michelle Green, “A Complex Marriage on Nature’s Path”, New York Times:
      Melding the Maytrees’ silent musings about solitude or eternity with their conversations about the small miracle that is their son, Petie, or about the quirks of hognose snakes, she brings the whole together in a sleight of hand that at times has the power of a gut punch.
  8. interleague
    • 2007 June 25, The Associated Press, “McGowan’s 8 No-Hit Innings Lead the Blue Jays to a Sweep”, New York Times:
      Soriano cut down a runner at the plate in the fifth with a strong throw and then hit his third home run of the interleague series in the seventh — his 15th of the season and 11th this month.
  9. janjaweed
    • 2007 June 25, Craig S. Smith, “Rice and French Counterpart Highlight Darfur”, New York Times:
      Since early 2003, an Arab militia known as the janjaweed has been raping and killing non-Arabs in Darfur, ostensibly as part of the Sudanese government’s effort to suppress a rebellion there.
  10. megagifts
  11. microdrone
    • 2007 June 25, Ralph Blumenthal, “Flexible and Fearless, Seeking Rescue Work”, New York Times:
      The carbon-fiber microdrone — which weighs just more than two pounds, flies 25 miles an hour and can soar to 3,000 feet — has been used in mountain rescues in Switzerland and for military surveillance by the German army, said Mr. Meyer, president of the company’s United States subsidiary, based in New York.
  12. microstock
  13. midpriced
    • 2007 June 25, Martin Fackler, “Waiter, There’s Deer in My Sushi”, New York Times:
      Fukuzushi, a midpriced restaurant in a residential neighborhood in Tokyo, is having a tougher time finding high-quality fish at reasonable prices.
  14. multifactoral
    • 2007 June 25, “Autism: What Research Is Needed? (7 Letters)”, New York Times:
      Although the causes for regressive autism are most likely multifactoral, one possible co-factor — vaccination — stimulates the most intense debate.
  15. nonpremium
    • 2007 June 25, Miguel Helft, “Sales Chief Is the Latest to Depart From Yahoo”, New York Times:
      While the company’s top properties like the front page and the company’s finance sites, are performing well with those advertisers, Yahoo has experienced weakness in the sale of so-called nonpremium inventory, ad space that appears on lesser known portions Yahoo or alongside e-mail messages, Mr. Barry said.
  16. overfished
    • 2007 June 25, James Kanter, “U.S. Accuses Europe of Overfishing Tuna in Atlantic”, New York Times:
      Ireland and Britain also criticized the European Union plan because it failed to penalize fleets in countries like France and Italy that already had overfished, and because drift-net fishing, banned since 2002, was still going on in some European Union fleets.
  17. predraft
  18. prestart
    • 2007 June 25, Christopher Clarey, “New Zealand Evens Series With Alinghi”, New York Times:
      It looked as if the counter would keep ticking when Alinghi showed superior boat speed on the first leg despite getting the worst of the prestart.
  19. resentenced
    • 2007 June 25, “Looking Ahead”, New York Times:
      Also on Tuesday, the founder of Adelphia Communications , John J. Rigas , left, and his son Timothy, are expected to be resentenced in the accounting scandal that led to the company’s collapse.
  20. saurine
    • 2007 June 25, Michelle Green, “A Complex Marriage on Nature’s Path”, New York Times:
      Shim, scumble, saurine, skeg: It’s impossible for readers who delight in such words not to be entranced by the way Annie Dillard chooses — and uses — her arsenal in “The Maytrees.”
  21. sneakered
    • 2007 June 25, Ralph Blumenthal, “Flexible and Fearless, Seeking Rescue Work”, New York Times:
      Outside, in a field near a jumble of derailed Amtrak cars with a sneakered foot pinned beneath a wheel, Will Pong, director of robotics for Segway Inc., which makes the two-wheeled personal transporter, was using remote control to direct a cart with a stretcher bearing “Bob,” a gashed and burned dummy, from the wrecked train.
  22. transvaginal
    • 2007 June 25, “Ovarian Cancer Screening (1 Letter)”, New York Times:
      Worldwide and nationwide prospective studies show encouraging results in detecting early-stage and small-volume ovarian cancer in high-risk groups of women who are subjected to transvaginal ultrasound scans.
  23. undampened
    • 2007 June 25, “Arts, Briefly”, New York Times:
      Rain and mud were everywhere, but spirits seemed undampened as performers including the Who , the Killers , Kaiser Chiefs , Shirley Bassey , the Marley Brothers , Iggy and the Stooges , Babyshambles , Bjork , Paolo Nutini and the Arctic Monkeys , among many other artists, performed over three days at the Glastonbury Festival, Agence France-Presse reported.
  24. undersupplied
  25. unfudged
    • 2007 June 25, Alastair Macaulay, “33 Years, and Good to the Last Pirouette”, New York Times:
      She falls headlong at the end of the ballet’s Tema Russo movement, and the unfudged dynamics make the moment seem like a tragic thunderclap.
  26. waterlilies


  1. duking
    • 2007 June 25, John Branch, “An Unpredictable Favorite at Wimbledon”, New York Times:
      “I’m glad they’re duking it out over there,” Williams said, as if sitting casually in a chair at Wimbledon is more suitable preparation than playing a championship match elsewhere.