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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-09-14 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-11).

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  1. antimaterialist
    • 2007 September 14, Holland Cotter, “A Fusion of Cultures in a Family Affair”, New York Times:
      “The Importance of Living” appeared, and its antimaterialist, pro-leisure message was an instant hit with anxious, overachieving America.
  2. boxiness
    • 2007 September 14, Roberta Smith, “Abundant Straight Lines, All Ahead of the Curve”, New York Times:
      This is but one of several surprises provided by Mr. Soto’s work, which is also represented by a driftwood Op tribute to the French innovator Yves Klein and an early (1956) Op foray into painted Plexiglas and Minimalist boxiness.
  3. contradictorily
    • 2007 September 14, Roberta Smith, “Abundant Straight Lines, All Ahead of the Curve”, New York Times:
      In this flamboyant little work geometry turns blunt, in advance of Minimalism, and cartoonishly savvy, in advance (and somewhat contradictorily) of the abstract painter Elizabeth Murray.
  4. deskmate
    • 2007 September 14, Richard Sandomir, “Right Tools Help Make Right Mix in Booth”, New York Times:
      Costas and his new deskmate, Keith Olbermann, occupied the main desk, and the three analysts — Collinsworth, Bettis and Tiki Barber , who replaced Sharpe — mostly occupied a second perch.
  5. housecleaner
    • 2007 September 14, William Grimes, “Spikes in the Brain, and a Search for Answers”, New York Times:
      A harsh disciplinarian and obsessive housecleaner, she took an instant dislike to the boy, whom she regarded as dirty, rebellious and incorrigible.
  6. inauthenticity
    • 2007 September 14, Virginia Heffernan, “Coal Miner’s Daughters? Nah, Starlets”, New York Times:
      In fact “Nashville” makes a theme of its inauthenticity, and the collision — let’s say it’s between starlets and coal miner’s daughters — in the premiere.
  7. informationally
    • 2007 September 14, David S. Cloud, “Why Officers Differ on Troop Reduction”, New York Times:
      “What was not clear to me was what we were going to do diplomatically, economically, politically and informationally to make sure that we moved forward in a way that wasn’t just temporary.”
  8. lowlights
  9. mastertones
    • 2007 September 14, Andrew Adam Newman, “Marley Family’s Vitriol Leads Verizon to Bite Back”, New York Times:
      In a written statement, Universal said it was disappointed that “the Marley estate has chosen to take such an extreme and meritless position that a customary promotional campaign highlighting the availability of Marley mastertones somehow constitutes an ‘endorsement’ of Verizon over all.”
  10. midbudget
    • 2007 September 14, A. O. Scott, “The Rough Poetry of Real Independence”, New York Times:
      At a moment when the term independent film is taken to refer either to midbudget studio projects anchored by Oscar-soliciting performances or to the aimless navel-gazing of under-stimulated hipsters (Speak up!
  11. nongambling
  12. overcurious
    • 2007 September 14, Amy Gunderson, “Care for the Pool Now”, New York Times:
      Finally, the pool should be covered to keep out debris (and perhaps overcurious animals).
  13. photographica
  14. precomputer
    • 2007 September 14, “More Help Needed for Tougher Times”, New York Times:
      But they did not count the last three to six months of work history because in a precomputer age, those records were often unavailable.
  15. restoning
    • 2007 September 14, Jill P. Capuzzo, “Between Film Sets, Life on Gossamer Lake”, New York Times:
      Back in his workshop in the barn, Mr. Scheel refined his to-do list: In addition to putting in the slide, he could cross off restoning the quarter-mile driveway, repairing the windmill-powered watering system and building an arbor gate for the vegetable garden .
  16. specklike
    • 2007 September 14, Karen Rosenberg, “The Radical Eye of Impressionism’s Patriarch”, New York Times:
      From his window at the Grand Hôtel du Louvre , Pissarro made many paintings of the Avenue de l’Opéra; in the one on view, from 1898, specklike couples promenade into a foggy sky.
  17. unbanked
    • 2007 September 14, Manny Fernandez, “Cash to Get By Is Still Pawnshop’s Stock in Trade”, New York Times:
      The increase is part of the spread of check-cashing outlets and other alternative financial services that have become ad hoc banks for the so-called unbanked — the millions of Americans who do not have a bank account.
  18. unpretty
    • 2007 September 14, Bonnie Tsui, “Tourism on the Trot: Getting a Runner’s-Eye View”, New York Times:
      “I see people running all the time in the Tenderloin” — a run-down downtown district in San Francisco that is decidedly unpretty — “and I wince, because there are so many great places to run that are so close by.”
  19. unreligious
    • 2007 September 14, Eric Johnston, “Anti-Roe and Pro-Rudy”, New York Times:
      I think Mr. Giuliani will be the most effective advocate for the pro-life cause precisely because he is unreligious and a supporter of abortion rights.