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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-01-30 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-03).

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  1. bigeye
  2. cocido *
    • 2008 January 30, Elaine Louie, “One Pot”, New York Times:
      Although cocido takes three hours to make — most of the time it’s just bubbling gently on top of the stove — it has the charm of releasing its aromas quickly, so that you have an early hint of what the dish is going to smell and taste like.
  3. divestments
    • 2008 January 30, Anthony Ramirez, “Hotel Where Dodgers Celebrated a Title Is Up for Sale”, New York Times:
      The building’s sale is the latest in a series of real estate divestments by the society that began, in part, to take advantage of the thriving real estate market in New York City.
  4. elaborator
  5. grapenut
  6. hotbloodedness
  7. kanpachi
    • 2008 January 30, Nick Fox, “Taking Worry Off the Plate”, New York Times:
      Another popular sushi selection for which there is no mercury data is yellowtail, often sold as hamachi or kanpachi.
  8. kulfi
    • 2008 January 30, Abby Goodnough, “Special Flavor: The Big Rhubarb”, New York Times:
      A Harvard professor from India helped concoct a flavor called kulfi, with cardamom and pistachios, based on a South Asian dessert.
  9. lacinato
    • 2008 January 30, Alex Witchel, “A Celebration Unto Itself”, New York Times:
      According to the menu, here’s what he had: slow-roasted Arctic char, ancho-shallot butter, delicata squash purée, braised lacinato kale and pumpkin seed coulis.
  10. leatherwork
  11. minilab
    • 2008 January 30, Dennis Hevesi, “Henry Froehlich, Pioneer in Japanese Camera Imports, Is Dead at 85”, New York Times:
      As Mr. Rose explained: “Henry took products that existed and, together with his partners, Jan Lederman and Ray Vitiello, packaged these matched components — a projector, a transfer lens system, a video camera and a videotape recorder — so that all the lab or minilab had to do was load a reel of 8-millimeter film, push a button, and it would transfer from film to videotape.”
  12. nonart
    • 2008 January 30, Randy Kennedy, “Learning to Mix Business With Art”, New York Times:
      The 10 curators — several from New York, but others from around the country and one from London — had taken two weeks off from thinking about art to think instead about the nonart subjects that increasingly dominate the time of their bosses, the museum directors: attendance, donations, construction, endowments, media attention, governmental support, budgets and more budgets.
  13. reservationist
    • 2008 January 30, Alex Witchel, “A Celebration Unto Itself”, New York Times:
      “Is this a special occasion?” the reservationist asked.
  14. semistaged
  15. serrano *
    • 2008 January 30, “Recipe: Cocido”, New York Times:
      1 small smoked ham hock, about 6 ounces, or a 2-ounce piece of serrano ham or 2-ounce prosciutto end
  16. spira *
    • 2008 January 30, Allan Kozinn, “Inhabiting the Spirits of Songs, While Letting Them Speak for Themselves”, New York Times:
      But unquestionably the high point of the recital was the pair of Handel arias — “Cara sposa, amante cara,” from “Rinaldo,” and “Furibondo spira il vento,” from “Partenope” — after intermission. Mr. Daniels inhabited the pieces, singing with a rich tone, fiery emotional drive and a commanding sense of drama.
  17. tilefish
    • 2008 January 30, Nick Fox, “Taking Worry Off the Plate”, New York Times:
      The federal Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency advise women and children to avoid king mackerel, shark, swordfish and tilefish, and limit their consumption of some tuna.
  18. unpledged
    • 2008 January 30, David Kocieniewski, “For a Change, New Jersey’s Primary Is at the Storm’s Center”, New York Times:
      In addition, 23 at-large delegates will be elected by the state party committee in April in proportion to the primary outcome; then there are 14 party leaders, 18 superdelegates and 2 unpledged delegates who will go to the national convention in Denver this summer.
  19. vive *