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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-09-07 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-11).

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  1. antitax
    • 2007 September 7, Michael Luo, “Romney to Propose Ending Taxes on Holdings”, New York Times:
      Mr. Romney and his Republican opponents have jockeyed furiously over their fiscal conservative bona fides, with Rudolph W. Giuliani ’s campaign pointing out that a recent report by the antitax group Club for Growth was decidedly mixed on Mr. Romney’s record in Massachusetts but more positive about Mr. Giuliani’s tenure as mayor of New York City.
  2. backweight
  3. baritonal
    • 2007 September 7, Anthony Tommasini, “That Voice: Warm, Urgent, Italian, Singular”, New York Times:
      There was the warm, enveloping sound: a classic Italian tenor voice, yes, but touched with a bit of husky baritonal darkness, which made Mr. Pavarotti’s flights into his gleaming upper range seem all the more miraculous.
  4. bronchially
  5. caperings
    • 2007 September 7, “Ready for His Close-Up”, New York Times:
      This is such a long campaign season that maybe all the caperings and posturings of the candidates will play out early.
  6. casitas
    • 2007 September 7, Amy Gunderson, “Second-Home Showdown”, New York Times:
      For the past five years she has rented out her two one-bedroom casitas in Santa Fe. Her tenants don’t exactly fall into the party-animal category, she said.
  7. chestless
    • 2007 September 7, Cathy Horyn, “Getting Noticed, Pretending Not to Care”, New York Times:
      The best thing about Marchesa is the attitude it projects: that recognizably English scorn of high fashion that is registered in something as subtle as the droop of a ribbon sash or the nearly chestless front of a pale embroidered slip.
  8. clubmakers
    • 2007 September 7, Wendy Moonan, “Olde Cleeks, Spoons and Brassies (for Birdies and Bogeys)”, New York Times:
      Like the majority of cabinetmakers, most golf club craftsmen did not sign their work. Mr. Ellis said not all clubmakers were documented, and only four clubmakers working before 1800 are known to have marked their clubs.
  9. counterplots
    • 2007 September 7, “Arts, Briefly”, New York Times:
      The producer Scott Rudin has obtained film rights to the 1934 Robert Graves novel “I, Claudius,” about the plots and counterplots surrounding the fourth emperor of Rome, Reuters reported.
  10. cypresses
    • 2007 September 7, Beth Greenfield, “A Hill Country Town Raises Its Profile”, New York Times:
      Wimberley is home to sweeping cypresses, lush fields of bluebonnet and Indian paintbrush and sweet breezes off the Blanco River.
  11. dolefulest
    • 2007 September 7, Susan Faludi, “America’s Guardian Myths”, New York Times:
      AT length they came and beset our own house, and quickly it was the dolefulest day that ever mine eyes saw.”
  12. greenskeepers
  13. hommage
    • 2007 September 7, Roberta Smith, “It’s Just Clay, but How About a Little Respect?”, New York Times:
      (The bright, variegated patterns of a monster head/flower vase — in papier-mâché rather than clay, and filled with real lilies — by the Swiss art star Urs Fischer could almost be an irreverent hommage to Mr. Price’s fine-pored, jewel-like surface.)
  14. installational
  15. larky
  16. lemonwood
  17. motorscooter
    • 2007 September 7, Jason Deparle, “Jobs Abroad Support ‘Model’ State in India”, New York Times:
      Mr. Mohan’s earnings have brought the family the accouterments of middle-class life: a renovated kitchen, a new motorscooter and a parochial school education for two daughters, Blessy, 10, and Elsa, 6.
  18. noncandidate
    • 2007 September 7, “Ready for His Close-Up”, New York Times:
      The noncandidate wandered the hustings unofficially (a new wardrobe director might be in order after he was spotted in Gucci loafers at the Iowa State Fair).
  19. nonpremium
    • 2007 September 7, Campbell Robertson, “‘Young Frankenstein’ Will Not Disclose Its Weekly Grosses”, New York Times:
      Mr. Sillerman, who said he was simply trying to make ticketing more flexible, pointed out that the show was also holding lotteries for $25 front-row seats at most performances, and reserving a large number of center-orchestra seats for sale only at the Hilton box office for the nonpremium $120 price.
  20. preworm
    • 2007 September 7, Lawrence Downes, “A Box of Worms”, New York Times:
      I can count my unqualified, preworm garden successes on the fingers of one fennel bulb: a bushel of jalapeños one year, a decent run of lettuce this summer, five stunted but sweet ears of corn.
  21. recommitment
  22. sarcoidosis
    • 2007 September 7, Anthony Depalma And Serge F. Kovaleski, “Accuracy of 9/11 Health Reports Is Questioned”, New York Times:
      Medical studies by the Fire Department, and most recently by the city health department, show that the dust has caused diseases like asthma and sarcoidosis (a lung-scarring disease) in a small percentage of rescue workers.
  23. screenlike
    • 2007 September 7, The New York Times, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      Layers and double-sidedness seem to fascinate him, most overtly in a screenlike structure, made of drywall and aluminum studs, and perforated with big see-through letters.
  24. semifictional
    • 2007 September 7, Alessandra Stanley, “Up Close and Painful”, New York Times:
      The sixth season heightens the hairline tensions between the semifictional Larry (Mr. David as himself) and his wife, Cheryl (Cheryl Hines).
  25. slopeside
    • 2007 September 7, Nick Kaye, “Crystal Springs Resort and Lakeside Club”, New York Times:
      In mid-2008 a nine-hole golf course is scheduled to be added to the development, which also offers slopeside access to the Mountain Creek ski area.
  26. sportily
    • 2007 September 7, Robin Finn, “Here All Along, a Fashion Designer Arrives”, New York Times:
      Ms. Toledo’s spring show, which featured 43 sportily sophisticated Anne Klein outfits and was her first runway show in a decade and Anne Klein’s first since 2004, drew raves, even tears, from the fashion police.
  27. studentlike
  28. tenorial
  29. unassembled
    • 2007 September 7, Robin Finn, “Here All Along, a Fashion Designer Arrives”, New York Times:
      It is a spare work space where water bottles hang above ironing boards, connected to the steam irons by plastic tubing reminiscent of hospital IV drips, and unassembled dresses, a sleeve here, a pocket there, lie flat on the boards like patients.
  30. unfecund
    • 2007 September 7, Lawrence Downes, “A Box of Worms”, New York Times:
      My soil is awful, an unfecund combination of sand, rocks and roots, the ungenerous leavings of Long Island’s glacially bulldozed moraine.
  31. upbuilding
    • 2007 September 7, Dennis Hevesi, “James Jackson, Rights Activist, Dies at 92”, New York Times:
      “For 300 years as bondsmen and some 93 years as freemen, under slaver’s whip and Jim Crow law,” Mr. Jackson wrote in The Daily Worker in 1958, “Negro Americans have yielded up their labor and expended their lives for the upbuilding of this country in yet unfathomed measure.”
  32. vocalism
    • 2007 September 7, Anthony Tommasini, “That Voice: Warm, Urgent, Italian, Singular”, New York Times:
      For intelligence, discipline, breadth of repertory, musicianship, interpretive depth and virile vocalism, Mr. Pavarotti was outclassed by his Three Tenors sidekick and chief rival, Plácido Domingo .
  33. warlordism


  1. thembecause: scanno for them because
    • 2007 September 7, Jennifer 8. Lee, “Paterson: Fire Hazards Close Schools”, New York Times:
      All public schools in Paterson will be closed today after the fire department closed about half of thembecause of imminent fire hazards, affecting 30,000 students from kindergarten through high school.