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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-10-31 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-26).

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  1. balladeering
    • 2007 October 31, Bernard Holland, “Ives, Master of the Exotic and the Old”, New York Times:
      Revisiting familiar lied texts like Widmung or Ich grolle nicht or simply balladeering in The Light That Is Felt, Ives begins songs the way we expect him to and then takes us someplace we would not have thought of going.
  2. bargainhunting
    • 2007 October 31, Michael Barbaro, “Wal-Mart Jump-Starts Discounts for Holidays”, New York Times:
      In the phenomenon of creeping Christmas, stores like CompUSA and Gap have begun opening their doors at midnight on Thanksgiving to drum up business, delighting some bargainhunting consumers and irritating some others who bemoan the earlier-than-ever start to the season.
  3. chasmic
    • 2007 October 31, Sam Roberts, “Streets Arent Paved With Gold, but Theres Plenty Below”, New York Times:
      They serve not only as heavily traversed thoroughfares for vehicles and pedestrians but also as canopies over chasmic trenches and tunnels gouged for subways, sewers and utility conduits.
  4. crustas
    • 2007 October 31, William Grimes, “The Bartender Who Started It All”, New York Times:
      Just as dazzling were the drinks, unheard of in Britain: strange mixtures like crustas, smashes and daisies.
  5. grillades
    • 2007 October 31, “Recipe: Pork Grillades and Grits”, New York Times:
      A recipe for pork grillades and grits with an article last Wednesday about the New Orleans chef John Besh omitted the amount of butter that should be folded into the grits.
  6. homestyle
    • 2007 October 31, Florence Fabricant, “Off the Menu”, New York Times:
      LUNETTA The Manhattan outpost of the Smith Street, Brooklyn, restaurant, opened Monday in the former Mayrose space, with homestyle Italian cooking by Adam Shepard, who is also a partner: 920 Broadway (21st Street), (212) 533-3663.
  7. kleptocratic
    • 2007 October 31, Lydia Polgreen, “A Nigerian Leader Plunges From Milestone to Scandal”, New York Times:
      The trip was filled with carefully orchestrated appearances intended to transform Nigerias image from a land of oil-fueled kleptocratic chaos to a vanguard of progress and democracy in the new Africa.
  8. mirlitons
  9. noisemaking
  10. noncontinentalness
    • 2007 October 31, Mark Bittman, “A Little Bit of Work and a Lot of Satisfaction”, New York Times:
      Though Mr. Henderson is best known as the leader of the modern cult of offal, it seems to me that his true forte was revitalizing English cooking by bringing back simplicity and a certain noncontinentalness.
  11. noninteractive
  12. nonveterans
  13. previsualization
    • 2007 October 31, David M. Halbfinger, “Sony Said to Be Pondering Partial Sale of Movie Units”, New York Times:
      What became Imageworks began at Sony Pictures in 1992 with five people using computers to help plan complicated live-action scenes a practice that has since become known as previsualization.
  14. semimythic
    • 2007 October 31, William Grimes, “The Bartender Who Started It All”, New York Times:
      Like Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone and Buffalo Bill Cody, he was the sort of self-invented, semimythic figure that America seemed to spawn in great numbers during its rude adolescence.
  15. semistaged
    • 2007 October 31, Steve Smith, “Bounty of Countertenors in 1631 Opera”, New York Times:
      Landi, a papal chorister, composed Il SantAlessio for a complement of boys and men, including castrati. Mr. Christie, who made a masterly recording of the work with singers of both sexes in 1995, presented it here in a semistaged performance directed by Benjamin Lazar, with an all-male cast that included nine accomplished countertenors, a number that might have seemed implausible not so long ago.
  16. serflike
    • 2007 October 31, William Grimes, “When the Studios Called the Shots, and the Close-Ups”, New York Times:
      Although it is no secret that actors entered into serflike bondage, who knew that Gene Tierney battled long and hard to retain contractual control of her own teeth?
  17. supersenior
    • 2007 October 31, Nick Cumming-Bruce, “Mortgage Woes Push UBS to Its First Loss in 5 Years”, New York Times:
      UBS reported that it had $16.8 billion invested directly in residential mortgage-backed securities and $20.2 billion worth of supersenior securities, which are paid back ahead of other similarly rated securities in the case of a default.
  18. telemedicine *
    • 2007 October 31, Thomas L. Friedman, “If I.T. Merged With E.T.”, New York Times:
      This kind of telemedicine is the I.T. revolution at its best.
  19. underpricing
    • 2007 October 31, “Arts, Briefly”, New York Times:
      This aids the promoter in not over- or underpricing tickets beforehand and more closely mimics a true market for high-valued seats.
  20. veltliner
    • 2007 October 31, “Calendar”, New York Times:
      Youll have to wrap your tongue around names like blaufrnkisch and grner veltliner at a four-course Austrian wine menu on Monday with seatings starting at 5:30 p.m. at August, 359 Bleecker Street (Charles Street), $75 plus tax and a 20 percent tip, (212) 929-8727.
  21. zestiness
    • 2007 October 31, Allan Kozinn, “Amid All the Opera, Plenty of Puppets”, New York Times:
      The lethargy began with the overture: Kirill Petrenko led a performance almost entirely stripped of magic, with rushed tempos taken for zestiness, and weightiness taken for grandeur.