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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-02-09 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-03).

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  1. antiflu
    • 2008 February 9, Donald G. Mcneil Jr., “Resistance to Flu Drug”, New York Times:
      Almost 5 percent of the flu samples tested in the United States this season were resistant to the antiflu drug Tamiflu, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.
  2. aspiringly
    • 2008 February 9, Ben Brantley, “An Indomitable Diva Played by, Well, an ...”, New York Times:
      Though some of Mankiewicz’s stiletto-tipped zingers were retained, Comden and Green threw in a number of softer, matinee-crowd jokes. Mr. Strouse’s melodies were inflected with a perishable disco beat, and Lee Adams’s lyrics were littered with aspiringly groovy slang.
  3. collegium
    • 2008 February 9, Stephen Holden, Vivien Scweitzer And Joe Henry, “Music in Review”, New York Times:
      In any case, the collegium will continue next season, Jean-Hugues Monier, the president of the board, said in a brief interview at intermission.
  4. concertante *
    • 2008 February 9, Alastair Macaulay, “A Program in Four Parts, With One a Farewell”, New York Times:
      The score, Tchaikovsky ’s Variations on a Rococo Theme (1876), a concertante construction for cello and full orchestra, suggests many choreographic models, notably by Balanchine, who specialized in Tchaikovsky and theme-and-variations scores.
  5. fansite
    • 2008 February 9, Joe Nocera, “A Tight Grip Can Choke Creativity”, New York Times:
      It planned to publish a book by Steven Vander Ark, who maintains a fansite called the Harry Potter Lexicon.
  6. hoteling
  7. leadenly
  8. lightwaves
    • 2008 February 9, Andrew Pollack, “Working by Eavesdropping on DNA Doing Its Work”, New York Times:
      The doors contain a metal mesh with holes too small to let microwaves escape, but large enough to let lightwaves pass through — which is why you can watch that tray of frozen lasagna as it turns into a hot entree.
  9. macronization
  10. multitrunked
    • 2008 February 9, Paula Deitz, “Together at Last: 2 Paintings in a Frame”, New York Times:
      Taking his subject from Book 10 of Ovid’s “Metamorphoses,” Poussin shows the young hunter Adonis sinking into the voluptuous embrace of Venus among frolicking putti under a multitrunked tree.
  11. unadornedly
    • 2008 February 9, Claudia La Rocco, “Moving in the Round With the Master of High Silliness”, New York Times:
      In this “O, O,” as in many French encounters with Judson-era artists and precepts, there exists a dissonance-causing artifice; the seven new performers do not always seem as unadornedly present as their American peers were.
  12. unpledged
    • 2008 February 9, “On the G.O.P. Side, a Clearer Picture”, New York Times:
      I was looking at the number of delegates that each Democratic candidate has at this point, and I was struck by the concept of the unpledged “superdelegate.”
  13. vallhund
  14. womanless
    • 2008 February 9, Fred Ferretti, “A Rat in the Kitchen”, New York Times:
      In this womanless society, these workers ate a food of survival; unfamiliar ingredients were cooked in rudimentary Chinese fashion.