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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-11-21 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-26).

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  1. ambulette
    • 2007 November 21, Bruce Lambert, “Manhattan: Ambulette Injures Boy”, New York Times:
      An ambulette driver was charged with vehicular assault and driving under the influence after his ambulette struck and critically injured a 12-year-old boy yesterday, the police said.
  2. backloaded
    • 2007 November 21, Ben Shpigel, “Mets Acquire Estrada in a Trade for Mota”, New York Times:
      Although the Mets discussed the possible public relations fallout of re-signing Mota, Minaya was satisfied with Motas accountability and signed him to a backloaded two-year, $5 million deal.
  3. boule *
    • 2007 November 21, Nick Fox, “Soon the Bread Will Be Making Itself”, New York Times:
      The books master recipe, a bite-size version of which is presented here, makes a simple crusty boule.
  4. ezetimibe
  5. galpals
    • 2007 November 21, Maureen Dowd, “Shes No Morgenthau”, New York Times:
      Hillary did not show good judgment in her areas of influence the legal fiefdom, health care and running oppo-campaigns against Bills galpals.
  6. galvanizer
    • 2007 November 21, Harvey Araton, “Marbury-Thomas Struggle Has No Winner”, New York Times:
      He can still be the galvanizer he was supposed to become all those years ago at Lincoln High in Brooklyn.
  7. harpsichordlike
    • 2007 November 21, Allan Kozinn, “A Pianists Tour of Styles, From Weighty to Delicate”, New York Times:
      In the Crumb he executed the occasional inside-the-piano effects single harpsichordlike notes and harplike glissandos as if they came naturally, the kind of thing he plays every day.
  8. microsessions
    • 2007 November 21, Carl Hulse, “Democrats Move to Block Bush Appointments”, New York Times:
      But fearing that President Bush would again use a Congressional recess to install disputed executive branch appointees without Senate confirmation, Democrats convened the Senate for the first of four microsessions to be held during the holiday break, precisely to thwart such an end run.
  9. midshow
  10. nonwriting
    • 2007 November 21, Brooks Barnes, “Hollywood and Strikers Watch Clock”, New York Times:
      But the renewed discussions were also intended to lure these writer-producers, known as show runners, into resuming their nonwriting duties.
  11. overemphatic
    • 2007 November 21, Bernard Holland, “A Prophet With a Lot of Support”, New York Times:
      The delivery had an unforced ease that the sometimes overemphatic Hei-Kyung Hong and Nancy Maultsby could learn from. Ms. Hong was perhaps miscast, and after years of honorable service her soprano sounded more managed than commanding.
  12. overmiked
  13. pectoralis
    • 2007 November 21, Julia Moskin, “Butchers Method Takes Carving Off the Table”, New York Times:
      Although modern domesticated birds do not do a lot of flying, he said, the largest muscle is still the pectoralis major, the breast, which has the heavy job of pushing down the wing during flight.
  14. quasijudicial
    • 2007 November 21, Steven R. Weisman, “China Wins Trade Ruling About Paper”, New York Times:
      The ruling, by the United States International Trade Commission, a quasijudicial body that makes its determinations independently, found that the NewPage Corporation and other makers of glossy or coated paper had not been materially injured or threatened with material injury from the subsidies.
  15. refounded
    • 2007 November 21, Peter Kiefer, “Cave May Hold Secrets to Legend of Ancient Rome”, New York Times:
      The fact that this sanctuary is under the lower part of the house of Augustus is significant because Augustus was a kind of Romulus himself who refounded Rome and he did it in the place where Romulus had been, he said.
  16. shiitakes
    • 2007 November 21, Mark Bittman, “Turkey Again, Thanks to the Italians”, New York Times:
      For the shiitakes, you might substitute chopped cooked chestnuts, which brown beautifully in butter; a combination of shiitakes and chestnuts is also nice.
  17. simvastatin
  18. soundboard
    • 2007 November 21, Steve Smith, “Electronic Pioneer With Ties to Dance”, New York Times:
      In Rendition Series, which closed the concert, Ms. Lin played succinct figures filled with almost jazzy harmonies, while Mr. Mumma, seated at the far end of the piano, fed sounds from an iPod into the instruments soundboard.
  19. woodsmanship
  20. zestiness