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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-03-04 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-03).

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  1. airfoiled
  2. bingers
    • 2008 March 4, Benedict Carey, “When People Drink Themselves Silly, and Why”, New York Times:
      Not to say that would-be bingers, when ordering that first tray of Irish car bombs for the table, think about discharging a cultural tradition.
  3. chairless
    • 2008 March 4, Vivien Schweitzer, “After the Sunshine, the Gathering Storm”, New York Times:
      While not quite a trend, standing up to perform has become more common recently, with prominent ensembles like the Emerson, Brodsky and Skampa string quartets playing chairless (except for the cellist).
  4. chromophilia
    • 2008 March 4, Karen Rosenberg, “Primary Season at the Modern”, New York Times:
      As Mr. Batchelor writes, “Chromophobia is perhaps only chromophilia without the color.”
  5. disarticulation
  6. documentarylike
    • 2008 March 4, Charles Mcgrath, “A Debunker on the Road to World War II”, New York Times:
      The book is a collage of sorts, a series of short, documentarylike moments from August 1892 to Dec. 31, 1941.
  7. estrogenlike
  8. fishless
    • 2008 March 4, Andrew Adam Newman, “A Package That Lights Up the Shelf”, New York Times:
      The plastic is tinted blue, and when the AAA batteries in its base are lighted, the whole thing looks like a miniature lava lamp or a tiny fishless aquarium.
  9. fuhgedaboudit *
    • 2008 March 4, Clyde Haberman, “Announcing an Ending to What Never Began”, New York Times:
      Weeks ago, when Senator John McCain became a sure thing on the Republican side and Senator Barack Obama emerged as the apparent Democratic front-runner, a Bloomberg candidacy faded from the improbable to a resounding New York fuhgedaboudit.
  10. juxtaposer *
    • 2008 March 4, Charles Mcgrath, “A Debunker on the Road to World War II”, New York Times:
      “What people actually said was far more interesting than anything I could address, so I ended up being a juxtaposer, an arranger, an editor more than a writer.
  11. nonhierarchical
    • 2008 March 4, David Brooks, “A Defining Moment”, New York Times:
      But Obama sounded like a cross between a social activist and a flannel-shirted software C.E.O. — as a nonhierarchical, collaborative leader who can inspire autonomous individuals to cooperate for the sake of common concerns.
  12. postpresidential
    • 2008 March 4, Charles Mcgrath, “A Debunker on the Road to World War II”, New York Times:
      Until just recently, when he began to cart them back, they were all stacked in Mr. Baker’s barn: piles of Churchill; of Herbert Hoover’s postpresidential papers; war records, biographies, letters, diaries.
  13. rallygoers
    • 2008 March 4, Taghreed El-Khodary And Isabel Kershner, “As Israelis Pull Out of Gaza, Hamas Celebrates Its Rocketry”, New York Times:
      The clearest example of echoing Hezbollah came Monday when thousands attended a so-called victory rally, and Mahmoud Zahar, an influential Hamas leader, briefly came out of hiding to tell the rallygoers that his organization would rebuild any house that had been damaged by the Israeli strikes.
  14. ruching
    • 2008 March 4, Patricia Cohen, “Want to Save a Coral Reef? Bring Along Your Crochet Hook”, New York Times:
      Actually these hyperbolic forms can be glimpsed all around, in the ruffled edges of kale leaves, the ruching that “Project Runway” designers favor, rippling ballerina tutus and drugstore scrunchies that girls use to gather a ponytail.
  15. sixteenfold
    • 2008 March 4, Jad Mouawad, “Oil Tops Inflation-Adjusted Record Set in 1980”, New York Times:
      For example, Calpers, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System , the largest United States pension fund, said last week that it might increase its commodities investments sixteenfold to $7.2 billion through 2010, to benefit from an across-the-board surge in commodities like gold, silver, oil and wheat.
  16. spasticity
    • 2008 March 4, Jane E. Brody, “From Multiple Sclerosis, a Multiplicity of Challenges”, New York Times:
      Depending upon the stage and severity of the disease, symptoms may include fatigue, dizziness , vision changes, spasticity , weakness, tremor , numbness, balance problems, pain, depression , constipation and speech difficulties.
  17. supercold
  18. technophilic
    • 2008 March 4, Clyde Haberman, “Announcing an Ending to What Never Began”, New York Times:
      By comparison, the most technophilic politician of all, Mr. Bloomberg, was positively quaint with his choice of a newspaper column.
  19. twinlike
    • 2008 March 4, Alastair Macaulay, “From a Master Craftsman, Recurring Themes of Divinity, Death and Desire”, New York Times:
      In “Fiends Angelical” (2000), to George Crumb’s “Black Angels” (with its quotation of Schubert’s “Death and the Maiden”), a priestess (Parisa Khobdeh) presides over a primitive tribe amid which twinlike lovers (Annmaria Mazzini and Michael Trusnovec) die and are brought back to life.
  20. unabsorbing
    • 2008 March 4, Alastair Macaulay, “From a Master Craftsman, Recurring Themes of Divinity, Death and Desire”, New York Times:
      True, “Counterswarm,” to Ligeti, is a clever but unabsorbing conception of humans viewed as insects, and the real charm of “Aureole,” to Handel , is reduced by the women’s autopilot bright smiles (also by Mr. See’s exaggerated facial reactions).
  21. uncolonized
    • 2008 March 4, Andrew Pollack, “A Bug Rises, and With It a Company”, New York Times:
      In the meantime, uncolonized patients will be isolated unnecessarily or colonized patients will not be isolated.
  22. unordinariness
    • 2008 March 4, Sophia Kishkovsky, “The Bolshoi Ballet Appoints a New Artistic Director”, New York Times:
      Pavel Gershenzon, a ballet historian, told RIA Novosti: “In recent years the administration of the Bolshoi Theater has twice shown its artistic freedom, boldness, unordinariness in making decisions.
  23. unpledged
  24. wingdom
    • 2008 March 4, Natalie Angier, “Flapping Past Gravity’s Pull, Bat Has a Vortex at Its Wings”, New York Times:
      Pterodactyls, birds and bats had to cede two of their four legs to wingdom, while we humans have sacrificed many a Swiss Army knife, manicure kit, oversized bottle of shampoo and the occasional pair of novelty fuzzy handcuffs, all for the privilege of flipping through SkyMall magazine.