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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-08-04 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-11).

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  1. boogieing
    • 2007 August 4, Jane Perlez, “A Pakistani Envoy in Britain Defuses Cultural Land Mines”, New York Times:
      So there Ms. Lodhi was on the last Saturday in July, a 55-year-old former political science professor, journalist and editor, two-time ambassador to Washington and now Pakistan’s highest representative to its former colonial power, boogieing on stage with Abrar-ul-Haq, Pakistan’s most popular singer; Amir Khan, a British Pakistani Olympic boxer; and Meera, the sexy star of Pakistan’s movie industry.
  2. directionlessness
    • 2007 August 4, Allan Kozinn, “The Generation of ’38, Still Kicking”, New York Times:
      But with unstructured improvisation, the risk that directionlessness will give way to pointlessness is high.
  3. experientially
    • 2007 August 4, Robin Pogrebin, “Book Tackles Old Debate: Role of Art in Schools”, New York Times:
      “Not everything has a practical utility, but maybe it’s experientially valuable,” said Elliot Eisner, a professor emeritus of education at Stanford University .
  4. garbageman
    • 2007 August 4, Diane Cardwell, “After Protests, City Agrees to Rewrite Proposed Rules on Photography Permits”, New York Times:
      “We have everyone from actually extraordinarily famous fine-art photographers and filmmakers signing the petition to one man who identified himself as a garbageman and a band photographer,” Ms. Clancy, a member of the group and a video analyst who monitors police conduct, said at a news conference yesterday.
  5. gruelingly
  6. meninos
  7. micromanager
    • 2007 August 4, Michael Cooper, “Hands-On Role for Wife in Thompson’s Campaign”, New York Times:
      Jack M. Burkman, a Republican strategist and lobbyist, said that Mrs. Thompson, 40, had gone from being caricatured as a trophy wife to being caricatured as an overweening micromanager.
  8. miniskyline
  9. narcostates
    • 2007 August 4, Marc Lacey, “Drug Gangs Use Violence to Sway Guatemala Vote”, New York Times:
      It is not only South America’s drug-producing countries that are at risk these days from the impact of the drug trade, or even of becoming narcostates.
  10. nonmanagement
    • 2007 August 4, Jeremy W. Peters, “Jobs Growth Slid in July, Echoing Drift”, New York Times:
      In July, workers in nonmanagement jobs, who make up about four-fifths of the work force, earned an average of $17.45 an hour, the government said.
  11. nonplaying
    • 2007 August 4, Phillip Alder, “A Championship Moment From the New League Leader”, New York Times:
      South West North East 1 N.T. 2 3 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Morse has won one world title, the Senior Teams in 2000, and was the nonplaying captain of the United States teams that won the Bermuda Bowl in 1976 and 1987 and the Open Team Olympiad in 1988.
  12. nonpornographic
    • 2007 August 4, Michael Parrish, “State Puts Restrictions on Self-Described Pedophile”, New York Times:
      A separate provision also bars the man, Jack McClellan, from posting on the Internet any photos of minors without parental permission, including the type of nonpornographic photos that he has posted in the past.
  13. paperbark
    • 2007 August 4, Verlyn Klinkenborg, “In the Hayloft”, New York Times:
      He’ll probably clip the nearly hidden rocks just down the hill from the paperbark maple.
  14. pinelands
    • 2007 August 4, The Associated Press, “Fire Chars 3,000 Acres in New Jersey Forest”, New York Times:
      ATSION, N.J., Aug. 3 (AP) — State and local firefighters battled a fire late Friday that had burned through at least 3,000 acres of pinelands in Wharton State Forest in southern New Jersey , the authorities said.
  15. postreligious
  16. premerger
    • 2007 August 4, Nick Bunkley, “With Sale, Chrysler’s Identity Is Simplified”, New York Times:
      Two large banners, one reading “Get Ready,” hung waiting to be unfurled on the side of Chrysler’s office tower, below a large window in the shape of the company’s premerger logo, the five-pointed star.
  17. quarterpipe
  18. reanswering
    • 2007 August 4, Michael Cieply, “The Screenwriter as God, Examining His Creations”, New York Times:
      It mingles thoughts on pitching, producing and getting an agent with more light-hearted bits, like reanswering questions sent to the regular Walter Scott column in Parade magazine (in which momentous topics, like the most popular celebrity features demanded by plastic surgery patients in Beverly Hills, are tackled).
  19. reinvestigation
    • 2007 August 4, Brian Stelter, “A TV News Gumshoe Who Stayed on the Case”, New York Times:
      Mr. Slepian chronicled the reinvestigation of the 1990 murder of a bouncer at the Palladium nightclub in Manhattan for a 2005 segment on “Dateline NBC.”
  20. stagebound
    • 2007 August 4, Mike Hale, “A Nostalgia for Yesterday’s Future”, New York Times:
      Unfortunately, the producers of “Masters of Science Fiction” have updated their chosen narratives — setting Mr. Fast’s “Awakening” during the Iraq war, for example, or changing the protagonist of Mr. Heinlein’s “Jerry Was a Man” from an ape to a humanoid — while lovingly recreating the stagebound talking-heads style of an earlier era of television.
  21. stonefall
    • 2007 August 4, Stephen Venables, “In the Alps, a Conquest Takes Two Generations”, New York Times:
      The North Face of the Eiger is notoriously fickle, frequently rebuffing the world’s most experienced climbers with stonefall, storms and avalanches.
  22. subthemes
  23. talkiest
    • 2007 August 4, Mike Hale, “A Nostalgia for Yesterday’s Future”, New York Times:
      It’s also the talkiest, a claustrophobic mystery tale involving a psychiatrist who appears to have just one patient, a man who’s willed himself to forget a big chunk of the past.
  24. uncontestable
    • 2007 August 4, Jonathan Rosenbaum, “Scenes From an Overrated Career”, New York Times:
      Nearly all the obituaries I’ve read take for granted Mr. Bergman’s stature as one of the uncontestable major figures in cinema — for his serious themes (the loss of religious faith and the waning of relationships), for his expert direction of actors (many of whom, like Max von Sydow and Liv Ullmann, he introduced and made famous) and for the hard severity of his images.
  25. unembedded
    • 2007 August 4, Christopher Buckley, “Our Man in Iraq, Embedded Unhappily”, New York Times:
      It goes on and gets rather graphic as Jimmy, under the impression that he’s speaking to someone at The Herald, pleads to be unembedded.
  26. unrecovered
  27. viewspaper
    • 2007 August 4, Richard Siklos, “Press Baron Champions ‘Viewspaper’”, New York Times:
      Q. Before stepping down as Britain’s prime minister, Tony Blair made a speech criticizing the British media, during which he singled out The Independent as a “metaphor” for what has happened to the news over his tenure, saying it is “well-edited and lively” but “is avowedly a viewspaper not merely a newspaper.”
  28. winegrowing
    • 2007 August 4, Stephen Castle, “A Tide of Wine May Drive European Growers From a Way of Life”, New York Times:
      They also note that the rocky, arid land in winegrowing regions provides farmers with few alternatives to wine production, and that the demise of vineyards could devastate the economy, killing off whole communities.