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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-02-08 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-03).

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  1. anoxemia
  2. artscape
    • 2008 February 8, Ken Johnson, “A Portrait of the Artist, in Bits and Pieces”, New York Times:
      Coming at a time when monsters of ambition like Julian Schnabel , Anselm Kiefer and Jeff Koons roamed the artscape, Ms. Bloom’s construction nicely skewered the cult of genius, the triumph of moneyed taste and the vanity of the excessively privileged.
  3. catapultlike
    • 2008 February 8, Roberta Smith, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      Rumor once had it that Larry Poons used a catapultlike device to hurl paint onto upright canvases.
  4. chalkboardlike
    • 2008 February 8, Roberta Smith, “Jasper Johns Shows His True Color”, New York Times:
      It ranges from Mr. Johns’s earliest chalkboardlike gray paintings of the late 1950s, with their morose, isolated objects, to his latest “Catenary” paintings, which actually depict chalkboards hung with fragile curves of white string that, some suggest, represent the human life span.
  5. factorylike
    • 2008 February 8, Karen Rosenberg, “Shadow Journey to the East on Rawhide Wings”, New York Times:
      As China modernizes at breakneck speed, emphasizing the factorylike production of contemporary artists, the tradition of Shaanxi shadow theater is on the wane.
  6. gearwork
    • 2008 February 8, John Schwartz, “Taking People Power to a New Level”, New York Times:
      Instead, the gearwork disengages at the beginning of the step and re-engages as the leg swings back from a stride.
  7. laye
    • 2008 February 8, William Grimes, “The Tenant Who Wrote ‘Macbeth’”, New York Times:
      To the maidservant formerly employed at his lodgings, he was “one Mr Shakespeare that laye in the house.”
  8. maraging
  9. midcalf
    • 2008 February 8, Eric Wilson, “Restraint That No One Will Find Stifling”, New York Times:
      Some of the most subtle examples of the conservative look came from Phillip Lim, a designer whose collection is less expensive than most runway fare and quite often is more refined. Mr. Lim showed dresses and skirts in plain gray wool or denim that came down to the midcalf, a length not popular since the Eisenhower era, and he managed to make them look respectably chic.
  10. mumsy
    • 2008 February 8, Eric Wilson, “Restraint That No One Will Find Stifling”, New York Times:
      Fashion’s mood of enforced sobriety is understandable in the context of difficult political and economic times, but it has resulted in a lot of safe, and frankly mumsy, clothes being shown this week.
  11. nonlottery
    • 2008 February 8, Howard Beck, “Having No Order on the Court With No True Point Guard”, New York Times:
      The best playmaking point guards are regarded as lower (nonlottery) first-round picks: Ty Lawson of North Carolina, Darren Collison of U.C.L.A. and Jeremy Pargo of Gonzaga.
  12. nonrisk
  13. plumelike
    • 2008 February 8, William Grimes, “The Tenant Who Wrote ‘Macbeth’”, New York Times:
      Christopher and Marie Mountjoy, French immigrants who made the plumelike fashion accessories known as head tires, looked forward to the marriage of their daughter, Mary, to their apprentice, Stephen Belott.
  14. raccoonlike
    • 2008 February 8, Andy Newman, “Abused Girl Was Dead for Seven Hours Before 911 Call, Doctor Testifies”, New York Times:
      Dr. Sampson also said that Nixzmary’s two black eyes — huge raccoonlike circles surrounding the whole eye socket, photographs of which were shown to a tearful jury again on Thursday — were inflicted in the last few days of her life. Mr. Schwartz, noting that Ms. Santiago told investigators that Nixzmary sustained at least one black eye in late November when she fell after Ms. Santiago pushed her, has said that the black eyes shown in the photograph long predated Nixzmary’s death.
  15. sneakered
    • 2008 February 8, Susan Dominus, “A New York Fashion Icon, and Yet a Man of Mystery”, New York Times:
      Red lipsticked, smelling strongly of talc, showing off a swollen, sneakered foot, she proclaimed herself “the queen of fashion, and Mr. Boiz the prince.” Ms. Ponzo is occasionally found in the first row of designer’s shows, and Mr. Boiz usually finds his way to a good seat, despite a lack of any firm credentials other than appearances in style columns and blogs.
  16. snowcat
    • 2008 February 8, Nick Kaye, “Revelstoke Mountain Resort and the Residences at Red Mountain”, New York Times:
      There are currently 1,500-plus lift-served acres of terrain as high as 8,073 feet at the resort — as well as 500,000 acres accessible by helicopter and 6,000 by snowcat — and next year another 1,000 acres reachable by lifts are planned to open up.
  17. tanklike
    • 2008 February 8, Colin Moynihan, “Reporter Sans Portfolio Is a de Facto East Village News Bureau”, New York Times:
      In 1995, when the police assembled on East 13th Street early one morning to evict squatters, Mr. Penley was quickly on the scene, and his photographs of a tanklike armored police vehicle rolling down the street appeared in several newspapers, he said.
  18. thornlike
    • 2008 February 8, Karen Rosenberg, “Shadow Journey to the East on Rawhide Wings”, New York Times:
      A figure described as a Rich and Lively Female wears thornlike head ornaments and a gown covered with snowflakes and peonies.
  19. thundersticks
    • 2008 February 8, The New York Times, “Classical Music/Opera Listings”, New York Times:
      Called “James Tenney and Milton Babbitt : American Iconoclasts,” the mini-festival begins on Saturday with a work by Mr. Tenney, who died in 2006, on a program including pieces by Larry Polansky, Michael Byron and Henry Cowell (the 1925 “Ensemble” for string quartet and thundersticks). Mr. Babbitt is honored on Sunday with a program that includes, among other works, a premiere by Christopher Buchenholz.
  20. transshipments
  21. upscaling
    • 2008 February 8, David S. Joachim, “Face-Lift at the Garden Taps Corporate Money”, New York Times:
      Marc Ganis, the president of SportsCorp, a sports business consulting firm, said the changes were part of the upscaling of live sports, a trend that started 20 years ago and shows no signs of abating.
  22. winterlong
    • 2008 February 8, Joanne Kaufman, “Checking In for the Long Haul”, New York Times:
      David and Deena Fishman in the Palm Courtyard of their winterlong vacation haunt, the Breakers in Palm Beach, Fla.