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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-12-22 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-26).

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  1. butyrolactone
    • 2007 December 22, Michael S. Schmidt, “Fernandez and Rose Jr. Are Linked to Radomski”, New York Times:
      Novitzky noted that Rose had recently pleaded guilty to federal charges of distributing gamma butyrolactone, or GBL, a drug sometimes sold as a steroid adjunct, to minor league players.
  2. cakelike
  3. choirmates
    • 2007 December 22, Anthony Tommasini, “Pair of Meditations, Mystical and Rambunctious”, New York Times:
      The angelic voices of the young trebles blended perfectly with the richer voices of older altos, some of whom were almost twice as tall as their youngest choirmates.
  4. deca *
    • 2007 December 22, Amy Schoenfeld, “Everyday Items, Complex Chemistry”, New York Times:
      The company is planning to phase out brominated flame retardants in the plastics of its products by 2009, including one known as deca that is restricted only in Sweden, Maine and Washington.
  5. dronelike
    • 2007 December 22, Anthony Tommasini, “Pair of Meditations, Mystical and Rambunctious”, New York Times:
      Each meditation teems with thick, piercingly dissonant and glorious cluster chords, as well as elusive spans of elegiac melody, dronelike repetitions of motifs and tangles of counterpoint. Mr. Scott gave a commanding account of this arduous work.
  6. imperio *
    • 2007 December 22, Marc Lacey, “Cuban Refinery Inaugurated, With Chvez in Spotlight”, New York Times:
      He would burst onto the scene at the regional petroleum summit meeting held Friday in this town on Cubas southern coast, hug his comrade in arms, President Hugo Chvez of Venezuela, and speak if in a halting voice of his countrys economic independence from the imperio, as he calls his longtime adversary to the north.
  7. neuroradiologist
  8. resculpturing
  9. semana *
    • 2007 December 22, Kate Murphy, “A Brisk Business in Selling Hope by the Wick”, New York Times:
      The candles also known as prayer, novena and semana candles burn year round in many households but are especially popular near the holidays.
  10. semistaged
    • 2007 December 22, Daniel J. Wakin, “Makeover Scrambles City Opera Schedule”, New York Times:
      Each work will be given three to five performances, in a concert version if at Carnegie Hall, and semistaged if at the Beacon, Mr. Mortier said.
  11. starchitects
    • 2007 December 22, “Celebrity Architects”, New York Times:
      In my book, I applaud the fanciful (even extravagant) designs of the former group of starchitects.
  12. starchitecture
    • 2007 December 22, “Celebrity Architects”, New York Times:
      In describing starchitecture, Let the Starchitects Work All the Angles (Week in Review, Dec. 16) conflates two distinct groups of celebrity architects.
  13. treestand
    • 2007 December 22, Scott Bowen, “Hunting Expands. So Does Camouflage. Can You See a Pattern Here?”, New York Times:
      If youre in a treestand, you need to think specifically about what kind of tree youre hunting from, so you can match the camo correctly, said Burch, a 30-year-old iron worker, who grew up hunting the Missouri woods near the town of Montrose, where he now lives.