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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-02-16 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-03).

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  1. antivalentine
  2. asu *
    • 2008 February 16, James Prosek, “River of Danger, River of Peace”, New York Times:
      There is the spotted bass, the asu (which grows the biggest and has perch-like vertical bands), and the butterfly bass, which has three to four markings along its sides that look like Chinese characters.
  3. automatonlike
  4. coatly
  5. countertheory
    • 2008 February 16, Stephanie Saul, “Conflict on the Menu”, New York Times:
      There is a countertheory, however, set forth by Dr. David B. Allison, the incoming president of the Obesity Society, a leading organization of obesity doctors and scientists.
  6. counterwave
  7. ecoanxiety
  8. ecopsychology
    • 2008 February 16, Gabrielle Glaser, “Anxious About Earth’s Troubles? There’s Treatment”, New York Times:
      Since she took Dr. Doherty’s ecopsychology class last fall, Angeline Tiamson, a graduate student earning a master’s degree in counseling at Lewis & Clark, has embarked on a new way of thinking.
  9. ecotherapists
  10. evictees
    • 2008 February 16, Dan Bilefsky, “As Kosovo Rebuilds, U.N. Hurries to Return Property”, New York Times:
      Things can get especially tense, he said, when the evictees are former soldiers of the Kosovo Liberation Army , the separatist guerrilla group that fought the Serbs.
  11. gangline
    • 2008 February 16, Rebecca Santana, “Training for Alaska, in New Jersey”, New York Times:
      As the dogs were hooked up to the gangline linking them to the A.T.V. on a snowless day, the cacophony of barking built as the animals pulled at the harness to get going.
  12. miserablist
    • 2008 February 16, Dennis Lim, “Wars Past and Present, Rockers Evergreen”, New York Times:
      Mike Leigh ’s “Happy-Go-Lucky,” an eruption of good cheer from a British kitchen-sink miserablist, has its vocal admirers — it was bought by Miramax and seems likely to win an award at Saturday’s closing ceremony — but how you feel about the film, a mirror image of Mr. Leigh’s equally single-minded “Naked,” will depend on your ability to stomach the brutally chirpy heroine (played by Sally Hawkins).
  13. motorless
  14. multidose
    • 2008 February 16, Walt Bogdanich, “China Didn’t Check Drug Supplier, Files Show”, New York Times:
      Baxter announced Monday that it was suspending sales of its multidose vials of heparin after 4 patients died and 350 suffered complications.
  15. pinku
    • 2008 February 16, Dennis Lim, “Wars Past and Present, Rockers Evergreen”, New York Times:
      The Forum section of the festival, which began as a rebel counter-event in the ’60s and typically shows more adventurous work than the official selection, included a tribute to Koji Wakamatsu, the Japanese new-wave veteran and leftist who made his name in the pinku (soft-core) genre.
  16. sandpapery
  17. tucanare
    • 2008 February 16, James Prosek, “River of Danger, River of Peace”, New York Times:
      The peacock bass, or tucanare, is a golden-green fish with varied markings depending on the species.
  18. unclimactic
    • 2008 February 16, Roslyn Sulcas, “Two Immortal Lovers Have a Rematch in Paris”, New York Times:
      This procession is slow and unclimactic, utterly mesmerizing and like everything else about this astounding work, absolutely right.
  19. unconnectedly
  20. unpressurized