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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-07-10 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-11).

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  1. audiotaping
  2. bourgeoise *
  3. buzzy
  4. caucasian
  5. corncrib
    • 2007 July 10, Verlyn Klinkenborg, “John Szarkowski”, New York Times:
      It is the picture of a farmer and his son standing against the backdrop of an empty wooden corncrib.
  6. countercharges
  7. cuboctahedral
  8. drumlike
    • 2007 July 10, Jennifer Dunning, “Finding the Elgar We Know and One We Don’t”, New York Times:
      It is a portable piece, a familiar suite of 20 mostly brief “featured acts” that have nothing to do with Elgar and were perhaps created more for casual summer theater and for the festival’s agreeably funky Spiegeltent, where the piece was performed on Sunday night, and its small, round drumlike stage.
  9. foreside
    • 2007 July 10, Natalie Angier, “Small, Yes, but Mighty: The Molecule Called Water”, New York Times:
      Because of water’s atomic architecture, the tendency of its comparatively forceful oxygen centerpiece to cling greedily to electrons as it consorts with its two meeker hydrogen mates, the entire molecule ends up polarized, with slight electromagnetic charges on its foreside and aft.
  10. greedfest
    • 2007 July 10, Virginia Heffernan, “Tapping Our Musical Muscle Memory”, New York Times:
      As part of American television’s campaign to revive the corniest elements of its so-called golden age, another ultra-hokey game show has made its way to NBC, where it can keep company with the glittering greedfest “Deal or No Deal.”
  11. handwashing
    • 2007 July 10, C. Claiborne Ray, “Safe Soap”, New York Times:
      “These findings, along with other published reports, show that little hazard exists in routine handwashing with previously used soap bars and support the frequent use of soap and water for handwashing.”
  12. heterosexually
    • 2007 July 10, “A Nominee’s Abnormal Views”, New York Times:
      It argued that gay sex was abnormal on anatomical and physiological grounds and unhealthy, in that anal sex can lead to rectal injuries and sexually transmitted diseases. Dr. Holsinger did not brand the large number of heterosexual women who engage in anal sex as abnormal, failed to acknowledge the huge burden of disease spread heterosexually and implied that women are more likely than men to avoid injuries with generous lubrication.
  13. mbube
    • 2007 July 10, Steve Smith, “Bringing Life, Death and Sight to Sound”, New York Times:
      Fikile Mvinjelwa, a marvelous baritone, was equally impressive in operatic mode and in the popular South African mbube style.
  14. microdiscectomy
  15. muleback
    • 2007 July 10, George Johnson, “A Trip Back in Time and Space”, New York Times:
      Carried down the mountain on muleback and across a suspension bridge to the village of Chosica, the fragile load was put on a train bound for Lima and the long voyage to Boston Harbor.
  16. mysticist
    • 2007 July 10, Dave Kehr, “New DVDs”, New York Times:
      Directed by the Midwestern mysticist Michael Polish (“Twin Falls, Idaho”).
  17. nonbanks
    • 2007 July 10, “Myths Spun by Lax Lenders”, New York Times:
      The Federal Reserve, with authority over unfair and deceptive mortgages, should impose rules on all lenders — banks and nonbanks — deeming a mortgage unfair if it’s issued without evidence of a borrower’s ability to repay.
  18. nonfunctioning
    • 2007 July 10, Cornelia Dean, “Determined to Reinspire a Culture of Innovation”, New York Times:
      As he left office last month, Dr. Wulf began a project he said he hoped others would join him in — repairing the nonfunctioning elements of America’s ecology of innovation and building mechanisms to foster creative thinking and invention as science and technology advance.
  19. nonmanagerial
    • 2007 July 10, James Barron, “Manhattan: Ex-Restaurant Workers Sue”, New York Times:
      The lawsuit also says that because V Steakhouse handled the tips that way, it underpaid the nonmanagerial employees, because they earned less than the minimum wage under state law, which was $6 an hour when the restaurant closed.
  20. nonstars
    • 2007 July 10, Virginia Heffernan, “Tapping Our Musical Muscle Memory”, New York Times:
      Whatever the reason, plain nonstars leap to their feet to sing on “The Singing Bee” — and often they gratuitously dance!
  21. overregulated
  22. portside
    • 2007 July 10, James Hickey, “Airline War Stories, Expert Division”, New York Times:
      All was quiet for several minutes until the fog broke and a large oak tree passed outside my portside window.
  23. postapartheid
    • 2007 July 10, Steve Smith, “Bringing Life, Death and Sight to Sound”, New York Times:
      The piece, conceived to mark the 10th anniversary of South Africa’s postapartheid Truth and Reconciliation Commission in April 2006, includes the voices of victims, resistance fighters and government oppressors, taken from recordings made during the commission’s hearings.
  24. prewashed
    • 2007 July 10, C. Claiborne Ray, “Safe Soap”, New York Times:
      In the 1988 study, prewashed and softened commercial deodorant soap bars were inoculated with E. coli and P. aeruginosa bacteria at levels 70 times as high as those reported on used soap bars.
  25. pseudocandidate
    • 2007 July 10, Stuart Elliott, “Faith, Hopewood and Charity?”, New York Times:
      There is even merchandise being sold on behalf of the pseudocandidate, including bumper stickers, T-shirts, tote bags and zany items that are supposed to tip off people to the jocular nature of the campaign.
  26. sarod
    • 2007 July 10, Allan Kozinn, “Capturing a Master of the Guitar in the Act of Playing and Musing”, New York Times:
      More surprising are segments showing Mr. Bream and friends starting an evening at a pub and then repairing to his home to play jazz, and a 1962 improvisation with the sarod player Ali Akbar Khan in which Mr. Bream picks up Mr. Khan’s themes with an effortlessness and a fluency that say a lot about his musicianship.
  27. spongelike
  28. summerlong
    • 2007 July 10, Jennifer Dunning, “Sisterhood Explored Kinetically”, New York Times:
      The tedious “Language of Walls (on the other side of day)” suggested otherwise when it was performed by Club Guy & Roni on Saturday afternoon at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in the company’s debut engagement in the United States, part of the summerlong festival “NL: A Season of Dutch Arts in the Berkshires.”
  29. tablelike
    • 2007 July 10, Amanda Schaffer, “In Latest Robotics, New Hope for Stroke Patients”, New York Times:
      The first robotic device for stroke patients was probably the M.I.T.-Manus, developed in the 1990s by Dr. Krebs and Neville Hogan, a neuroscientist and mechanical engineer at M.I.T. This device is a stationary machine that prompts patients to slide a forearm across a tablelike surface.
  30. underprescribing
    • 2007 July 10, “Letters”, New York Times:
      Its current policies and guidelines on pain treatment and the increase in prosecutions of pain doctors in recent years make physicians feel vulnerable and fearful, resulting in the underprescribing of pain medicines, especially opioid drugs.
  31. unindexed