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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2007-12-11 issue of the New York Times (2009-02-26).

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  1. ambulette
  2. anabolics
    • 2007 December 11, Michael S. Schmidt, “Doping Experts Find Loopholes Beyond Baseball”, New York Times:
      Giving players even a hint of when they could be tested allows players to fly under the radar by using low-dose steroids and other anabolics in the forms of patches and gels and know when to apply them or not use them, Yesalis said.
  3. anticollision
    • 2007 December 11, Matthew L. Wald, “Commuter Jet and Boeing 747 in Near Miss”, New York Times:
      But Senator Charles E. Schumer , in response to the news of the event, said he would meet with the acting F.A.A. administrator to demand that new anticollision equipment be installed at the airport.
  4. bronchiectasis
  5. caprese *
    • 2007 December 11, Susan Stellin, “For a Few Dollars More, Dining Improves on Longer Flights”, New York Times:
      I really had no choice after running through JFK to catch my flight, he said, adding that he was pleasantly surprised by the $5 cheese plate and $8 chicken caprese sandwich he bought on the plane.
  6. danazol
  7. dogfighters
    • 2007 December 11, Juliet Macur, “Vick Receives 23 Months and a Lecture”, New York Times:
      I think the judge sent a strong message to dogfighters that this is a dead-end activity, and for professional athletes, its a career-killer, said John P. Goodwin, manager of animal fighting issues for the Humane Society of the United States .
  8. incaution
    • 2007 December 11, Ginia Bellafante, “A Post-Thatcher Crime Fighter in a Pre-Thatcher England”, New York Times:
      He is an Archie Bunker ripe for a dust-up with Internal Affairs, and part of the shows tension derives from the friction between Tyler and his methodical, information-age ways and Hunt and his blustery incaution.
  9. indictees
  10. intercountry
    • 2007 December 11, Jane Gross, “U.S. Joins Overseas Adoption Overhaul Plan”, New York Times:
      Experts attribute the decline to more stringent eligibility in China, the most popular place for intercountry adoptions by Americans, and to on-and-off suspension of the international adoption program in Russia.
  11. interlisted
    • 2007 December 11, Ian Austen, “Canadian Exchanges Plan to Merge”, New York Times:
      We want to know whether the proposed merger is ultimately viable, given the emergence of many competitive platforms in the equity markets and the increasing share represented by Canadian companies interlisted on U.S. exchanges, Henri-Paul Rousseau, the president and chief executive of the Caisse, said in a statement.
  12. kiore *
    • 2007 December 11, Henry Fountain, “When Removing One Predator Harms the Prey”, New York Times:
      As they report in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, removing the cats actually made life worse for the petrels, since that left more kiore to prey on them.
  13. multicreedal
    • 2007 December 11, Natalie Angier, “An Ancient Medicine (Enjoy in Moderation)”, New York Times:
      December is a time of multicreedal spirituality and festivities, and alcohol has been a fixture of celebration and religious ritual since humans first learned to play and pray.
  14. myelofibrosis
  15. naloxone
    • 2007 December 11, Dan Hurley, “Emergency Antidote, Direct to Addicts”, New York Times:
      Overdose deaths there in 2005 were at their lowest level in more than a decade, and Mr. Matens gives at least some credit to the naloxone distribution.
  16. noninterest
    • 2007 December 11, Jad Mouawad, “Washington Mutual Cutting Dividend and Jobs”, New York Times:
      The company believes these actions, together with a significant reduction in noninterest expense, should ensure that it has the financial strength to address difficult conditions in the credit and housing markets in 2008, the statement said.
  17. permalancers
    • 2007 December 11, Brian Stelter, “Freelancers Walk Out at MTV Networks”, New York Times:
      The walkout highlighted the concerns of a category of workers who are sometimes called permalancers: permanent freelancers who work like full-time employees but do not receive the same benefits.
  18. permalancing
    • 2007 December 11, Brian Stelter, “Freelancers Walk Out at MTV Networks”, New York Times:
      Sara Horowitz, the founder of the Freelancers Union, an organization of 40,000 New York area freelancers, said permalancing was widespread, particularly in the media industry.
  19. planaria
  20. postsurgery
  21. prepoached
  22. pretzeled
    • 2007 December 11, Claudia La Rocco, “Bodies Twisting Into Pretzels, and Human Stacking Blocks”, New York Times:
      The two-hour show moves at a brisk pace, hopping from one talent to the next, including human pyramids of pretzeled bodies, balancing acts on wires and a memorable roller-skating duet.
  23. ranchero *
    • 2007 December 11, Dave Kehr, “New DVDs”, New York Times:
      Buuel creates a perfect sense of Brechtian alienation out of his self-conscious use of clichs (from horror movies and the ranchero musical, two of Mexicos most popular genres) and his distanced, presentational visual style.
  24. repellency
  25. rewatched
  26. superoleophobic
    • 2007 December 11, Henry Fountain, “Scientists Blend Materials to Create Oil-Repellent Surfaces”, New York Times:
      Now scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , with help from Air Force researchers, have succeeded in making oil-repellent, or superoleophobic surfaces, using fibers blended from polymers and a special class of molecules known as fluoroPOSS.
  27. supersafe
  28. underanesthetized
    • 2007 December 11, Melissa Lafsky, “Onscreen Villain Makes Doctors Wince”, New York Times:
      Called anesthesia awareness, it occurs when patients wake up during surgery because they are underanesthetized.
  29. viscotoxins
  30. yardwork
    • 2007 December 11, Michael Luo, “One Family Man vs. Another”, New York Times:
      News broke last week that a yardwork company he used on his home was found for a second time to be using illegal immigrants.


  1. misdentified: typo/scanno
    • 2007 December 11, “Corrections: For the Record”, New York Times:
      A music review on Saturday about a concert version of Philip Glasss Einstein on the Beach, at Carnegie Hall, misdentified the tenor saxophone soloist in the Building/Train section.