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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-11-02 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-26).

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  1. antiwhite
  2. bibimpap
  3. bulletlike
    • 2007 November 2, Roberta Smith, “Humanitys Ascent, in Three Dimensions”, New York Times:
      Topped by a layer of dried mud, the squat bulletlike block of weathered wood that is For Beckwourth (1980) conjures up an Indian lodge, a Baule sculpture coated with dried sacrificial material, an early Greek tomb and a nondenominational church dome.
  4. drypoints
    • 2007 November 2, Karen Rosenberg, “Rembrandt and Modernists at a Weekend Red-Tag Sale”, New York Times:
      Pratt Contemporary devotes most of a wall to a series of drypoints by the Brazilian artist Ana Maria Pacheco, better known for her wood carvings; titled Dark Event, it shows shadowy figures engaged in acts of violence and torture.
  5. dustspeckled
    • 2007 November 2, Robin Finn, “Another Billionaire Who Wants to Be a Mayor”, New York Times:
      THOSE black plastic eyeglasses reminiscent of the magnate Aristotle Onassis, say, with a dollop of the presidential hopeful Edmund S. Muskie circa 1972 provide a nice retro touch, especially the dustspeckled lenses.
  6. editioned
    • 2007 November 2, Karen Rosenberg, “Rembrandt and Modernists at a Weekend Red-Tag Sale”, New York Times:
      Two Palms has a suite of intaglio prints by Chris Ofili (similar to those on view through tomorrow at David Zwirner) and editioned hand-painted collages by Richard Prince, who merges covers of nurse-themed pulp-fiction titles with images clipped from pornographic sources.
  7. gambist
    • 2007 November 2, Allan Kozinn, “Songs of Love and War From a Gamba Maestro”, New York Times:
      You might wonder what a viola da gamba player can do to sustain an audience year after year, but the question seems not to trouble the Spanish gambist Jordi Savall, long the instruments reigning star. Mr. Savall performs in New York every season, and his visits almost always include more than one concert, either on his own or with one of his three ensembles.
  8. gambists
    • 2007 November 2, Allan Kozinn, “Songs of Love and War From a Gamba Maestro”, New York Times:
      Most notably, English gambists liked to treat their instrument, at least some of the time, as if it were a lute, with plucked melodies and strummed chords.
  9. lawyerlike
  10. mapiko
    • 2007 November 2, Holland Cotter, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      Now, after a protracted civil war and the establishment of multiparty democracy, the mapiko tradition is thriving in freestyle mode.
  11. megarich
    • 2007 November 2, David Brooks, “Feel the Love”, New York Times:
      Now I stand up to the megarich lawyers.
  12. newgrass
    • 2007 November 2, Jon Pareles, “A Fusion of Diverse Sounds and Styles, With Jokes”, New York Times:
      They have been making musical hybrids for a long time. Mr. Bush started his untraditional New Grass Revival in 1971, and newgrass is as good a term as any for what these musicians do in their many bands.
  13. nitazoxanide
  14. nonindustrialized
    • 2007 November 2, Edward Rothstein, “The Blue Planets Lifeblood: A Finite Flow”, New York Times:
      The only people who seem to be living in aquatic harmony here are nonindustrialized cultures: a diorama of the Tonle Sap, a lake and river system in Cambodia, shows homes floating atop pontoons on a freshwater lake; inhabitants celebrate the water and its plentiful harvest of fish.
  15. nonoil
    • 2007 November 2, “Africas Chance”, New York Times:
      Thats because of the surging price of oil a boon for Nigeria and Angola and rising demand for metals like copper and aluminum that benefit nonoil exporters.
  16. oompahs
    • 2007 November 2, Jon Pareles, “A Fusion of Diverse Sounds and Styles, With Jokes”, New York Times:
      Where most bluegrass bassists spend their lives playing oompahs, Mr. Meyer writes himself into the counterpoint, and he often conceives his bass fiddle as a fiddle, doing everything but putting it under his chin; he maintains a light touch and nimbly bows what could be fiddle tunes, only pitched lower.
  17. organicism
    • 2007 November 2, Holland Cotter, “On the Roads of China, the Buddha Was Transformed”, New York Times:
      The earliest piece, an expertly finished sandstone stele of the meditating Buddha dated 462 A.D., retains some of the sweet, yielding organicism of contemporaneous Indian art.
  18. outrushed
  19. partyjumping
  20. prerock
    • 2007 November 2, Stephen Holden, “Describing American Life With Gruff Good Cheer”, New York Times:
      Wednesdays show was divided between prerock standards and songs by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, Mr. Tyrells mentors when he worked for Scepter Records in the 1960s.
  21. stuffies
    • 2007 November 2, Caitlin ONeil, “New England Style, Little Known and Liking It”, New York Times:
      From its perch overlooking Nanaquaket Pond, Evelyns serves fresh and fried seafood, stuffies (Rhode Island-speak for stuffed quahogs) and lobster chow mein to diners, either in the clamshell-crunchy parking lot or in the no-frills dining room.
  22. telaprevir
    • 2007 November 2, Andrew Pollack, “2 Winning Drug Tests, One Expected and One a Surprise”, New York Times:
      While Vertex has previously shown that telaprevir can sharply reduce virus levels in patients blood, the new data, to be presented at the meeting, an annual gathering of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases in Boston, is the first strong signal of how many patients could be cured.
  23. unadjudicated
    • 2007 November 2, Bruce Lambert, “Convict Charges Cover-Up of New Evidence in 88 Death of Parents”, New York Times:
      The Tankleff lawyers sent the allegations to the Suffolk County Court in Riverhead in a motion seeking another appeal, and also forwarded the unadjudicated material to the four-judge panel in Brooklyn that is reviewing the appeal already pending on earlier new evidence.
  24. wali
    • 2007 November 2, Jane Perlez, “Militants Draw New Front Line Inside Pakistan”, New York Times:
      PESHAWAR, Pakistan , Nov. 1 For much of the last century, the mountainous region of Swat was ruled as a princely kingdom where a benign autocrat, the wali, bestowed schools for girls, health care for everyone and the chance to get a degree abroad for the talented.