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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-10-30 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-26).

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  1. amniotomy
  2. bombmaker
  3. chromometer
  4. costumeless
    • 2007 October 30, Patricia Leigh Brown, “Gay Enclaves Face Prospect of Being Pass”, New York Times:
      The once-exuberant street party, a symbol of sexual liberation since 1979 has in recent years become a Nightmare on Castro Street, drawing as many as 200,000 people, many of them costumeless outsiders, and there has been talk of moving it outside the district because of increasing violence.
  5. encourager *
  6. flotational
  7. irrealistic
    • 2007 October 30, Dave Kehr, “New DVDs”, New York Times:
      The scenes are connected more visually than causally, through repeated motifs and the greatest weapon in Mr. Bavas stylistic arsenal a resolutely irrealistic use of color.
  8. lugworm
    • 2007 October 30, Henry Fountain, “Even Tiny Plastic Pieces Can Carry Pollution Throughout the Oceans”, New York Times:
      The researchers estimated that even tiny amounts of plastic could significantly increase the concentration of phenanthrene in a common sediment-ingesting worm, the lugworm, and from there accumulate up the food chain.
  9. medallic
    • 2007 October 30, Suevon Lee, “When a Penny Is More Than Just a Penny”, New York Times:
      Four are selected by merit based on expertise in history, numismatics the study of coins and sculpture or medallic arts.
  10. minipretzels
    • 2007 October 30, Jane E. Brody, “My Diet Strategy? Controlled Indulgence”, New York Times:
      And I keep quite a lot of it around, especially chocolate-covered almonds and Trader Joes minipretzels smothered in dark chocolate.
  11. noncirculating
    • 2007 October 30, Suevon Lee, “When a Penny Is More Than Just a Penny”, New York Times:
      That year, it also created the committee, effectively replacing the Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee, which mostly reviewed the designs of noncirculating collector coins.
  12. nonedible
    • 2007 October 30, Keith Bradsher, “G.M. Will Build Its Own Research Center in China”, New York Times:
      Lawrence D. Burns, G.M.s vice president for research, development and strategic planning, said the Chinese government did not want to rely on ethanol from corn and other food crops, so the research would focus on grass and other nonedible plants.
  13. pillowlike
  14. redheadedness
    • 2007 October 30, Henry Fountain, “Neanderthal Bones Make a Case for Redheads”, New York Times:
      The finding also suggests that redheadedness would have evolved separately in Neanderthals and humans, at different times and through different genetic variations.
  15. rehospitalization
    • 2007 October 30, Marlene Belfort, “Emotional Abyss; Physical Cause?”, New York Times:
      I suffered three relapses; none was as severe as the first, but only cutting-edge psychopharmacology and talk therapy kept me from rehospitalization.
  16. sigmatism
    • 2007 October 30, C. Claiborne Ray, “Whence the Whistle?”, New York Times:
      The flaw in pronouncing a sibilant S, which speech therapists call sigmatism, can follow even minor changes to the way the tongue aligns with the teeth.
  17. superwealthy
  18. triclosan
    • 2007 October 30, Tara Parker-Pope, “Germ Fighters May Lead to Hardier Germs”, New York Times:
      The question about cleaners containing triclosan is whether the agent kills germs randomly or whether it promotes the same selection pressures that can lead to antibiotic resistance.
  19. ultralong
    • 2007 October 30, Alastair Macaulay, “Twyla Tharp Season With a Cast of Three Companies”, New York Times:
      The Miami dancers drew me deeply into Ms. Tharps response to the music: The astonishing detail of footwork for incidental quickstep, Latin or other rhythms; the exhilarating legato glide of the ultralong phrases; the instances of dance eloquence when individual words are cues for dance drama.
  20. underheated