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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-07-21 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-11).

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  1. butterbeer
    • 2007 July 21, Motoko Rich, “Long Lines and Wide Smiles Greet the Final Volume of ‘Harry Potter’”, New York Times:
      Throughout the day in New York and elsewhere, booksellers readied for their biggest party of the year by putting the finishing touches on cauldrons, replicas of series locales like Diagon Alley, and Potter-themed snacks and drinks like “golden snitch” balls and butterbeer.
  2. countercharges
    • 2007 July 21, Danny Hakim, “Hevesi Counterattacks Over Inquiry Into His Oversight of Pension Fund”, New York Times:
      The charges and countercharges are the latest chapters in an increasingly acrimonious investigation that has raised questions among state officials about the comptroller’s role as sole overseer of the state’s $154.5 billion pension fund; many other state pensions are overseen by boards.
  3. creaturely
  4. dropoff
    • 2007 July 21, The Associated Press, “Boston Scientific Reports a Profit”, New York Times:
      During the quarter, sales of drug-eluting stents fell to $437 million, from $647 million, but the dropoff was less pronounced in overseas markets.
  5. endosurgery
    • 2007 July 21, The Associated Press, “Boston Scientific Reports a Profit”, New York Times:
      The continued struggle with stent sales was offset by double-digit growth compared with the year-ago quarter in other business areas, including the company’s three endosurgery businesses, and in urology-gynecology and neurovascular units.
  6. essentializing
  7. heldentenor
    • 2007 July 21, Anthony Tommasini, “Doggedly Running the Laps Demanded by the ‘Ring’”, New York Times:
      Leonid Zakhozhaev in the title role of “Siegfried” may have a rather grainy and undersized heldentenor voice, and his singing was sometimes rough and approximate.
  8. heroinlike
    • 2007 July 21, Barry Meier, New York Times[1]:
      Both addicts and young experimenters quickly discovered that a pill needed only to be chewed or crushed before ingesting to release large doses of oxycodone, which produced a heroinlike high.
  9. housepainter
  10. ironmans
    • 2007 July 21, Aimee Berg, “Far-From-Basic Training for a 135-Mile Footrace”, New York Times:
      “Every sense of your body is taken over by the climate,” said the New York City native Christopher Bergland, who set a record at triple ironmans (7.2-mile swim, 336-mile bike, 78.6-mile run) but failed to finish one of his three Badwater races.
  11. kyogen
  12. midround
    • 2007 July 21, Christopher Clarey, “Spanish Are Ones Smiling at British”, New York Times:
      He is nicknamed “the mechanic” because of his attraction to fast cars, and he likes a midround cigar, too.
  13. misguess
  14. nonwaiver
    • 2007 July 21, Ben Shpigel, “Mets Absorb Another Injury, but Grab Victory”, New York Times:
      General Manager Omar Minaya may still feel compelled to re-evaluate his priorities before the July 31 nonwaiver trade deadline and pursue an upgrade.
  15. precurtain
  16. prenegotiations
    • 2007 July 21, Nick Bunkley, “U.A.W. Opens Contract Talks With Detroit”, New York Times:
      The idea of a trust came up during prenegotiations, and the U.A.W. recently agreed to such an arrangement at the Dana Corporation , a bankrupt parts supplier.
  17. refloored
  18. resentence
    • 2007 July 21, Brenda Goodman, “Georgia Supreme Court Hears 2 Appeals in Teenage Sex Case”, New York Times:
      But Thurbert Baker, the attorney general, appealed that ruling on the ground that the judge lacked the legal authority to resentence Mr. Wilson, and District Attorney David McDade of Douglas County persuaded Judge David Emerson of the county’s Superior Court not to release Mr. Wilson on bond while his appeal worked its way through the courts.
  19. resentencing
  20. softcover
    • 2007 July 21, George Gene Gustines, “Epic Comic Book Miniseries Is Animated for DVD”, New York Times:
      The saga, which began as a six-issue series in 2004, has been published in one hardcover and two softcover collections and has inspired a line of action figures.
  21. trialing
    • 2007 July 21, Edward Wyatt, “Doping Accusations Again Dominate Cycling”, New York Times:
      As a mountain-climbing specialist, Rasmussen has admitted that time trialing is not his strength, and he is expected to lose time to most of the top contenders for the overall Tour victory.
  22. ultramarathoning
    • 2007 July 21, Aimee Berg, “Far-From-Basic Training for a 135-Mile Footrace”, New York Times:
      Both men are pursuing one of the most coveted prizes in ultramarathoning: a nickel-plated belt buckle awarded to athletes who finish one of the world’s most severe and demanding footraces, the Badwater Ultramarathon, in less than 48 hours.