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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-02-26 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-03).

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  1. ballhandler
  2. boomy
    • 2008 February 26, Allan Kozinn, “In Precise Movements, a Russian Sense of Drama”, New York Times:
      For the third movement Mr. Safronov had Schubert’s piano sketch as a guide, but his big, boomy orchestration, with a gentle pastoral trio at its core, sounded jarring after the first two movements.
  3. countermotions
    • 2008 February 26, Michael Wilson, “Trial of Police Begins in 50-Shot Case”, New York Times:
      Fifteen months to the day after Sean Bell was killed in a blast of 50 police bullets, and after rounds and rounds of court hearings, motions and countermotions, the trial of three of the officers who fired their handguns that cold morning began Monday in State Supreme Court in Queens.
  4. druggiest
  5. hypeman
  6. hyperjudgmental
    • 2008 February 26, Kelefa Sanneh, “Savoring a Moment in the Sun, Despite a Court Date”, New York Times:
      Lil Wayne is at the strange, magical point in his career when popular acclaim seems like total freedom, when hyperjudgmental fans suspend judgment, willing to follow their hero wherever he goes, whatever he does.
  7. muzziness
    • 2008 February 26, Abigail Zuger, M.D., “For the Very Old, a Dose of ‘Slow Medicine’”, New York Times:
      Some standard self-help muzziness creeps around the edges of this book, with reflections on the value of scrapbooks to preserve family memories and admonitions that “it is always the right time to say ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you.’
  8. narcotized
    • 2008 February 26, Mike Hale, “The Tortuous Path That Led to Those Central Park Gates”, New York Times:
      With its tasteful score and pleasant but dull montages of crowds happily narcotized by Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s orange curtains, it becomes just another “Gates” keepsake, to be stashed away next to the poster and the commemorative print.
  9. nonmainframe
    • 2008 February 26, Steve Lohr, “I.B.M. to Introduce a Notably Improved Mainframe”, New York Times:
      But the significance of the new machine, analysts say, is that it is a big step in a broad campaign by I.B.M. to make the mainframe computer a high-performance, energy-efficient engine for running all kinds of nonmainframe software.
  10. pixelized
    • 2008 February 26, The New York Times, “F.C.C. Fines Fox”, New York Times:
      The agency has rejected the network’s contention that an episode of the defunct reality program “Married to America” did not violate decency standards because female breasts and buttocks were pixelized during a raunchy bachelor party scene in 2003, Reuters reported.
  11. rubberband
  12. sensorineural
    • 2008 February 26, Jane E. Brody, “Cochlear Implant Supports an Author’s Active Life”, New York Times:
      The deafness inherited by Mr. Swiller, his brother and one of their first cousins is caused by an autosomal recessive mutation in a gene called connexion 26, the most common cause of sensorineural deafness in children.
  13. suboffices
  14. uncopyrighted
  15. unthanked
  16. vogueish
    • 2008 February 26, David Brooks, “The Real McCain”, New York Times:
      And the current vogueish advice among the backroom set is: Go after your opponent’s strengths.


  1. killin
    • 2008 February 26, Michiko Kakutani, “However Mean the Streets, Have an Exit Strategy”, New York Times:
      When Bree went to visit her foster brother Taye in prison — he’d been sentenced for selling drugs — he told her he loved her but didn’t want her to come back for any more visits: waiting for visits and letters, he said, “was killin me,” and he’d decided he wasn’t going to “even find out what was up wit y’all.”
  2. pixilation
    • 2008 February 26, The New York Times, “F.C.C. Fines Fox”, New York Times:
      The commission said: “To be sure, the pixelation of the female strippers’ naked breasts and buttocks does render the material less explicit and graphic than it would have been in the absence of pixilation.