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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-11-23 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-26).

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  1. adjustability
    • 2007 November 23, Roberta Smith, “Latin American Modernism, the Sequel”, New York Times:
      The idea of adjustability continues with Hlio Oiticicas brightly colored box (which gains immeasurably from a higher pedestal than in previous appearances) and Cildo Meireless folding-rule sculptures from the early 70s.
  2. agriturismos
  3. booklike
    • 2007 November 23, William Grimes, “From the Glove Compartment to the Shelf”, New York Times:
      Page by page the booklike maps show country lanes, farmhouses and churches with arrows indicating the correct route.
  4. cabinlike
    • 2007 November 23, The New York Times, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      The Swiss artist Urs Fischer is best known for his ensembles of everyday stuff: pieces of fruit bolted together; a cabinlike house built of bread; human figures in the form of wax candles.
  5. chainsawing
    • 2007 November 23, Ginia Bellafante, “Sympathy for the Devil: The Nice-Guy Serial Killer Next Door”, New York Times:
      Dexters hobby is the ritual chopping up, or even chainsawing, of human flesh, but he banishes from this world only those who have killed, the murderers his employers in Florida law enforcement have failed to contain or sufficiently punish.
  6. countrylike
    • 2007 November 23, Alison Leigh Cowan, “Suit Over a Womans Suicide at an Elite Private Hospital”, New York Times:
      Tucked away on 45 acres that include tennis courts and walking trails, Silver Hill has long had a following among celebrities like Mariah Carey and Billy Joel along with a well-heeled crowd who find the countrylike setting a welcome place to regain control of their overstressed lives.
  7. downticks
  8. featherlight
    • 2007 November 23, Roberta Smith, “A Bunny Balloon Sheds Its Steel Skin”, New York Times:
      Their chrome-finish colors suggest luxurious automobiles, but their forms seem featherlight, capable of being wafted aloft by the slightest wind.
  9. foredeck
    • 2007 November 23, Mark Landler, “Sweden Turns to a Promising Power Source, With Flaws”, New York Times:
      MALMO, Sweden Steadying himself on the heaving foredeck of an inspection ship recently, his face flecked by spray, Arne Floderus pronounced it a good day for his new offshore wind farm.
  10. garnitures
    • 2007 November 23, Wendy Moonan, “Diplomatic Overtures in Fine Porcelain”, New York Times:
      The exhibition includes porcelains of every size: tiny snuffboxes; immense covered tureens; complete services for tea, coffee and chocolate; allegorical statues; garnitures of vases; statues of saints; and elaborate clock cases.
  11. greenhouselike
    • 2007 November 23, James Barron, “A Park Springs Up in Tavern on the Green”, New York Times:
      Because it is the Pavilion Room, and unlike the greenhouselike Crystal Room, which has three walls that are all windows, the Pavilion Room has no windows.
  12. hugfest
    • 2007 November 23, The New York Times, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      An embroidered photograph by Donnie and Travis takes care of the crafts quotient, and the entire tormented hugfest ends with an installation of fabrics, knits and ties by Edie Fake and Dewayne Slightweight.
  13. insinuatingly
    • 2007 November 23, Richard Eder, “In Time, a Glimmer of Light in Disappointed Lives”, New York Times:
      Prunty reminds Father Meade that he had once offered him, as an altar boy, an illicit drink of wine, and goes on to talk insinuatingly about church sex scandals.
  14. krone *
    • 2007 November 23, The Associated Press, “Denmark: Vote on Euro Planned”, New York Times:
      Recent opinion polls have shown that a narrow majority of Danes now favor switching to the euro from the krone.
  15. miniaturistic
    • 2007 November 23, The New York Times, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      They combine expansive formats and miniaturistic detail, as in Elvis Road, a panoramic, birds-eye view of a busy city street delineated with sharp pencils on a single page measuring 1 by 30 feet.
  16. nonverified
  17. overpacks
    • 2007 November 23, Claudia La Rocco, “Ballet and African Steps, Delivered at Warp Speed”, New York Times:
      The mix of ballet vocabulary, modern techniques and African steps is familiar, but the extent to which Mr. Rhoden packs and overpacks phrases, cultivates warp-speed delivery and hyperextends every possible hip jut and arabesque is, thank goodness, something special to Complexions.
  18. perduring
  19. perspectival
    • 2007 November 23, Ken Johnson, “The Gleaming Trophies for a Countrys Heroes”, New York Times:
      In its perspectival order Vanderlyns painting also conveys the faith in universal reason that underwrote high-minded American cultural and social projects like Fletcher and Gardiners memorial vessels and the United States Constitution.
  20. preprimary
    • 2007 November 23, Jodi Kantor, “Where the Votes Are, So Are All Those Calories”, New York Times:
      Many big events on the preprimary calendar the Harkin Steak Fry in Iowa; the Clyburn Fish Fry in South Carolina; the Iowa State Fair, an everything-fry seem as likely to produce heart attacks as votes.
  21. proslavery
    • 2007 November 23, Kevin Butterfield, “A Rivalry Born in Bloodshed Becomes Pivotal to the B.C.S.”, New York Times:
      In 1855, Missourians crossed the border in droves to vote in the first Kansas election, and 6,000 votes were somehow cast by a total voting population of 2,905 to elect a proslavery government.
  22. repressives
  23. sauceboat
    • 2007 November 23, Ken Johnson, “The Gleaming Trophies for a Countrys Heroes”, New York Times:
      See, for example, the sauceboat whose undulant curves sweep up into an overhanging handle that ends in the sculptured face of a sad-looking woman, who gazes downward as though hoping an oracular message will emerge from the gravy.
  24. semipublic
    • 2007 November 23, Al Baker, “City Homicides Still Dropping, to Under 500”, New York Times:
      It is, generally speaking, a private crime, resulting from people who know one another and have relationships that end up in death struggles at home or in semipublic places.
  25. throbbingly
    • 2007 November 23, William Grimes, “From the Glove Compartment to the Shelf”, New York Times:
      In her throbbingly romantic novel The Mapmakers Opera, Ba Gonzalez describes an exquisite specimen drawn on parchment, minutely detailed with mountains, rivers, oceans and a wealth of symbols waiting to be transformed into music by our trembling, excitable minds.
  26. underminings
    • 2007 November 23, The New York Times, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      The piece, titled You, calls up many references from the past and the present: from Michael Heizers earthworks to Chris Burdens institutional underminings to Monica Bonvicinis simulations of the same.
  27. unnoted
    • 2007 November 23, “Letter to the Editor”, New York Times:
      Though the university was unnoted in your article and unmarked on the accompanying map, it is not only the Valleys largest employer but also its chief attractor and generator of creative talent in the arts and humanities.


  1. sabji *
  2. wusband
    • 2007 November 23, Anthony Ramirez, “Bringing the U.N. Up to Code”, New York Times:
      I was married, and my wusband and his job took us to other cities, said Ms. Tiven.