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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-12-17 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-26).

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  1. anticounterfeiting
    • 2007 December 17, Walt Bogdanich, “Counterfeit Drugs Path Eased by Free Trade Zones”, New York Times:
      The problem is that counterfeiters use free trade zones to hide or sanitize a drugs provenance, or to make, market or relabel adulterated products, according to anticounterfeiting experts.
  2. autopen
    • 2007 December 17, Joanne Kaufman, “A Book Signing With the Author a World Away”, New York Times:
      Margaret Atwood , the Canadian novelist, created it in 2004 so that she could meet remotely with fans, chatting with them by videoconference and signing their books with a touchpad, which conveyed her handwriting from her home to an autopen in the bookstore.
  3. furbo *
    • 2007 December 17, “The Italian Malaise”, New York Times:
      To be furbo cunning and crafty in taking advantage of the system to the benefit of the individual is widely esteemed even among respectable people and is commonly considered a necessary tool of survival.
  4. hauntings
    • 2007 December 17, Neil Genzlinger, “Dont Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You”, New York Times:
      The lucky fellow here is Ryan Buell, ringleader of the Paranormal Research Society, a campus club that looks into reports of ghosts, hauntings and so on.
  5. intramedia
  6. kleptomaniacal
  7. manycore
    • 2007 December 17, John Markoff, “Faster Chips Are Leaving Programmers in Their Dust”, New York Times:
      The challenges have not dented the enthusiasm for the potential of the new parallel chips at Microsoft , where executives are betting that the arrival of manycore chips processors with more than eight cores, possible as soon as 2010 will transform the world of personal computing.
  8. overchoreograph
  9. peaker
    • 2007 December 17, David Cay Johnston, “Group to Ask for Expanded Inquiry of the Power Markets”, New York Times:
      To the contrary, Mr. Shelk said, prices arent high enough to cover the costs of a new gas peaker, much less the billions more needed to justify building more plants to meet the base load demand for power.
  10. pontification
  11. postapartheid
  12. postpresidential
    • 2007 December 17, Patrick Healy, “In 08 Race, the Other Clinton Steps Up Publicly”, New York Times:
      They say that Mr. Clinton, for all his political gifts, has been living in a rarefied, postpresidential bubble for the last seven years, and has not had to deal as much with an aggressive news media and with other Democrats ripping into his wife and himself.
  13. recocked
    • 2007 December 17, Theo Emery, “Killed in a Duel, Then Lost in the Earth”, New York Times:
      He recocked, fired again, and hit his adversarys abdomen. Mr. Dickinson bled to death over many hours, in terrible agony, according to accounts.
  14. revisitation
    • 2007 December 17, Daniel M. Gold, “The Early Years of Rock, Later Than Previously Thought”, New York Times:
      For this revisitation he has sliced a very large pie into subgenres, not so much separate ages as competing categories, everything from art rock to punk, heavy metal to alternative.
  15. roboticide
  16. rockumentaries
  17. semistaged
    • 2007 December 17, Steve Smith, “A Young Shepherds Ageless Trek”, New York Times:
      The director, Kate Bushmann, made resourceful use of the church in a semistaged production that relied on minimal props, evocative lighting by David Castaneda and a long central aisle to create a sense of setting.
  18. snackmeister
  19. speedskater
    • 2007 December 17, Ap, “German Skater Sets World Record”, New York Times:
      The German speedskater Jenny Wolf broke her world record in the womens 100 meters with a time of 10.22 seconds at a World Cup race in Erfurt, Germany.
  20. unordained
    • 2007 December 17, Susan Stewart, “Tough Love, Conveyed With Nails and a Cross”, New York Times:
      In one of the strangest scenes from Hard as Nails, a documentary that will be shown Monday night on HBO , an unordained Roman Catholic minister named Justin Fatica stands before a teenager and shouts, Jesus loves you! as an assistant slams a metal folding chair against the ministers back.


  1. cybercocktails: nonce
    • 2007 December 17, Stephanie Rosenbloom, “On Facebook, Scholars Link Up With Data”, New York Times:
      Each day about 1,700 juniors at an East Coast college log on to to accumulate friends, compare movie preferences, share videos and exchange cybercocktails and kisses.