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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-08-29 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-11).

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  1. amonsia
  2. antigambling
    • 2007 August 29, Ray Krueger, “Players Are Getting Bigger and Better”, New York Times:
      Both Djokovic and Haase attended an antigambling session during the tournament in Miami this past March, conducted by a former member of organized crime, Michael Franzese.
  3. chumpy
    • 2007 August 29, Virginia Heffernan, “For MySpace Viewers, a Terra Incognita With No Cellphones or Internet”, New York Times:
      It’s no wonder, then, that a brave-new-world entity called MySpace TV has made tracks in online television with “Afterworld,” a $3 million conspiracy story that begins when a chumpy Seattle ad executive, in New York on business, wakes up to find that all but 1 percent of the nation’s population has vaporized.
  4. comebacker
    • 2007 August 29, Ben Shpigel, “Two Hits, One Short and One Far, Beat the Mets”, New York Times:
      The next hitter, Jayson Werth, reached on a broken-bat infield single, and Greg Dobbs walked to load the bases, but Heilman induced a comebacker from Chris Coste to end the rally.
  5. echocardiographer
    • 2007 August 29, Nate Schweber, “Doctor Accused of Sex Abuse May Face Additional Charges”, New York Times:
      Gil Carlevaro, 53, an echocardiographer who has worked in Dr. Russomanno’s office for 20 years, said that Dr. Russomanno kept his door open while seeing patients and that the office’s thin walls made it implausible that he could ever abuse a patient.
  6. friarielli
  7. horticulturalists
    • 2007 August 29, Felicity Barringer, “Wildflowers Find Favor With Highway Gardeners”, New York Times:
      But to a growing number of horticulturalists, the vegetation stretching beyond the gas pumps toward the highway median might as well be marching behind a fife and drum.
  8. housemade
    • 2007 August 29, Pete Wells, “Bottling the Bounty of the Season”, New York Times:
      At T’afia, things are more civilized. Ms. Pope doesn’t keep her housemade liqueurs under lock and key.
  9. hypersquare
  10. junkman
    • 2007 August 29, Randy Kennedy, “Belonging and Belief, Found in Scrap Lumber”, New York Times:
      Another man, wearing a sleeveless T-shirt, black velvet riding hat and a tremendous amount of wooden neck jewelry, arrived pushing a grocery cart and informed Mr. Nelson that the junkman in charge was having van problems and would not be appearing anytime soon.
  11. leasable
    • 2007 August 29, Jane L. Levere, “Brooklyn Navy Yard, a Roomy Haven for Industry, Once Again Is Booming”, New York Times:
      The Brooklyn Navy Yard has had a 98 percent occupancy rate for leasable space for the last five years and has gone from net cash flow of $700,000 in 2001 to $5.5 million in the fiscal year that ended June 30, because of annual rents that can be more than $20 a square foot.
  12. microgenre
  13. midballet
    • 2007 August 29, Jennifer Dunning, “Love Lost and Fame Gained for a Young Nureyev”, New York Times:
      She recalls the young Nureyev’s refusal to continue performing for an hour, midballet, because of a costume he considered too baggy.
  14. minischool
    • 2007 August 29, Samuel G. Freedman, “Critics Ignored Record of a Muslim Principal”, New York Times:
      Last Feb. 12, you may recall, New York education officials announced plans to open a minischool in September that would teach half its classes in Arabic and include study of Arab culture.
  15. nativeness
  16. overorder
  17. pirogies
    • 2007 August 29, The New York Times, “Off the Menu”, New York Times:
      CAFé TAPEO Tapas are served here, some not purely Spanish, like New World pirogies with farmer cheese: 52 Fifth Avenue (Bergen Street), Park Slope, Brooklyn, (718) 638-1066.
  18. postdefection
    • 2007 August 29, Jennifer Dunning, “Love Lost and Fame Gained for a Young Nureyev”, New York Times:
      Intriguingly, what won them back to him was an attempt by Soviet officials and expatriates in Paris to ruin his first postdefection performance by booing and throwing coins onto the stage as he began the demanding Bluebird solo in “The Sleeping Beauty.”
  19. predefection
    • 2007 August 29, Jennifer Dunning, “Love Lost and Fame Gained for a Young Nureyev”, New York Times:
      The predefection years have so far been portrayed best in “Rudolf Nureyev: Three Years in the Kirov Theater,” a loving, little-known collection of reminiscences by friends and colleagues published in 1995 in Russia.
  20. ratafia
    • 2007 August 29, Pete Wells, “Bottling the Bounty of the Season”, New York Times:
      STEEPED Cucumber ratafia with Pimm’s and Sprite is garnished with a squash blossom at T’afia in Houston.
  21. ratafias
    • 2007 August 29, Pete Wells, “Bottling the Bounty of the Season”, New York Times:
      According to one theory, ratafia has the same Latin roots as ratify; ratafias were traditionally drunk to seal the signing of a treaty.
  22. repressiveness
  23. resentenced
    • 2007 August 29, The Associated Press, “Sentence in Wal-Mart Case Is Overturned as Too Lenient”, New York Times:
      BENTONVILLE, Ark., Aug. 28 (AP) — A former Wal-Mart executive who was sentenced to home detention in a fraud case received too light a sentence and must be resentenced, an appeals court ruled Tuesday.
  24. sangiovese *
    • 2007 August 29, Pete Wells, “Bottling the Bounty of the Season”, New York Times:
      While I make my ratafias with the cheapest wine I can drink without having convulsions, she will use a sangiovese or a white called Due Bianco from Texas Hills Vineyard.
  25. underdelivered
    • 2007 August 29, Andrew Ross Sorkin, “Home Depot Sells Unit, With Price Cut”, New York Times:
      Despite its creation in 2000 by the chief executive, Robert L. Nardelli , as a way to tap a new market, the division never reached the profitability executives had sought, and it underdelivered on cost savings from the retailer’s two businesses.
  26. underpunctuated
    • 2007 August 29, Kelefa Sanneh, “Amid All the Cheers, a Few Signs of Change”, New York Times:
      Before “Come Clean,” also known as the theme song for the MTV reality drama “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County,” she made a characteristically dispassionate (and, it seemed, underpunctuated) request for audience participation: “Hey you guys know this song help me sing O.K.”
  27. unextraordinary


  1. shigella Proper noun at Shigella
    • 2007 August 29, Kim Severson, “Edible Films With Superpowers”, New York Times:
      Just last week, baby carrots infected with shigella, a bacteria, were recalled in 12 states.