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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-07-31 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-11).

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  1. antiseizure
  2. billfish
    • 2007 July 31, Ingfei Chen, “In Monterey Bay, a Mollusk Strays and Stays for Dinner”, New York Times:
      A drop in stocks of tropical eastern Pacific tuna and billfish — top predators of the cephalopods that also compete with them for small prey — may be giving the jumbo squid population room to grow and expand its range north and south, Dr. Zeidberg said.
  3. caucusgoers
  4. coercively
    • 2007 July 31, The Associated Press, “Cavaliers File Suit Against Ticketmaster”, New York Times:
      The Cavaliers and Flash Seats contend that Ticketmaster is coercively seeking to enforce its primary-ticketing contract with the Cavaliers to exclude Flash Seats, saying that the contract prohibits the team from doing business with Flash Seats.
  5. counterbid
    • 2007 July 31, The Associated Press, “Bausch & Lomb Allows Rival to Discuss Bid”, New York Times:
      In a regulatory filing, Bausch & Lomb again expressed “substantial uncertainty” that its competitor could win shareholder approval for its cash-and-stock counterbid.
  6. countertrends
    • 2007 July 31, Jane E. Brody, “In Matters of the Heart, Prevention Is Key”, New York Times:
      But there are two countertrends that are cause for serious concern about the future of heart disease in this country: the overall increase in weight and the accompanying increase in the prevalence of diabetes .
  7. influxes
    • 2007 July 31, Ingfei Chen, “In Monterey Bay, a Mollusk Strays and Stays for Dinner”, New York Times:
      Indeed, when Dr. Robison and Dr. Zeidberg scanned the underwater video database for hake, they found that sightings of the fish in Monterey Bay plummeted after both squid influxes.
  8. insubordinately
    • 2007 July 31, Ginia Bellafante, “A Los Angeles Speculator Sold on Himself”, New York Times:
      This is a task dispatched to one of three assistants, from whom he demands formal, written apologies when they behave insubordinately.
  9. midscale
    • 2007 July 31, Joe Sharkey, “Memo Pad”, New York Times:
      HOTELS RATED BY SEGMENT The highest-rated hotels in guest satisfaction, according to an annual survey of guest responses gathered for the hotel industry by J. D. Power & Associates, were these: Ritz-Carlton (luxury segment); Embassy Suites (upscale segment); Hilton Garden Inn (midscale, full-service segment); Drury Inn & Suites (midscale, limited service segment); Microtel Inns & Suites (economy segment); and Homewood Suites (extended-stay segment).
  10. myrosinase
  11. nightclublike
    • 2007 July 31, Jane L. Levere, “Once Stodgy, Hotel Bars Revitalize Image”, New York Times:
      The Conrad in Miami has closed its Noir Bar, which had a South Beach, nightclublike atmosphere, and is replacing it with a brighter, lighter bar.
  12. noncontact
    • 2007 July 31, The Associated Press, “Gore Breaks Hand; May Miss Preseason”, New York Times:
      Gore was injured during a noncontact ball-handling drill, and Coach Mike Nolan said he would not practice with the team for the remainder of the week.
  13. nonwaiver
    • 2007 July 31, Jack Curry, “Braves Poised to Complete Deadline Deal for Teixeira”, New York Times:
      With the hours to today’s nonwaiver trading deadline evaporating, the Atlanta Braves were close to completing a splashy trade to obtain the slugging first baseman Mark Teixeira from the Texas Rangers .
  14. paternalist
  15. precredit
    • 2007 July 31, Dave Kehr, “New DVDs”, New York Times:
      There is no precredit compassion expressed in “Side Street”: In place of Ray’s protective, implied narrator there is the professionally gruff voice of Paul Kelly, an actor who specialized in coldly professional New York City police detectives.
  16. prewarmed
    • 2007 July 31, Warren E. Leary, “NASA to Begin Digging Mission on Northern Pole of Mars”, New York Times:
      Four other samples are to be examined in a miniature wet chemistry laboratory, where they will be stirred into a prewarmed solution and mixed with chemicals to tease out certain constituents, such as carbonates, sulfates and soil oxidants.
  17. refluxers
  18. shrimplike
  19. snarewear
    • 2007 July 31, Sana Khalid, “Making Necklaces to Change Lifestyles and Preserve Wildlife”, New York Times:
      In a bid to help poachers lead greener lifestyles, conservation officials in Zambia have turned to a novel trend in jewelry making — snarewear, in which snares once used for poaching are transformed into handmade necklaces, bracelets and other decorative items.
  20. sociomedical
    • 2007 July 31, Nicholas Bakalar, “Nicotine Addiction Is Quick in Youths, Research Finds”, New York Times:
      “We know very little about the natural history of dependence,” said Denise B. Kandel, a professor of sociomedical sciences at Columbia and a widely published addiction researcher who was not involved in the study.
  21. supermall
    • 2007 July 31, Nicholas Confessore, “State Warns Companies in Tax Deals”, New York Times:
      Companies controlled by Robert Congel, a Syracuse developer, also figured prominently in the records, which showed they were falling short of their investment goals by hundreds of millions of dollars. Mr. Congel, who has long had plans to build an upstate supermall, has been a high-profile political donor, most recently to Gov. Eliot Spitzer .
  22. teletimer
    • 2007 July 31, The Associated Press, “Sports Briefing”, New York Times:
      Hand timings verified the teletimer results, and yesterday the race was re-timed off the video.
  23. unsterilized
    • 2007 July 31, Harriet A. Washington, “Why Africa Fears Western Medicine”, New York Times:
      Well-meaning Western caregivers must sometimes use incompletely cleaned or unsterilized needles, simply because nothing else is available.
  24. unwatered
  25. utilityman
    • 2007 July 31, Tyler Kepner, “Yanks Face Old Foes at Trading Deadline”, New York Times:
      The deal they want is to send Scott Proctor to the Los Angeles Dodgers for the utilityman Wilson Betemit, a deal they discussed last July with Betemit’s former team, the Braves .
  26. yeesh
    • 2007 July 31, Dave Itzkoff, “Hearts and Souls Dissected, in 12 Minutes or Less”, New York Times:
      In the hopelessly fragmented post-Carson landscape of late-night television chat, a world of not only Jay and Dave, but also of Conan and Craig, and now Jon and Stephen, and even (yeesh) Jimmy, it is sometimes easier to talk about Tom Snyder in terms of what he wasn’t than in terms of what he was.


  1. mako
    • 2007 July 31, Kathryn Shattuck, “What’s on Tonight”, New York Times:
      9 P.M. (Discovery) SHARK FEEDING FRENZY The Discovery Channel continues to look terror squarely in the teeth in this special about the diets of seven shark species — the great white, the mako, the tiger, the bull, the Caribbean reef, the lemon and the hammerhead — that will eat anything from a license plate to a suit of armor.