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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-08-20 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-11).

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67541 tokens ‧ 49638 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 7143 types ‧ 27 (~ 0.378%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. adumbral
    • 2007 August 20, “Dear Diary”, New York Times:
      To cheerless and adumbral Applebee’s
  2. alleycat
  3. alphacypermethrin
    • 2007 August 20, Donald Roberts, “A New Home for DDT”, New York Times:
      When we sprayed the huts with either dieldrin or alphacypermethrin, in contrast, all the test mosquitoes entered.
  4. chitlin
    • 2007 August 20, Kelefa Sanneh, “Outrageous Farce From R. Kelly: He’s In on the Joke, Right?”, New York Times:
      And some IFC viewers might not know that Mr. Kelly is deploying some of the same dramatic devices you can find in the world of urban theater, sometimes affectionately or derisively called the chitlin circuit.”
  5. consumerized
    • 2007 August 20, “Child’s Play”, New York Times:
      — has been so commodified and consumerized that a handful of cutthroat manufacturers in China could cast serious doubt on whether our children will have any?
  6. digitalization
  7. endplaying
    • 2007 August 20, Phillip Alder, “Tempting to Double, but Not Always Wise”, New York Times:
      But when West pitched his diamond nine, Aker called for a diamond, endplaying West to lead away from his queen-seven of hearts into the king-nine.
  8. flagstick
    • 2007 August 20, The Associated Press, “Ochoa’s Victory Is Her Fifth This Season”, New York Times:
      He hit his 3-iron 32 feet from the flagstick — a shot that “under the pressure, probably was the best swing of my life,” he said — to set up his birdie putt.
  9. floodwall
  10. hookswitch
  11. hyperextended
    • 2007 August 20, Ben Shpigel, “In Washington, Mets Finish What They Started”, New York Times:
      Carlos Delgado (hyperextended left knee) was held out of the lineup for the fourth consecutive game to give him a longer period of uninterrupted rest; the Mets are off Monday.
  12. ladykilling
  13. lentitudinous
    • 2007 August 20, “Dear Diary”, New York Times:
      By painful, lentitudinous degrees.
  14. multimagazine
    • 2007 August 20, Brian Stelter, “Editor Acts, and 10 Time Inc. Magazines Revisit Katrina”, New York Times:
      Mr. Huey said the multimagazine experiment was not intended to build Web traffic or attract advertisers; rather, it was an attempt to put the journalistic weight of 10 big magazines behind a particular topic.
  15. needleworking
  16. nonhomeowners
  17. overachievement
  18. overfished
    • 2007 August 20, John Tagliabue, “Anchovy War’s Collateral Damage: Idle Fishermen”, New York Times:
      The struggle moved into its latest phase two years ago, when the European Union , fearful that the bay was being overfished, ordered an almost total ban on fishing for anchovies until the summer of 2008.
  19. perspirants
    • 2007 August 20, Shalom Auslander, “Pore Me”, New York Times:
      I want the perspirants rounded up.
  20. polystylistic
  21. postelections
    • 2007 August 20, Carlotta Gall, “Prime Minister Plays Down Pakistani Rivals’ Talks”, New York Times:
      “Naturally, what these contacts result in, in terms of the impact on elections or postelections, is premature to say,” he said in an interview at his official hillside mansion above the capital.
  22. prediabetes
    • 2007 August 20, “Tips to Help Patients Manage Their Care”, New York Times:
      If you have diabetes or prediabetes, engage in moderate-intensity exercise like brisk walking for at least 30 minutes at least five days a week.
  23. predinner
    • 2007 August 20, Alessandra Stanley, “Rove Talks: If Mistakes Were Made, They Weren’t His”, New York Times:
      Bob Schieffer, who conducts interviews on “Face the Nation” on CBS as if they were chats over predinner drinks at the Metropolitan Club, asked Mr. Rove why he was subjecting himself to Sunday morning second-guessing.
  24. repellency
    • 2007 August 20, Donald Roberts, “A New Home for DDT”, New York Times:
      DDT’s spatial repellency, by keeping mosquitoes from making physical contact, reduces the likelihood that the insects will develop resistance.
  25. semireformed
    • 2007 August 20, Kelefa Sanneh, “Outrageous Farce From R. Kelly: He’s In on the Joke, Right?”, New York Times:
      Many of his stock characters (the pastor with a secret, the nosy neighbors, the semireformed ex-con, the stuttering pimp) and melodramatic revelations would be at home in a play by Tyler Perry , Shelly Garrett, Angela Barrow-Dunlap or David E. Talbert.
  26. undertreated