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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-01-16 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-03).

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  1. confectioneries
  2. guanciale *
    • 2008 January 16, “Recipe: Pasta alla Gricia”, New York Times:
      Meanwhile, place a 12-inch skillet over medium heat, add olive oil, onion and guanciale.
  3. mezzemani
  4. nebbiolo *
    • 2008 January 16, Eric Asimov, “A Fine Day for Giants and Barolos”, New York Times:
      It is made entirely from the nebbiolo grape, which flourishes almost exclusively in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy.
  5. nonnegligent
    • 2008 January 16, “When Veterans Fight the War Within”, New York Times:
      There have been more than 90,000 murders and nonnegligent homicides in this country since 9/11 and the onset of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  6. nonobsessives
  7. overbeat
    • 2008 January 16, “Recipe: Whole-Grain Pancakes”, New York Times:
      Beat egg whites with an electric mixer or a whisk until stiff peaks form, but do not overbeat.
  8. overmix
    • 2008 January 16, “Recipe: Whole-Grain Pancakes”, New York Times:
      Add milk mixture to flour mixture and give a couple of good stirs, but do not overmix.
  9. peperoncino *
    • 2008 January 16, Florence Fabricant, “The Meat of the Matter in a Pasta Debate”, New York Times:
      A tip from Fred Plotkin, a food writer and expert on Italy, led us to the restaurant Albergo La Conca, where the owner, Roberto Antinori, explained that a first-rate rendition of the dish required only guanciale, tomatoes, thick spaghetti (not bucatini, which he said comes from Rome), lavish amounts of grated aged local pecorino cheese (a sharp, salty sheep’s cheese), plus pinches of chili or peperoncino.
  10. preassembly
    • 2008 January 16, Jeff Bailey, “More Delays Expected for Boeing’s Dreamliner”, New York Times:
      Boeing sent its own workers out to suppliers around the world, hoping to speed things up, then bypassed some of the preassembly process and simply had suppliers ship their work in pieces to Boeing.
  11. puckery
  12. reforwarded
  13. stanozolol
  14. truffly
    • 2008 January 16, Eric Asimov, “A Fine Day for Giants and Barolos”, New York Times:
      A firm Aldo Conterno Colonnello showed flavors of licorice and tar, with the mushroom aroma turning truffly.
  15. undertaxed
    • 2008 January 16, “New Jersey Toll Increase”, New York Times:
      Finally, the corporations, which would have to pay for much of the toll increase, are undertaxed, so it makes more sense to tax them indirectly than to add directly to the tax burden of New Jersey’s overtaxed residents.
  16. unhurriedness
    • 2008 January 16, Bernard Holland, “A Pianist Plays Middleman for Two Composers Who Spoke in Different Voices”, New York Times:
      Many, though not all, the finales Schubert wrote for his piano sonatas prefer to roam and amble rather than explode with excitement. Mr. Lupu was very good at catching the patient unhurriedness of this particular example and seemed deeply touched by its quiet goodbye.