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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-10-18 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-26).

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104218 tokens ‧ 77301 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 9159 types ‧ 25 (~ 0.273%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. bloodedness
    • 2007 October 18, George Vecsey, “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do”, New York Times:
      Maybe this kind of cold bloodedness comes from the water supply in the Bronx.
  2. brodo *
    • 2007 October 18, Amy Virshup, “Newly Released”, New York Times:
      In Italy “Reek,” as his fellow Panthers call him, discovers tortellini in brodo, Verdi’s “Otello,” romance and, surely you knew this was coming, himself.
  3. earnout
  4. facialist
    • 2007 October 18, Natasha Singer, “Hands Off”, New York Times:
      “They are both less traumatic to your skin than either you or your facialist squeezing your cheeks or the side of your nose,” she said.
  5. guaifenesin
    • 2007 October 18, Brent Bowers, “A Headache for Small Drug Makers”, New York Times:
      In May, the agency ordered drug makers to stop selling unapproved forms of guaifenesin, an expectorant and cough suppressant.
  6. moddle
    • 2007 October 18, Kristina Shevory, “Recycling the Whole House”, New York Times:
      PIECE BY PIECE Carolyn Bronstein and John Tapper dismantled a Victorian house, top and moddle, next to their Chicago home, to make room for a play area, above.
  7. multisegment
  8. nonsubsidized
  9. palenques
  10. portamenti *
  11. requestioning
  12. reupholstery
    • 2007 October 18, Mitchell Owens, “Room to Improve”, New York Times:
      According to Das Chunilall, the owner of Das Upholstery in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn (718-284-1079), button tufts cost $10 each — which means that my chairs would cost about $920 beyond the reupholstery charge.
  13. sulfonylurea
    • 2007 October 18, Stephanie Saul, “V.A. Is Limiting Use of Diabetes Drug”, New York Times:
      The company argues that Avandia’s effect on the risk of heart attacks is similar to that of other oral medications for diabetes, including the older, widely used drugs metformin and sulfonylurea.
  14. superhipsters
  15. suprapersonal
    • 2007 October 18, Cathy Horyn, “The Coming of the X-Frocks”, New York Times:
      So for now, fashion is in an insistent, suprapersonal mode.
  16. unenthused
  17. unhittable
    • 2007 October 18, Teddy Kider, “It’s a Day Off in the A.L., Where the Wild Things Are”, New York Times:
      And then, Keiper added, the midges had an “extra burst of adult activity” that distracted the usually unhittable Chamberlain into a procession of walks and wild pitches that allowed the Indians to tie the score, win the game innings later and take a 2-0 lead in the best-of-five first-round series.
  18. unpiecing
    • 2007 October 18, Kristina Shevory, “Recycling the Whole House”, New York Times:
      While almost anyone who’s watched a TLC rehab show can rip out a kitchen cabinet, unpiecing an entire house without having the roof collapse isn’t a job for the uninitiated.
  19. wooferless


  1. bloodedly
    • 2007 October 18, George Vecsey, “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do”, New York Times:
      Half-heartedly, cold bloodedly, the Yankees could offer Torre a contract for two years, to ease them into the next Yankee Stadium, with fewer seats, catering to the shrimp-and-wine luxury box set, after taking away a public park from the residents of the Bronx.