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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-12-21 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-26).

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  1. antibusiness
  2. bombmaker
    • 2007 December 21, John F. Burns, “Man Cleared in 1998 Northern Ireland Blast”, New York Times:
      Prosecutors had asserted that Mr. Hoey was the principal bombmaker in the attack, which featured a 500-pound car bomb that exploded on Omaghs main street at the height of Saturday shopping.
  3. carnie
    • 2007 December 21, The New York Times, “Movie Guide and Film Series”, New York Times:
      And Edmund Gouldings wonderful Nightmare Alley (1947), above, an eccentric, atmospheric noir with Blondell as a carnie psychic who teaches a surprisingly good Tyrone Power the tricks of her trade.
  4. charismatically
    • 2007 December 21, Dave Kehr, “Once More Diving Into the Vaults, and Surfacing With Cinematic Pearls”, New York Times:
      A plausible candidate for the definitive martial arts movie of Hong Kongs golden age, Lau Kar-leungs 1978 film is about a young revolutionary (charismatically played by Mr. Laus brother, Gordon Liu) who undergoes the rigorous training of the Shaolin monks played out in a series of set pieces that represent some of the best film choreography this side of Fred Astaire .
  5. contrapposto *
    • 2007 December 21, Roberta Smith, “Matisse, Drawing in Three Dimensions”, New York Times:
      Elegance turns insouciant, then sarcastic: The female figure gives Classical contrapposto a pronounced swagger.
  6. countermotion
    • 2007 December 21, Brad Stone, “Apple Rumor Site to Shut Down in Settlement”, New York Times:
      Mr. Ciarelli filed a countermotion against Apple in March 2005 under a California provision that makes litigants vulnerable to financial damages if they sue over what is determined to be constitutionally protected speech. Mr. Ciarellis lawyer, Terry Gross, who represented him pro bono, said the motion could have resulted in a financially damaging and embarrassing ruling against Apple, a risk that he said led to this weeks settlement.
  7. grapplings
    • 2007 December 21, Bernard Holland, “Yielding to Youths Fierce Enthusiasms”, New York Times:
      Despite, or maybe because of its swampy late-Romantic sentiment, the Schoenberg is irresistible to young hearts in their initial grapplings with great questions of life, death, love and suffering.
  8. noisemaking
    • 2007 December 21, The New York Times, “Pop and Rock Listings”, New York Times:
      The bands front man, Oliver Ackermann, is a legitimate pro when it comes to noisemaking: He founded a company that makes custom guitar-effects pedals.
  9. nonarchitectural
    • 2007 December 21, The New York Times, “Museum and Gallery Listings”, New York Times:
      The 44 Baroque tapestries here are among the largest nonarchitectural objects in the museum, and some of the most epically labor-intensive.
  10. nonplaces
    • 2007 December 21, Ken Johnson, “Never Mind the Map: Sometimes New York City Is More of an Idea”, New York Times:
      New York may be a blessed island of cosmopolitanism, but its particular character is probably less influential on contemporary artists than university M.F.A. programs, global communication networks and those nonplaces par excellence, the art fairs and biennials.
  11. pictorialism
    • 2007 December 21, Karen Rosenberg, “In Bhutan, Sacred Sights Amid the Clouds”, New York Times:
      The black-and-white portraits and landscapes in Bhutan, the Sacred Within: Photographs by Kenro Izu, taken over the past five years, fall somewhere between photojournalism and pictorialism. Mr. Izu has not only made an earnest attempt to document the rarefied air of the Himalayas and the spiritual intensity of the Bhutanese; he has also enhanced them through a sensual printing process.
  12. pillared
    • 2007 December 21, Holland Cotter, “Epiphanies in a Medieval Courtyard”, New York Times:
      From the winding stone staircase up to the museum; to the Gothic chapel with its looming, sad-eyed Burgundian Virgin; to a pillared courtyard arcade one of the four cloisters that give the museum its name sweet with the scent of narcissus and oleander, this was one of the most romantic places Id ever seen, and it grew more romantic when snow began to fall into the courtyard and over the Hudson below.
  13. placelessness
  14. postminimalism
    • 2007 December 21, The New York Times, “Museum and Gallery Listings”, New York Times:
      They reveal this influential artists debt to the subcategory of Conceptualism called Story Art, one of the few pockets of 1970s postminimalism that has not yet been colonized by the present.
  15. restagings
    • 2007 December 21, Jennifer Dunning, “Ailey Family Celebrates One of Its Own”, New York Times:
      But most of all the evening was a celebration of Mr. Chayas work, including his restagings of Ulysses Doves Episodes and Aileys Flowers and his shepherding of several generations through the Ailey classic Revelations.
  16. rodentologist
  17. santoor
    • 2007 December 21, The New York Times, “Jazz Listings”, New York Times:
      AMIR ELSAFFAR (Wednesday) Mr. ElSaffar plays both the trumpet and the santoor, a hammered dulcimer, and sings in the Iraqi Maqam tradition.
  18. scaffoldings
    • 2007 December 21, The New York Times, “Museum and Gallery Listings”, New York Times:
      They resemble transparent scaffoldings partially draped with often hallucinatory nets of lines, gouges, hatching and cross-hatching that somehow also depict varying degrees of flesh, features and expression.
  19. sensualism
    • 2007 December 21, The New York Times, “Movie Guide and Film Series”, New York Times:
      It is also a celebration of French sensualism and an examination of the nature of consciousness.
  20. shedlike
    • 2007 December 21, The New York Times, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      In a way the most revealing part of the work may be a small barren shedlike office behind all the fulmination.
  21. smilier
    • 2007 December 21, The New York Times, “Pop and Rock Listings”, New York Times:
      (For the childless: Imagine a younger, smilier Hilary Duff .)
  22. uncontroverted
    • 2007 December 21, Thomas Kaplan, “Bid for Home as Synagogue Meets Hurdle in Connecticut”, New York Times:
      The decision completely ignores the rabbis uncontroverted testimony that this facility was the minimum necessary to carry out the religious mission of Chabad, Dwight Merriam, a lawyer for the organization, said after the vote.
  23. unredacted
  24. unwinking
    • 2007 December 21, The New York Times, “Movie Guide and Film Series”, New York Times:
      But for a satisfying stretch, it works real magic both by sending up stereotypes and through the twinkling, unwinking performance of its superb star, Amy Adams .
  25. voyeuristically
    • 2007 December 21, Michiko Kakutani, “M Is for the Mania, Manipulation and Magic”, New York Times:
      According to Ms. Sonnenberg, her mother told her about orgasms when she was 8, and years later would quiz her voyeuristically about the sexual details of her relationships with boyfriends.
  26. yearslong
    • 2007 December 21, Harvey Araton, “There Is No Rewriting Baseballs Stained History”, New York Times:
      To the contrary, the Mitchell report demands accountability from the industry at large and finally hangs culpability on the commissioner and the players union chief, Donald Fehr , all the way down to the most drug-free players who refused to challenge their leadership during a yearslong imprisonment on the wrong side of the testing debate.


  1. crot: nonce wordplay