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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-03-26 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-03).

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  1. bajour
    • 2008 March 26, Randy Kennedy, “Art Meets Feast, and Feast Steals the Show”, New York Times:
      The ostensible theme of the dinner was a Gypsy confidence game called bajour, in which lonely women are cheated out of their life savings.
  2. copings
    • 2008 March 26, Alison Gregor, “Building Dorm Rooms Cheaper, Quicker and Quieter”, New York Times:
      It bears touches of the surrounding architecture, completed in 1933, with custom antiqued brickwork, a pitched slate roof, Yorkshire glass windows with concrete lintels, and stone copings at the parapets.
  3. crabcakes
  4. cyberlabor
    • 2008 March 26, A. O. Scott, “Big Ideas in Deceptively Small Packages”, New York Times:
      Showing some of the manic inventiveness of Richard Kelly’s “Southland Tales,” but with a hundred times more intellectual clarity and storytelling discipline, Mr. Rivera — a brilliant young director — takes his audience into a future of “aqua-terrorism” and cyberlabor that I wish I could dismiss as implausible.
  5. diethylhexyl
    • 2008 March 26, Susan Moran, “A Turn to Alternative Chemicals”, New York Times:
      Other studies showed that DEHP (diethylhexyl phthalate, a chemical that makes PVC malleable), can leach into the contents of intravenous bags, potentially causing reproductive problems in male babies.
  6. enforceability
    • 2008 March 26, Linda Greenhouse, “Justices Block New Hearing for Mexican”, New York Times:
      Chief Justice Roberts noted that Article 94 of the United Nations Charter, which governs the enforceability of World Court decisions, provides that “each member of the United Nations undertakes to comply with the decision” of the World Court in any case to which it is a party.
  7. gasified
    • 2008 March 26, Matthew L. Wald, “For Carbon Emissions, a Goal of Less Than Zero”, New York Times:
      But Robert Williams, a research scientist at Princeton University , said that not only coal could be gasified; you could also make the same fuel by starting with plant matter or other biomass.
  8. hujra
    • 2008 March 26, Carlotta Gall, “Moderates Hold Key in Pakistan”, New York Times:
      The A.N.P.’s leaders say their strength comes from the Pashtun tribal tradition of the hujra: traditionally, the landowner’s reception room, where guests are received, disputes solved and decisions made by the elders.
  9. ketchups
  10. kiddingly
  11. mayorally
  12. overhandling
    • 2008 March 26, Florence Fabricant, “Croissants Made by Robots”, New York Times:
      What makes these goodies different, the company says, is that they are formed by robotic machines so that the dough is not toughened by overhandling.
  13. overhunting
    • 2008 March 26, Andrew E. Kramer, “Ivory for the Taking, From Beasts Well Beyond Caring”, New York Times:
      In their growth rings and possible prehistoric human butcher marks, they hold a wealth of data on the ancient climate and peoples of Siberia that could shed light on, among other things, the debate about whether climate change or overhunting, or both, felled the mammoths.
  14. panisse
    • 2008 March 26, The New York Times, “New Places: Nizza and Sookk”, New York Times:
      But the best approach to a meal at Nizza is snacking: a plate of salumi; an order or two of excellent socca, the savory pancake made from chickpea flour that’s a regional staple, flavored at Nizza with sage and onions; a helping of the pungent tapenade made with niçoise olives and anchovies; and a plate of creamy-crisp chickpea fries called panisse, served with a pimentón-and-garlic spiked mayonnaise.
  15. parfaits *
  16. popiah
    • 2008 March 26, The New York Times, “New Places: Nizza and Sookk”, New York Times:
      But Sookk’s Cantonese snacks, like popiah (soft noodle sheets folded around shredded egg, tofu, cucumber and fake crab) and chive dumplings (like slippery, chewy scallion tops in thick wrappers) are not very agreeable.
  17. reseason
  18. serendipities
    • 2008 March 26, A. O. Scott, “Big Ideas in Deceptively Small Packages”, New York Times:
      A kind of free-associative, good-humored surrealism informs “The Toe Tactic,” a feature by Emily Hubley that combines her squiggly, playful animation (most widely seen in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” ) with an oblique story about the serendipities of urban life.
  19. socca
    • 2008 March 26, The New York Times, “New Places: Nizza and Sookk”, New York Times:
      SAGE AND ONIONS Nizza in Clinton serves socca, a pancake made from chickpea flour.
  20. sofrito *
    • 2008 March 26, Henry Alford, “How to Survive in New York on 99 Cents”, New York Times:
      I made rice and beans one night, which we zested up with 99-cent canned jalapeños and sofrito (like enchilada sauce, with a slight burned taste); another night we had penne with cream and some pancetta I found in the gourmet section.
  21. speedskater
  22. sundried
    • 2008 March 26, Pete Wells, “5 Cooks, $40, 5 Dishes, 3 Desserts”, New York Times:
      With a high-energy crew of three cooks who moved in a blur, Mr. Ripert rapidly prepared cheese tortelloni with sundried tomatoes and gumball-size mozzarella.
  23. superinsulated
    • 2008 March 26, Barnaby J. Feder, “The Showhouse That Sustainability Built”, New York Times:
      But other choices, like installing superinsulated windows and solar electric roof panels, added 8 percent to the cost, Mr. Doub said.
  24. tonkatsu
    • 2008 March 26, Norimitsu Onishi, “Spaghetti Stir-Fry and Hambagoo: Japan Looks West”, New York Times:
      Done well, menchi katsu, bread crumb-covered ground beef, or tonkatsu, a thicker version of pork cutlet, are deep-fried but manage to remain juicy inside.
  25. ultramyopic
    • 2008 March 26, Claudia H. Deutsch, “Saving the Planet? Not With My Money”, New York Times:
      “They are measuring the most ultramyopic reactions,” said Julie Fox Gorte, senior vice president for sustainable investing at Pax World, a family of socially themed mutual funds.
  26. yoshoku
    • 2008 March 26, Norimitsu Onishi, “Spaghetti Stir-Fry and Hambagoo: Japan Looks West”, New York Times:
      Shiseido Parlor is a storied yoshoku establishment in the heart of Tokyo’s Ginza district, a restaurant to which many Japanese make a pilgrimage at least once.


  1. pahking
    • 2008 March 26, Abby Goodnough, “For Sox Fans, a Welcome Wake-Up Call”, New York Times:
      BOSTON — It had the trappings of a classic home game: the Fenway Park lights ablaze, the sidewalks jammed, the parking — make that pahking — impossible.