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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-02-11 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-03).

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  1. atonalisms
    • 2008 February 11, James R. Oestreich, “Keeping a Faun, a Scamp and a Firebird in Line”, New York Times:
      The finale, called Alleluia (perhaps with a nod to Rachmaninoff’s “Symphonic Dances”), leaves the disjunct tunes and occasional atonalisms of the earlier movements behind in a prairie-style hymn.
  2. campesinos *
    • 2008 February 11, Eduardo Porter, “Nafta Is a Sweet Deal, So Why Are They So Sour?”, New York Times:
      This shared outrage underscores how egalitarian free trade is: undermining inefficient producers who survive behind protective barriers, be they fabulously wealthy sugar producers in Florida or campesinos on tiny plots in Michoacán.
  3. dehumanizingly
    • 2008 February 11, Janet Maslin, “As the Tides Turned: Hollywood in 1967 Through the Lens of Five Films”, New York Times:
      Racial politics, for instance, plays a huge part in this story, thanks to the illustrative presence of Sidney Poitier , the only bankable black actor of his time and a man much criticized for sticking to dehumanizingly righteous roles. Mr. Poitier figured in three out of the five best picture nominees.
  4. dishdashis
    • 2008 February 11, Tamar Lewin, “In Oil-Rich Mideast, Shades of the Ivy League”, New York Times:
      Qataris, Bangladeshis, Syrians, Indians, Egyptians — in saris, in suits, in dishdashis, in jeans — came to hear what it takes to win admission to one of the five American universities that offer degrees at Education City, a 2,500-acre campus on the outskirts of Doha where oil and gas money pays for everything from adventurous architecture to professors’ salaries.
  5. falsecarded
    • 2008 February 11, Phillip Alder, “West Gets a Workout in the Deductive Arts”, New York Times:
      Note that if South had falsecarded with his spade eight at Trick 2, West might well have played his partner for A-Q-x-4-3 of spades, because if South had started with Q-8-2, he would have put up his queen at the second trick.
  6. interclub
    • 2008 February 11, Phillip Alder, “West Gets a Workout in the Deductive Arts”, New York Times:
      The diagramed deal caused considerable comment when it was played in the first session of the Egyptian Premier League interclub team final between El-Ahly and Wadi Degla on Jan. 31.
  7. magpielike
    • 2008 February 11, Alastair Macaulay, “Restoring Luster to Two 20th-Century Dance Legends”, New York Times:
      Since Robbins was good at watching a range of other choreographers’ work, we can’t help guessing he saw Limón’s dance and, magpielike, stored it up for further use.
  8. maraviroc
    • 2008 February 11, Lawrence K. Altman, “Scientists Find New Receptor for H.I.V.”, New York Times:
      For example, last year the Food and Drug Administration approved for AIDS treatment a Pfizer drug, Selzentry or maraviroc, which works by blocking CCR5.
  9. nonpoints
    • 2008 February 11, The Associated Press, “Johnson Edges Waltrip to Win Daytona 500 Pole”, New York Times:
      DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Jimmie Johnson, last year’s Nascar Cup champion, won his second Daytona 500 pole Sunday, less than 24 hours after his new Hendrick Motorsports teammate, Dale Earnhardt Jr. , took the checkered flag in the nonpoints Budweiser Shootout.
  10. poing *
    • 2008 February 11, James R. Oestreich, “Keeping a Faun, a Scamp and a Firebird in Line”, New York Times:
      That poing was more pervasive in the slow movement, Strolling Melody-Smooth/Bumpy, than in the cascading marimba figures of the first two movements.
  11. postqualifying
    • 2008 February 11, The Associated Press, “Johnson Edges Waltrip to Win Daytona 500 Pole”, New York Times:
      Michael Waltrip , embarrassed last year at Daytona when his new Toyota team was caught in the postqualifying inspection using an illegal fuel additive, also had a great run Sunday, taking the outside pole.
  12. promethazine
  13. reconversion
  14. schlockmeister
    • 2008 February 11, Dave Kehr, “Roy Scheider, Actor in ‘Jaws,’ Dies at 75”, New York Times:
      While continuing to work onstage, he made his movie debut in “The Curse of the Living Corpse” (1964), a low-budget horror film by the prolific schlockmeister Del Tenney.
  15. semidesert
    • 2008 February 11, Lydia Polgreen, “Attacks Pushing Darfur Refugees Into Chad”, New York Times:
      The attacks throw a region sundered by conflict into still deeper chaos as a volatile mix of rebels, government forces and ethnic militias jockey to control a vast and unforgiving stretch of semidesert that straddles the two troubled countries.
  16. stockholdings
    • 2008 February 11, Lynnley Browning, “U.S. Wonders if Stock Deal Is Tax Abuse”, New York Times:
      A strategy that corporate executives routinely use to turn their stockholdings into cash while delaying payment of taxes is coming under increased scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service .
  17. stonelike
    • 2008 February 11, Dennis Hevesi, “John Alvin, Designer of Memorable Film Posters, Is Dead at 59”, New York Times:
      For the 1974 horror spoof “Young Frankenstein,” Mr. Alvin painted looming stonelike title letters rising from a castle that is superimposed over a full moon, with a crazed Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle as the Frankenstein monster tipping his top hat.


  1. seguing