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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-01-02 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-03).

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  1. confrontationally
    • 2008 January 2, Kelefa Sanneh, “Rock Is Back. Give Him a Cookie.”, New York Times:
      Where once he held forth conspiratorially, flattering fans by sharing taboo insights with them, now he is more likely to hold forth confrontationally, as a way (perhaps) to acknowledge the Michael Scotts in the crowd.
  2. consumptions
    • 2008 January 2, Jared Diamond, “What’s Your Consumption Factor?”, New York Times:
      What really matters is total world consumption, the sum of all local consumptions, which is the product of local population times the local per capita consumption rate.
  3. domaine *
    • 2008 January 2, Michael S. Sanders, “Out of the Barn and Into the Snifter”, New York Times:
      The family brand — Bas Armagnac Francis Darroze — is at the top; below is the name of the domaine of origin and vintage.
  4. domaines
    • 2008 January 2, Michael S. Sanders, “Out of the Barn and Into the Snifter”, New York Times:
      They sell the products of 30 different small domaines, as the farmsteads are called in Gascony, with 35 vintages from 1904 to 1996, an accomplishment that led the wine writer Robert M. Parker Jr. to call Francis Darroze “the pope of Armagnac.”
  5. guitaristic
    • 2008 January 2, Allan Kozinn, “Guitar x Four = Flexible Sound to Fill a Hall”, New York Times:
      Rossini’s themes remain resolutely Italianate, for the most part, but every now and then a decidedly guitaristic effect offered a reminder that the work takes place in Seville.
  6. malva *
    • 2008 January 2, Florence Fabricant, “Off the Menu”, New York Times:
      At clusters of tables divided by a screen of slender tree trunks, small dishes include smoked snoek pâté, a couple of South African meat stews, fried meat turnovers called vetkoek and desserts like malva pudding, a yellow cake made with apricot jam that visitors to South Africa will recognize: 365 West 51st Street, (212) 541-9241.
  7. moviedom
  8. nonrepresentative
    • 2008 January 2, Jodi Kantor, “Caucuses Empower Only Some Iowans”, New York Times:
      But “just as nonrepresentative as Iowa is of the country, Iowa caucusgoers are nonrepresentative of Iowa as a whole,” said Samuel Issacharoff, who teaches election law at New York University .
  9. nonrookies
  10. nonsecurity
    • 2008 January 2, Katherine Zoepf, “Saudis Confirm Detention of Blogger”, New York Times:
      Gen. Mansour al-Turki, an Interior Ministry spokesman reached by telephone, said the blogger, Fouad al-Farhan, was “being questioned about specific violations of nonsecurity laws.” Mr. Farhan’s blog, which discusses social issues, had become one of the most widely read in Saudi Arabia.
  11. overinvesting
    • 2008 January 2, Floyd Norris, “Customers, Not Brokers, Profited in an Odd 2007”, New York Times:
      They vanished into mergers with what had been smaller rivals that did not make the mistakes of earlier eras — notably lending to Latin American countries and overinvesting in commercial real estate.
  12. parachuter *
    • 2008 January 2, Susan Saulny, “F.B.I. Brings a Fresh Set of Eyes to a ’71 Plane Hijacking Mystery”, New York Times:
      But now, with the advantage of technologies that were not available decades ago and with newfound attention from an agent on the West Coast, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has announced that the cold case is officially hot again — and the search is on for the parachuter who called himself Dan, and sometimes, D. B. Cooper.
  13. payloader
  14. pernil *
    • 2008 January 2, Mark Bittman, “Let the Oven Do All the Work”, New York Times:
      IF you buy a big pork shoulder and take your time, as you should, the classic Puerto Rican pork roast called pernil can take you nearly all day.
  15. pinotage
    • 2008 January 2, Florence Fabricant, “Off the Menu”, New York Times:
      Brett Curtin, a South African, and his partner, Tanya Hira, who is Indian, included wines like pinotage, a sturdy red that is a signature of South Africa; a well-made blend of cabernet sauvignon and shiraz by Clos Malverne; and the famous sweet wine of Klein Constantia.
  16. prebuilt
  17. queenish
  18. rasgueado *
    • 2008 January 2, Allan Kozinn, “Guitar x Four = Flexible Sound to Fill a Hall”, New York Times:
      For the pairs of the grand orchestral chords that open the work, the quartet played the first with plucked solidity and the second with a rolled strum that evoked the rasgueado playing of the flamenco guitar.
  19. verjus
    • 2008 January 2, Florence Fabricant, “Calendar”, New York Times:
      His menu includes dishes like candied raspberry with wasabi and verjus, ceviche of razor clams and sea urchin, and foie gras custard.


  1. surpress
    • 2008 January 2, David D. Kirkpatrick, “Huckabee and Consultant Form an Uneasy Alliance”, New York Times:
      They were an unlikely match from the start: Mr. Huckabee was a Southern Baptist pastor before he became governor of Arkansas, Mr. Rollins is a cheerfully profane operative who once said he had bribed African-American ministers to surpress black voting.