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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-12-04 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-26).

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  1. apartmentlike
  2. balletically
  3. coloraturas
    • 2007 December 4, “Seductive Voices”, New York Times:
      While it is true that most male opera fans seem to worship coloraturas more than mezzos and contraltos, I cannot imagine any female voice sexier than the lower-pitched nonoperatic voices of Edith Piaf, Greta Garbo, Lauren Bacall and my favorite, the husky voice of Marlene Dietrich , whom I had the pleasure of accompanying at a Concord Hotel concert in the 60s.
  4. countylike
    • 2007 December 4, Jad Mouawad, “In Alaskas Far North, Two Cultures Collide”, New York Times:
      The North Slope Borough, a countylike governmental unit the size of Minnesota where most of Alaskas 10,000 Inupiat live, gets the bulk of its $98 million budget each year from taxing onshore oil operations.
  5. gelatinlike
    • 2007 December 4, Amanda Schaffer, “Quick Fixes to Bring Back Damaged Voices”, New York Times:
      Dr. Richardson inserted a needle through the Adams apple and injected a translucent, gelatinlike substance, Radiesse Voice Gel, into the paralyzed cord, causing it to swell.
  6. indigenously
  7. metallics
    • 2007 December 4, Alessandra Stanley, “Morning TV Veers From News to Frills”, New York Times:
      In a world without men, the word metal is rarely heard, but there is a lot of talk about metallics.
  8. noncooperating
    • 2007 December 4, Adam Cohen, “Congress Has a Way of Making Witnesses Speak: Its Own Jail”, New York Times:
      If it arrested noncooperating witnesses in the United States attorneys scandal and there are more than just Mr. Bolten and Ms. Miers then they would have the right to challenge their confinement in federal court.
  9. nonparalyzed
    • 2007 December 4, Amanda Schaffer, “Quick Fixes to Bring Back Damaged Voices”, New York Times:
      But plumping it up allows the two cords to meet and gives the nonparalyzed one a better surface to vibrate against.
  10. nonprofessionally
    • 2007 December 4, Ken Johnson, “Paul Brach, 83, Painter and Teacher, Is Dead”, New York Times:
      As a teenager he worked as a cowboy for several summers on a ranch in Arizona, and he continued to ride horses nonprofessionally all his life.
  11. nonthrowing
  12. overachievement
    • 2007 December 4, Nick Bunkley, “Ford and G.M. Plan to Trim 2008 Output”, New York Times:
      For most other carmakers, those numbers would be considered successful, but Toyota has conditioned the market to expect overachievement, and failing to reach 200,000 would be a significant disappointment.
  13. plethodontid
  14. plethodontids
  15. prestamped
    • 2007 December 4, Carlotta Gall, “Pakistani Rivals Threaten Boycott of Elections”, New York Times:
      She demanded that an unbiased election commission be appointed, and accused the government of downright robbery, saying that it planned to rig the results by transferring thousands of prestamped ballots to stuff ballot boxes in the provinces.
  16. razorlike
    • 2007 December 4, Dennis Overbye, “One Last Ride to the Hubble”, New York Times:
      In 1993, astronauts fitted the telescope with corrective lenses (at the cost of removing one of its five main instruments, a photometer), and the cosmos snapped into razorlike focus.
  17. reinnervation
    • 2007 December 4, Amanda Schaffer, “Quick Fixes to Bring Back Damaged Voices”, New York Times:
      Last year, she had a surgical procedure called reinnervation, in which a functioning nerve is attached to the nerve leading to the vocal cord.
  18. silents
  19. thumpy
    • 2007 December 4, Roslyn Sulcas, “Tiny, Ordinary Movements Polished by Self-Awareness”, New York Times:
      It began with both women (who are sisters) crawling under a large tarpaulin; later they hung it up and did some deadpan synchronized dancing to thumpy pop before switching on boom boxes to create a cacophony of sound.
  20. turbinates
    • 2007 December 4, C. Claiborne Ray, “Trunk Line”, New York Times:
      In simple smelling, the handy trunk is waved in the air to collect air samples with odorant molecules and convey them to an extensive sensory system, contained in the elephants upper nasal cavity in a complex of scrolled, spongy bones, called turbinates or turbinals.