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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-07-02 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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  1. antiestablishment
    • 2007 July 2, James C. Mckinley Jr., “A Year Later, a Mexican Leftist’s Tone Is Subdued”, New York Times:
      The rally in the capital’s central square was widely seen here as an attempt by Mr. López Obrador to reinvigorate his flagging antiestablishment movement and as a test of his political strength.
  2. clapalongs
  3. currywurst
    • 2007 July 2, “Arts, Briefly”, New York Times:
      Among things Ms. Streisand, above, said she liked about Germany were currywurst, apple strudel, Beethoven and Bach, and she recited a Goethe poem that she called a lifelong favorite.
  4. earthling *
    • 2007 July 2, Jennifer Dunning, “Flounce and Strut, but Don’t Make Me Over”, New York Times:
      Those dancers include the delectable Banu Ogan, who should never be allowed off the stage, as well as the spunky Jean Freebury, a poignant earthling named Eric Bounds, and a mysterious beauty named Makram Hamdan, in a cast completed by Katherine Nauman and A. Apostol.
  5. elocutions
  6. fleetwide
    • 2007 July 2, “Fuel Economy Standard (1 Letter)”, New York Times:
      Here’s how: First, the bill establishes a flexible fleetwide average of 35 miles per gallon (as opposed to the current system, where automakers must meet one fixed standard for cars and another for light trucks and S.U.V.’s).
  7. insiderish
  8. mastman
  9. minilamp
    • 2007 July 2, Douglas Martin, “Jay Monroe, 80, Engineer Who Invented Tensor Lamp, Dies”, New York Times:
      Jay Monroe, an engineer whose wife’s discontent over the strong light he needed for bedtime reading provoked him to invent a high-intensity, low-voltage minilamp whose use spread to desks, jewelers’ worktables, limousines and far beyond, died on June 12 at his home in Sands Point, N.Y. He was 80.
  10. nailhead
    • 2007 July 2, Kirk Johnson, “A $135 Million Home, but if You Have to Ask ...”, New York Times:
      Dark, gleaming wood beams, all with notched construction and not a single nailhead showing, pale plaster walls and television screens dominate the decor.
  11. nonbillionaires
  12. reprinters
    • 2007 July 2, Noam Cohen, “Taking the Copyright Fight Into a New Arena”, New York Times:
      That position has made him the darling of those who want a relatively unfettered Internet, whether it be music sharers or online poem reprinters.
  13. sambareggae
    • 2007 July 2, Jon Pareles, “Everyone Join In: Sing, Clap and Hug”, New York Times:
      And in the best Brazilian pop tradition, Mr. Brown’s music embraces all sorts of things: sambareggae and axé rhythms from his home state, Bahia; samba and other beats from across Brazil; and funk, rock, reggae, jazz, hip-hop and salsa from abroad.
  14. sinkings
    • 2007 July 2, Richard Goldstein, “Eugene B. Fluckey, 93, a Top Sub Commander, Is Dead”, New York Times:
      Richard O’Kane, also a Medal of Honor recipient, ranked No. 1 in sinkings, with 24, but No. 2 behind Commander Fluckey in tonnage destroyed, according to the joint assessment unit, whose postwar findings generally differed from submarine commanders’ reports filed in the aftermath of combat.
  15. slinkily
  16. tinnily
  17. unappreciation
  18. unbuilding
  19. unbuilds
  20. untransferred