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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-03-08 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-03).

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  1. baijiu *
    • 2008 March 8, Jim Yardley, “Got a Mint, Comrade? Chinese Ban Liquid Lunch”, New York Times:
      Tables are often set with specific glasses for beer, wine or baijiu, the fiery Chinese liquor that lubricates nearly every banqueting experience.
  2. chavetta
  3. dislodgment
    • 2008 March 8, Eric Wilson, “Big Names in Retail Fashion Are Trading Teams”, New York Times:
      “There will be a period of dislodgment and disenfranchisement,” said William L. McComb, chief executive of Liz Claiborne, whose efforts to revive flagging sales hinge upon his company’s aggressive wooing of Mr. Mizrahi from Target.
  4. ecodeposits
    • 2008 March 8, Liz Galst, “Banks Springing Up to Serve the Underserved”, New York Times:
      “When borrowers come to us,” said Laurie Landeros, the bank’s vice president for ecodeposits, “we help them move up the scale on their environmental and social health, as well as their fiscal health.”
  5. megaresorts
  6. mishnayot
  7. nightclublike
    • 2008 March 8, John F. Burns, “Paul Raymond, 82, Dies; Built an Erotic Empire”, New York Times:
      To that entertainment, accurately catching the changing public mood, Mr. Raymond added an air of respectability, or at least of artless candor, with pink neon lighting proclaiming the premise’s wares and a nightclublike décor far removed from the tawdry, ill-lighted backstreet clubs that had been the venue for Soho’s striptease business before.
  8. noncollecting
    • 2008 March 8, Roberta Smith, “How Art Is Framed: Exhibition Floor Plans as a Conceptual Medium”, New York Times:
      His latest hat trick amounts to a retrospective of the Santa Monica Museum of Art, a small, valiant noncollecting institution in Bergamot Station, a former trolley depot that was converted into a vast complex of art spaces 10 years ago.
  9. precandidate
    • 2008 March 8, The Associated Press, “Hall of Famer in Mayor’s Race”, New York Times:
      Arguello was approved as a precandidate for the November elections at a meeting of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, according to Daysi Torrez, a journalist who was nominated to run for deputy mayor.
  10. pruderies
    • 2008 March 8, John F. Burns, “Paul Raymond, 82, Dies; Built an Erotic Empire”, New York Times:
      Many celebrated him as having helped liberate Britain from stuffy Victorian attitudes about sex and “ancient pruderies and restrictive laws,” as an obituary in The Guardian put it.
  11. pushpin
  12. pushpins
    • 2008 March 8, Corey Kilgannon, “Woman With a Mission: Keeping Tabs on Sex Offenders”, New York Times:
      STONY BROOK, N.Y. — After a quick aerial survey of Long Island and the sites where its 1,200 registered sex offenders reside, Laura Ahearn used her computer’s mouse to swoop down on the Nassau County village of Hempstead, dotted with 50 icons resembling pushpins: green for Level 2 offenders, blue for Level 3.
  13. semicylindrical
  14. seminaked
    • 2008 March 8, John F. Burns, “Paul Raymond, 82, Dies; Built an Erotic Empire”, New York Times:
      He developed his interest in the commercial exploitation of sex when the manager of a theater where he performed said he would hire him only if his two female assistants appeared seminaked on the stage.
  15. stagewide
    • 2008 March 8, Vivien Schweitzer, “On a Minimal Set, Maximizing Puccini”, New York Times:
      The centerpieces of Michael Yeargan’s tastefully minimalist sets are large sliding screens and stagewide stairs, enhanced by evocative touches like a kimono placed on one side of the stage.
  16. unadventurously
    • 2008 March 8, Gia Kourlas, “Men, Women and the Knots That Bind”, New York Times:
      Throughout, Mr. Steel’s choreography, which mirrors the clipped quality of the text with abrupt gestures — a slap on the neck, a gruff fall to the floor, a hefty lift — is unadventurously monotonous.
  17. underbanked
    • 2008 March 8, Liz Galst, “Banks Springing Up to Serve the Underserved”, New York Times:
      According to a 2004 report by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation , the “rapid growth of the underbanked Hispanic market suggests a new growth opportunity for many institutions.”
  18. unjuried
  19. unsmokeable
  20. vicelike