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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-11-03 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-26).

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  1. antinomic
    • 2007 November 3, Jim Dwyer, “A Prosecution Goes Bad, and a Judge Lets Loose”, New York Times:
      Their reasoning, the judge wrote, was that it would be antinomic for the F.B.I., charged with fighting crime, to employ as an informer a murderer as vicious and prolific as Greg Scarpa.
  2. bubblicious
    • 2007 November 3, Dan Mitchell, “Let Us Pray for Wealth”, New York Times:
      Both San Francisco and New York saw steadier (and possibly less bubblicious) gains than the rest, he wrote.
  3. cardiovascularly
  4. ecoculture
    • 2007 November 3, Ralph Blumenthal, “Texas Proceeding With Plan to Auction Preserve”, New York Times:
      But a drive through the preserve with Mr. Alex, an archaeologist, and his wife, Betty, a wildlife biologist, showed a flourishing desert ecoculture of quail, mule deer, mice and the occasional bobcat and tarantula.
  5. hocketing
    • 2007 November 3, Anne Midgette, “Medicine That Really Tastes Smooth”, New York Times:
      After Mr. Perles exquisite craftsmanship, everything that followed was slightly sloppy in comparison, though Jennifer Higdons Dark Wood (which had its premiere at a St. Lukes Second Helpings concert in 2002), opening with an intricate hocketing rhythm drilled out with machinelike precision and rock n roll energy by the unusual combination of piano trio and bassoon, was the crowd favorite.
  6. megaticket
    • 2007 November 3, Ben Sisario, “Zeppelin Injury Raises Questions”, New York Times:
      And according to a statement issued Thursday afternoon, it had been fractured last weekend, forcing the group to delay its megaticket reunion concert in London by two weeks, to Dec. 10.
  7. midtour
    • 2007 November 3, Lisa W. Foderaro, “For Soldiers Families, Battles Are Not Far Off”, New York Times:
      But for these soldiers, it is all the more so because of the length of their deployment, which was extended midtour from one year to 15 months.
  8. midtrial
    • 2007 November 3, Jim Dwyer, “A Prosecution Goes Bad, and a Judge Lets Loose”, New York Times:
      Mr. DeVecchio and his lawyers said they were not worried that Justice Reichbach would be unfair; ultimately, the judge did not have to give a verdict because of the midtrial revelations that brought the case to an end.
  9. motoric
    • 2007 November 3, Jon Pareles, “A Dingy Road Glorified in Music and Cinema”, New York Times:
      There were contemplative piano interludes touched by Gershwin and Debussy, stately Aaron Copland chords, busily twittering woodwinds, twinkling music-box-like interludes and motoric arpeggios by way of Mr. Glass, and vertiginous waltzes and sustained chaotic tremolos out of A Day in the Life.
  10. naloxone
    • 2007 November 3, The Associated Press, “Kits to Fight Heroin Overdoses”, New York Times:
      A single dose of the drug, known generically as naloxone, costs about $20.
  11. nonmotorized
    • 2007 November 3, William Yardley, “Mayors, Looking to Cities Future, Are Told It Must Be Colored Green”, New York Times:
      On Friday, he listed city initiatives like promoting locally produced foods, distributing 300,000 high-efficiency shower heads and encouraging residents to trade in their gasoline-powered mowers for electric or nonmotorized versions.
  12. partscores
  13. phantomlike
    • 2007 November 3, Alan Riding, “Germanys Black Years Seen From the Inside”, New York Times:
      And here, with dead and fleeing soldiers, worm-ridden skulls, phantomlike figures in gas masks, uniformed skeletons, craters and ruins, Dixs disgust is overwhelming.
  14. pluggers
    • 2007 November 3, George Vecsey, “Al Arbour: The Man Behind the Glass”, New York Times:
      Arbour was tough on the talented players like Potvin, but kinder to the pluggers like Bob Nystrom.
  15. rocklike
  16. showrunners
    • 2007 November 3, Brooks Barnes, “With Resolution Unlikely, Writers Guild Sets Strike for Monday”, New York Times:
      Those so-called showrunners, the thousand or so people who share both writing and managerial duties on television shows, have already been squeezed by conflicting demands from guild leaders and company employers.
  17. simvastatin
    • 2007 November 3, Stephanie Saul, “Maker of Lipitor Digs in to Fight Generic Rival”, New York Times:
      A big difference is that Lipitor costs $2.50 to $3 a day, while simvastatin sells for 75 cents to $1 a day at most retail pharmacies, and as little as 10 cents a day at discount pharmacies like Costcos.
  18. synthy
  19. toolbelt
    • 2007 November 3, Bob Herbert, “Worsening the Odds”, New York Times:
      Friends thought of him as a maestro in a toolbelt, a whiz with a hammer and nails.
  20. unblur
    • 2007 November 3, “Arts, Briefly”, New York Times:
      On Thursday the games publisher, Take2 Interactive Software, confirmed that hackers had managed to unblur some gruesome scenes on the PlayStation Portable version, which include killing with axes and other implements.
  21. unhumorous
    • 2007 November 3, Bill Carter, “Live From New York, Its Not Quite the News!”, New York Times:
      Mr. Williams is not an unhumorous newsman, though he usually plays one on TV. As an anchor, he has steadfastly submerged his inner comic.
  22. unsnag
    • 2007 November 3, John Schwartz, “Risky Spacewalk Saturday to Mend Solar Array”, New York Times:
      In the procedure, Scott E. Parazynski will be far out on a limb or, rather, out on the end of a 50-foot-long boom gripped by the space stations robotic arm. Dr. Parazynski will either unsnag or cut a wire that appears to have hung up on a hinge of a solar panel, putting two tears in a left-side solar array.