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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-12-01 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-26).

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  1. anticollusion
    • 2007 December 1, Brad Stone, “Google to Join Spectrum Auction”, New York Times:
      The F.C.C.s anticollusion rules will prevent participants from discussing their strategy after bidding begins.
  2. anticonsumerism
  3. backloaded
    • 2007 December 1, Ben Shpigel, “Mets Trade Milledge and Fill Two Holes”, New York Times:
      The arrival of Schneider makes expendable Johnny Estrada, who was obtained last week from Milwaukee in what appears now to be an excuse to get rid of Guillermo Mota and his backloaded salary.
  4. belllike
  5. classload
    • 2007 December 1, Pete Thamel, “When Football Moves to the Head of the Class”, New York Times:
      Some say this is another example of how little academics matter in major college sports, but others see the light classload as a reward for a job well done and as a way for a player to concentrate on the team.
  6. courseloads
    • 2007 December 1, Pete Thamel, “When Football Moves to the Head of the Class”, New York Times:
      The former North Carolina president William C. Friday said that allowing players to lighten their courseloads later in their careers was another sign that college athletics was spiraling out of control.
  7. dipsy
    • 2007 December 1, Bernard Holland, “Sonatas From a Work in Progress Called Beethoven”, New York Times:
      The approach here was tight, clean and free of excess rhetoric. Mr. Lonquich was absolutely first rate: a pianist of great energy, with a sound sense of style and technique enough to manage young Beethovens racing, rippling dipsy doodle.
  8. garbageman
  9. harpsichordlike
    • 2007 December 1, Allan Kozinn, “That Same Old Beat, With Brand-New Choices”, New York Times:
      Here it was the province of an electronic harpsichordlike timbre (presumably from a laptop) and an electric bass, played assertively by Zach Layton and supported by the drummer, David Justh. Mr. Justh added considerable filigree in the course of the 66-minute performance, none sanctioned by the score, but captivating enough to justify its berth.
  10. laptopists
    • 2007 December 1, Allan Kozinn, “That Same Old Beat, With Brand-New Choices”, New York Times:
      The groups four laptops were set up so their keyboards letters were assigned notes and MIDI timbres, allowing the players laptopists?
  11. mids
    • 2007 December 1, Adam Weinstein, “Peace Conference at Navy Limits Pranks”, New York Times:
      Besides the usual water balloons and harmless but messy shaving-cream bombs, Chioccarelli noted, in academy jargon, there were various recons with mids running all over the yard taping up signs and moving stuff around.
  12. neopopulism
    • 2007 December 1, Ral IsaAs Baduel, “Why I Parted Ways With Chvez”, New York Times:
      President Chvez has been buying and selling against this idea, continuing to practice the kind of neopopulism that will reach its limit only when the country receives what economists call an external shock.
  13. nonmayoral
    • 2007 December 1, Gail Collins, “Rudys Security Blanket”, New York Times:
      The protg he promoted for homeland security secretary, Bernard Kerik, kept showing up on TV in news clips captioned 16-COUNT FEDERAL INDICTMENT. Then Ben Smith reported on about the peculiar accounting practices the Giuliani administration had used for security details that guarded Rudy when he was out of town pursuing nonmayoral ventures such as golf and adultery.
  14. nonofficer
    • 2007 December 1, Laurie J. Flynn, “Motorola Replaces Chief With an Insider”, New York Times:
      Mr. Zander, 60, will continue to serve as chairman until the annual shareholders meeting in May. Mr. Zander will also serve as strategic adviser to the chief executive and as a nonofficer employee through Jan. 5, 2009, the company said.
  15. nonrepeats
    • 2007 December 1, Benjamin Toff, “Survivor Keeps CBS on Top”, New York Times:
      CBS managed to remain No. 1 over all, thanks to Survivor: China, one of the few nonrepeats among the usual top-rated shows on Thursday.
  16. nonthrowing
  17. nonwriting
    • 2007 December 1, Bill Carter, “Strike Prompts Layoffs at NBC”, New York Times:
      NBC yesterday laid off the nonwriting staff members of its two late-night entertainment shows, the Tonight Show With Jay Leno and Late Night with Conan OBrien , because of the strike by Hollywood scriptwriters.
  18. overamplification
    • 2007 December 1, Nate Chinen, “Jangly Idiosyncrasies With Institutional Support”, New York Times:
      Given all this attention to timbre, it was difficult to shrug off the overamplification of the bassist Dom Richards and the tabla player Samir Chatterjee.
  19. rescore
    • 2007 December 1, Janet Morrissey, “Charge the Rent, but Only if You Dont Need To”, New York Times:
      Christopher J. Spoth, assistant director of supervision at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation , said that it is important for credit card companies to monitor credit card balances and rescore people regularly.
  20. sketchlike
  21. undesignated
    • 2007 December 1, “Endangered Species”, New York Times:
      The simple fact is that birds designated by that act, like the condor or the whooping crane, stand a much better chance of survival, and even population growth, than undesignated birds.
  22. vocalness


  1. intereptions = interceptions
  2. motorcyle: typo/scanno, motorcycle
  3. semipalmated
    • 2007 December 1, Anthony Depalma, “A Rising Number of Birds at Risk”, New York Times:
      And he noted that migratory shore birds, including the red knot and the semipalmated sandpiper, would face increasing difficulties in this region.