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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-12-19 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-26).

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  1. carpaccios
    • 2007 December 19, Florence Fabricant, “Off the Menu”, New York Times:
      The menu features carpaccios, empanadas and grilled meats: 768 Amsterdam Avenue (97th Street), (212) 749-2929.
  2. ciccioli
    • 2007 December 19, Oliver Schwaner-Albright, “Meat to Wrap the Mind Around”, New York Times:
      But having spent some time eating abroad beef in England, foal in Slovenia they devoured Perbaccos ramekin of ciccioli, a rich pt of shredded pork.
  3. episiotomies
    • 2007 December 19, David Leonhardt, “No. 1 Book, and It Offers Solutions”, New York Times:
      Scientific studies have shown that many treatments, including spinal fusion, routine episiotomies and neonatal intensive care, are overdone.
  4. fleischgeist
    • 2007 December 19, Oliver Schwaner-Albright, “Meat to Wrap the Mind Around”, New York Times:
      But Ms. Wizansky and Ms. Standen have no interest in turning Meatpaper into an elitist polemic: they celebrate the fleischgeist and so far have held two publication parties, with loose plans for a third.
  5. jazzily
    • 2007 December 19, Michael Kimmelman, “In Marseille, Rap Helps Keep the Peace”, New York Times:
      Belsunce Breakdown," about one of the citys downtown neighborhoods, by Bouga, a rapper from there, begins with a hypnotic piano riff, jazzily syncopated a little Steve Reich crossed with 50 Cent .
  6. lambrusco *
    • 2007 December 19, Oliver Schwaner-Albright, “Meat to Wrap the Mind Around”, New York Times:
      Its amazing how often we hear that, Ms. Standen said, taking a sip of lambrusco.
  7. menuetto
    • 2007 December 19, Steve Smith, “The Gifts of Bachs Melodic Generosity”, New York Times:
      The oboists Stephen Taylor, Randall Ellis and Mark Hill countered with sweetly spun contributions, and all seemed well by the final menuetto.
  8. miasmic
    • 2007 December 19, William Grimes, “Some Dirty Little Detours on the Road to Shangri-La”, New York Times:
      His least favorite destinations include New Zealand (a junior-varsity version of the Pacific Northwest), Colorado (Kansas with big hills), Austin (if it wasnt surrounded by Texas itd be called Sacramento), the entire Caribbean (a miasmic hellscape) and Eric Clapton .
  9. nonlawyers
    • 2007 December 19, “The Second Amendment Means ...?”, New York Times:
      It seems obvious to us nonlawyers that the Second Amendment A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed was written as the nations militia was being drawn from the general population and given the right to bear weapons, with the aim to be ready to serve.
  10. nonwriting
    • 2007 December 19, Brian Stelter, “Jimmy Kimmel to Return to Air Without Writers”, New York Times:
      Like two late-night hosts on NBC, Jay Leno and Conan OBrien , who announced Monday that they would return on Jan. 2, Mr. Kimmel said he would resume production to ensure that his nonwriting staff members keep their jobs.
  11. overbake
  12. overlayed
    • 2007 December 19, David Carr, “Golden Globes and Oscars Are Drawn Into Strike”, New York Times:
      The Golden Globes, produced by Dick Clark Productions, are, at bottom, a social event with a patina of recognition overlayed, and it could be seen as unseemly for actors, directors and producers to ignore the dread hanging over the city and frolic amid the frocks and foolishness.
  13. picadillo
    • 2007 December 19, Florence Fabricant, “Off the Menu”, New York Times:
      AMOR CUBANO Home-style Cuban dishes, including ropa vieja and picadillo, are prepared by Vivian Baquero and Maricela Calcines Naranjo.
  14. piquillos
    • 2007 December 19, Mark Bittman, “101 Simple Appetizers in 20 Minutes or Less”, New York Times:
      8 Might not be the new ketchup, but great stuff: pure skinned roasted peppers or piquillos with some of their liquid, salt and olive oil.
  15. readdressing
  16. reinvade
    • 2007 December 19, Steven Erlanger, “Israels Dilemma in Response to Rockets”, New York Times:
      And if the Israelis reinvade Gaza in a serious way, killing many Palestinians, it will create a quandary for Mr. Abbas and moderate Arab countries, making it very difficult for them to sanction a political deal with Israel.
  17. schlag
    • 2007 December 19, By Melissa Clark, “Comfort in Layers of Chocolate”, New York Times:
      MY parents love to tell the story of me and the bowl of schlag (whipped cream) at Demel coffeehouse in Vienna.
  18. scintillatingly
    • 2007 December 19, Anthony Tommasini, “Flights of Pianistic Fantasy, Not for the Fainthearted”, New York Times:
      Apparently one of Ravels goals for Gaspard de la Nuit was to write something even harder than Islamey. Mr. Bronfman played both works scintillatingly, allowing his audience to be the judge.
  19. springerles
    • 2007 December 19, Jennifer Steinhauer, “In the Kitchen of Long Ago, With Grandma”, New York Times:
      The universally hated cookie was the anise-flavored springerles, which could not be fobbed off even on the wild birds.


  1. wasser
    • 2007 December 19, The New York Times, “Dining Briefs”, New York Times:
      If youre hankering for domestic beer this isnt the spot, but the list has plenty of easy-drinking European selections, be they Czech (like BrouCzech), German (Gaffel Klsch, anyone?) or Austrian (why drink wasser when you can drink Gsser?)