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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-11-01 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-26).

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  1. alstroemeria
    • 2007 November 1, Anne Raver, “Autumns Rituals Beckon Softly”, New York Times:
      The alstroemeria makes a great cut flower, and comes back year after year.
  2. alstroemerias
    • 2007 November 1, Anne Raver, “Autumns Rituals Beckon Softly”, New York Times:
      Two weeks ago, in the warmest October in the Northeast on record, the alstroemerias were still covered with pink and gold blooms in Sheila Hankss backyard garden on 10th Street in Park Slope.
  3. burgundies
    • 2007 November 1, Tim Mckeough, “Room to Improve”, New York Times:
      Warm colors tend to support that cozy feeling that people are after, said Ms. Ashcraft, who suggested burgundies, reds and deep golden colors.
  4. chamaecyparis
    • 2007 November 1, Anne Raver, “Autumns Rituals Beckon Softly”, New York Times:
      Mrs. Hanks has already transformed her summer window boxes, though: in place of trailing yellow begonias and purple fan flowers are chamaecyparis, creeping juniper and tiny boxwoods.
  5. churchhouse
    • 2007 November 1, “Missing Compassion”, New York Times:
      As a result, compassion is left at the churchhouse door, and the truly needy must look elsewhere for help.
  6. colocasia
    • 2007 November 1, Anne Raver, “Autumns Rituals Beckon Softly”, New York Times:
      Her favorite is about as big as a pony: a giant colocasia, or elephants ear, with bright green leaves a good five feet long, was basking in the sun at the end of her yard.
  7. delegators
    • 2007 November 1, Lisa Belkin, “The Feminine Critique”, New York Times:
      In Nordic countries, women were seen as perfectly inspirational, but it was delegating that was of higher value there, and women were not seen as good delegators.
  8. devaluated
    • 2007 November 1, Guy Trebay, “Where Art Meets Fashion Meets Celebrity Meets Hype”, New York Times:
      Discomfort was built into the evening, as central to it as the Pirandello script, written in 1917, and which, as one critic noted, toys with how the social role built up by one character for himself is continually destroyed by another, devaluated into a sick sham existence that outsiders accept as real only out of pity.
  9. fanfold
  10. farmwork
    • 2007 November 1, Penelope Green, “On the Farm, a Rat Race in Sheeps Clothing”, New York Times:
      Ms. Hayes, 33, also writes cookbooks (in the predawn hours before her farmwork begins), agitates and advocates for local causes, lectures national organizations about sustainable cuisine and advises those closer to home, like the staff members of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton .
  11. fireplay
    • 2007 November 1, Michael Parrish, “10-Year-Old With Matches Started a California Wildfire”, New York Times:
      At least one study suggests that if you take a population of boys between kindergarten and fourth grade, 60 percent of them have committed unsupervised fireplay, which is to say that fireplay is a common and absolutely normal part of human development.
  12. hyperhawk
    • 2007 November 1, Gail Collins, “Everybody vs. Hillary”, New York Times:
      And how could she have voted for an Iran resolution that was sponsored by Joseph Lieberman, who was basically drummed out of his party in Connecticut because of his hyperhawk stance on Iraq?
  13. nonhousing
    • 2007 November 1, Michael M. Grynbaum, “Surge Will Be Brief, Economists Say”, New York Times:
      I dont think its going to be protracted, he said, noting that the nonhousing portion of the economy grew more than 5 percent last quarter, a relatively high rate of expansion.
  14. nonjury
    • 2007 November 1, Michael Brick, “Ex-F.B.I. Agents Trial Fizzles, as Does Witness”, New York Times:
      The lead prosecutor, Michael F. Vecchione, strongly hinted of his inclination yesterday morning in remarks addressed to Justice Gustin L. Reichbach, who is presiding over the nonjury trial.
  15. oxalis
  16. papercuts
    • 2007 November 1, “Home & Garden Calendar”, New York Times:
      It includes carvings, carousel animals, historic photographs of arks and carvings from synagogues in Eastern Europe and ornately painted papercuts.
  17. schaub
    • 2007 November 1, The Associated Press, “Kitnas Costume Spooks the Lions”, New York Times:
      schaub probably out Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub was still feeling the effects of a concussion from a helmet-to-helmet hit against San Diego, and Coach Gary Kubiak said he probably would not play Sunday against Oakland.
  18. semifinished
    • 2007 November 1, New York Times[1]:
      6-bedroom, 3 -bath, 76-year-old wood-frame house; dining room, eat-in kitchen, living room with fireplace, hardwood floors, semifinished basement; 25-by-100-ft. lot; taxes $5,000; listed at $850,000, 12 weeks on market (broker: McDonagh Properties)
  19. starlike
    • 2007 November 1, Guy Trebay, “Where Art Meets Fashion Meets Celebrity Meets Hype”, New York Times:
      Elegant, substantial, starlike, Ms. Blanchett, as Mrs. Ponza, descended the museum ramps amid an entourage of cameras, light crews and assistants flashing strobes.