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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-02-04 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-03).

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  1. crescendoed
    • 2008 February 4, Richard Sandomir, “Take the Game, Leave the ‘Idol’”, New York Times:
      Fox showed the right storytelling touch as the game crescendoed with the Giants ahead for good.
  2. electrifyingly
    • 2008 February 4, Allan Kozinn, “Drama in Stories Written in Sounds”, New York Times:
      The most vital works were Nico Muhly’s post-Minimalist “Stride” (2006) and excerpts from Jefferson Friedman’s brash, insistent String Quartets Nos. 2 and 3 (1999 and 2005), played electrifyingly by the American Contemporary Music Ensemble.
  3. hyperenthusiastic
    • 2008 February 4, Jon Pareles, “The Stubborn Voice of a Troubadour”, New York Times:
      The hyperenthusiastic audience allowed onto the field, in brightly colored shirts that may well have been art-directed, swayed emphatically to ballads and bounced vigorously through the upbeat songs.
  4. loopholed
    • 2008 February 4, “Partying On”, New York Times:
      But as newly loopholed by the committee, the rules will only ban a single lawmaker from being so honored.
  5. moonroof
  6. multihour
    • 2008 February 4, Richard Sandomir, “Take the Game, Leave the ‘Idol’”, New York Times:
      No network can get a multihour pregame show right, and Fox didn’t, thanks to turning it into an “American Idol” promotion with Seacrest as a co-host at the red carpet and Paula Abdul in a taped performance.
  7. netherlands
    • 2008 February 4, Mike Hale, “Crossroads of a Million Private Lives”, New York Times:
      The film, which was written and produced by Michael Epstein and has its premiere on most PBS stations on Monday night, is at its best when it sticks to its primary concerns of commerce and technology (rather than aesthetics), beginning with Cornelius Vanderbilt’s construction of the original Grand Central Depot on 23 acres in what was, in the 1870s, a squalid industrial zone in the netherlands of Manhattan.
  8. nonstars
    • 2008 February 4, Thayer Evans, “Change of Teams Changes Everything for Hixon”, New York Times:
      He has willingly answered countless questions from reporters about his collision with Everett and has been one of the Giants’ most interviewed nonstars.
  9. outslugging
    • 2008 February 4, Lynn Zinser, “Rangers Rally After Trailing by 3”, New York Times:
      They did it by outslugging Montreal (28-16-9), which had won 8 of its previous 10 and was beginning to threaten the Ottawa Senators as the Eastern Conference’s top team.
  10. panpipe
    • 2008 February 4, Susan Dominus, “Safety Messages That Sound Like Silence”, New York Times:
      It’s just that with the beat-driven Muzak emanating from some unidentifiable source, the rumble of distant trains, the clatter of rolling luggage and a live Peruvian panpipe version of Air Supply’s “Without You” all mingling at high volume, the listener had to strain to hear Mr. Roker’s voice, which sounds, it turns out, as if it’s being transmitted via walkie-talkie.
  11. rinkwide
  12. rushless
    • 2008 February 4, Harvey Araton, “Extreme Makeover, Champions Edition”, New York Times:
      Thus was the transformation of the Giants as a rushless, winless early-season disaster in the making on the way to completion Sunday evening.
  13. unabating
  14. unmemorably
  15. vaginosis
    • 2008 February 4, Lawrence K. Altman, “Male Circumcision No Aid to Women in Study”, New York Times:
      Rates of condom use, vaginosis (a bacterial vaginal infection), vaginal discharge , painful urination and infection of the genital-urinary tract were about the same among women in each group.


  1. vasoline
    • 2008 February 4, Noam Cohen, “Is Obama a Mac and Clinton a PC?”, New York Times:
      He said there was a bit of the “Lifetime channel effect, you know, vasoline on the lens” to create a softer effect on the viewer.