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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-03-15 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-03).

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  1. alprazolam
    • 2008 March 15, Catrin Einhorn, “Tests Show Campus Gunman Had Stopped His Medicines”, New York Times:
      The results, released by university officials, show that the gunman, Steven P. Kazmierczak , had “minute amounts” of the anti-anxiety drug alprazolam, also known as Xanax, along with nicotine and traces of cold medicine.
  2. antipop
    • 2008 March 15, The New York Times, “South by Southwest, Shot by Shot”, New York Times:
      It extrapolates those ideas in antipop directions; the beat started amid feedback and reverb, then drove the music toward brick-walled dead ends, while Mr. Barnett repeated thoughts like “Strike me down” or “We’re being watched by experts.”
  3. antisecular
    • 2008 March 15, Sabrina Tavernise, “Suit Seeks to Bar Party of Premier in Turkey”, New York Times:
      The lawsuit, filed with the Constitutional Court, the highest court in the country, seeks to shut down the party because of what it says are antisecular activities.
  4. bloblike
  5. calligraphies
    • 2008 March 15, Roberta Smith, “Fair Goes From Feast to Tasting Menu”, New York Times:
      Around the corner, at Goedhuis, among more contemporary calligraphies, the fat and fuzzy brushwork of Zeng Yizeng (born 1973) stands out.
  6. candified
    • 2008 March 15, Bernard Holland, “Ravel: A Bit Wicked, a Bit Nostalgic”, New York Times:
      A minor misfortune of Ravel’s legacy is the relative obscurity of his best piano pieces and the prominence of their candified orchestral versions.
  7. crunchable
    • 2008 March 15, Conrad De Aenlle, “Good Banks Are Punished With the Bad”, New York Times:
      Until the numbers become crunchable and the impact on earnings and book value are understood, he added, “the stocks are in trouble.”
  8. friendlike
    • 2008 March 15, Edward Wyatt, “Return From the Serious Life: Reality TV Has Paris Hilton Again”, New York Times:
      Casting for the show started immediately, as Ms. Hilton invited prospective friends, male or female, to apply at her new Web site, . Twenty contestants will begin the show by living with Ms. Hilton in a house, where they will undertake tasks to prove their friendlike qualities.
  9. inuoumono
    • 2008 March 15, Roberta Smith, “Fair Goes From Feast to Tasting Menu”, New York Times:
      The larger, half of a six-panel pair, depicts an inuoumono, or dog chase, conducted with hundreds of spectators and padded arrows; Westerners, even proponents of fox hunting, may have a visceral reaction to seeing the tables turned.
  10. misrouting
    • 2008 March 15, Alan Cowell, “Heathrow Opens New Terminal”, New York Times:
      But British Airways has a reputation for losing luggage, misrouting 26.5 bags per 1,000 passengers compared with an average of 16.6 among other European airlines.
  11. multipositional
    • 2008 March 15, Harvey Araton, “Gingerly, the Athlete Turns Activist”, New York Times:
      In the meantime, Newble is preparing to play more basketball as a multipositional playoff defensive stopper, looking for a new N.B.A. home, not worried about a backlash for having spoken out in a manner that some might have interpreted as unhelpful to the league’s global blueprint for success.
  12. reliquaries
    • 2008 March 15, Roberta Smith, “Fair Goes From Feast to Tasting Menu”, New York Times:
      But make the climb to Douglas Dawson to see three rare sixth-century reliquaries — tall, stark carved limestone jars with figurative lids — from Mindanao in the Philippines.
  13. schmoozathon
    • 2008 March 15, Jon Pareles, “1,700 Bands, Rocking as the CD Industry Reels”, New York Times:
      Southwest is a talent showcase and a schmoozathon, a citywide barbecue party and a brainstorming session for a business that has been radically shaken and stirred by the Internet.
  14. squinched
    • 2008 March 15, Gail Collins, “George Speaks, Badly”, New York Times:
      The president squinched his face and bit his lip and seemed too antsy to stand still.