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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-01-17 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-03).

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  1. chronography
    • 2008 January 17, John Eligon, “Clocks of Brooklyn Building Are Ticking, and in Sync”, New York Times:
      As Mr. Krukis’s BlackBerry — yes, his personal hand-held device was the marker of time for the decades-old clock tower — struck noon, he and Mr. Vinokur flipped the switch of a circuit breaker, and a new era in chronography was greeted by the soft buzz of four 10-volt motors.
  2. cultishly
  3. desalivate
  4. embattlement
    • 2008 January 17, Gary Rivlin, “When 3rd Place on the Rich List Just Isn’t Enough”, New York Times:
      Certainly people in Las Vegas know Mr. Adelson, a querulous figure who has existed in a near-constant state of embattlement since building the Venetian in the late 1990s.
  5. garretlike
    • 2008 January 17, Motoko Rich, “How a Japanese Empress Inspired an American Literary Prince”, New York Times:
      “There is something about getting exposed publicly before you know who you are,” the still-boyish-looking Mr. Schwartz, now 42, said recently, sitting in his garretlike study at the top of a brick town house in Brooklyn.
  6. nonreservation
    • 2008 January 17, “Good Decision on Tribal Casinos”, New York Times:
      This, Mr. Kempthorne, who has long been opposed to Indian casinos on nonreservation lands, refused to do.
  7. ostentations
    • 2008 January 17, Guy Trebay, “Putting a Guy in His Place”, New York Times:
      Yet it would be a lot more credible and refreshing than a Gucci collection that seemed like a momentary pause on a style loop that included, as it often does, other rock-inspired designers like Ennio Capasa at Costume National (Pete Doherty still holds sway at this label), or Roberto Cavalli, whose surprisingly subdued show of suits with peaked shoulders, nipped waists and wide-leg trousers also included his more signature ostentations, like outerwear made of snakeskin or patterned to look like leopard or giraffe or even (this closed the show) a PETA -defiant coat that resembled the pelt of King Kong.
  8. pakarana
  9. postapproval
    • 2008 January 17, Alex Berenson, “New Questions on Treating Cholesterol”, New York Times:
      In those cases, the postapproval trials confirmed that the drugs reduce heart attacks and strokes, adding to confidence about the link between cholesterol and heart disease.
  10. reoperation
    • 2008 January 17, Natasha Singer, “Do My Breast Implants Have a Warranty?”, New York Times:
      But with such high rates of reoperation, a new debate is emerging over whether breast implants constitute the kind of annuity medicine that will entail regular surgical tuneups, exposing patients to increased medical risk and out-of-pocket expenses.
  11. soldout
  12. swaggeringly
  13. tenorial
    • 2008 January 17, Bernard Holland, “For Schubert, a Sad Tale Was the Best for Winter”, New York Times:
      One of the side benefits of a tenorial “Winterreise” is that it lifts the piano from gloomy downward transpositions and brightens its colors, or should.
  14. ultraorthodox
    • 2008 January 17, Amy Virshup, “Newly Released”, New York Times:
      Meanwhile the Schapens have bred a “perfect red” heifer that is attracting attention from an ultraorthodox Jewish group intent on rebuilding the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.
  15. ultraportables