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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-04-17 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-13).

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105954 tokens ‧ 78694 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 9491 types ‧ 20 (~ 0.211%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. antipop
  2. bangless
    • 2008 April 17, Anna Jane Grossman, “To Cut or What? The World Butts In”, New York Times:
      “I have secret dreams of brushing long, bangless tresses and French-braiding my salt and pepper hair, but realistically I’ve never made it far.”
  3. batmaker
    • 2008 April 17, Jack Curry, “Bats Ready, but Bonds May Not Need Them”, New York Times:
      Now Holman, the batmaker, is not making bats for Bonds, and Yandle, the batting practice pitcher, is not throwing pitches to Bonds.
  4. buttercrunch
  5. clackety
  6. counterwoman
    • 2008 April 17, Cintra Wilson, “Little Hedge Fund on the Prairie”, New York Times:
      Noris, the Central American counterwoman, complimented me on my handbag — a simple black patent thing by an obscure designer.
  7. inartfully
    • 2008 April 17, Gail Collins, “Battle of the Baggage”, New York Times:
      Finally, he got a chance to remind her of the time back in 1992 when she dissed the homemakers of America by saying, rather inartfully, that she preferred legal work to baking and serving tea.
  8. megahomes
    • 2008 April 17, Peter Applebome, “Hints of Fear in the Land of Mansions”, New York Times:
      If they’re yawning now, though, it’s only because they’re sitting around bored as megahomes sit on the market like beached yachts.
  9. nonmeet
    • 2008 April 17, Juliet Macur, “Antidoping Program Taking Root”, New York Times:
      The program rigorously performs blood and urine tests on volunteer athletes, above and beyond post-event and nonmeet tests.
  10. nonoffensive
    • 2008 April 17, Randal C. Archibold, “Effort to Rework Arizona’s 9/11 Memorial Fails”, New York Times:
      The phrases, culled by the artists largely from local newspaper clippings, include the nonoffensive, like “216 Arizona firefighters respond to WTC” and “Native Arizonan Gary E. Bird dies at age 51,” a reference to the only Arizonan known to have died in the attacks.
  11. nonoperating
    • 2008 April 17, Anahad O’Connor, “Police Say Fan Lost Balance Sliding on Handrail”, New York Times:
      In 1985, a 21-year-old fan from Yonkers, Mark Leddy, was killed when he slid down the handrail of a nonoperating escalator on the upper-deck level and tumbled over.
  12. popemobile *
    • 2008 April 17, Neela Banerjee, “A Welcome of Warmth and a Sense of Unity”, New York Times:
      By 9 a.m., three hours before Pope Benedict XVI was to drive from the White House to the papal nuncio’s residence, the devout, the distanced, and many of the simply curious lined the barricades along Pennsylvania Avenue to catch a glimpse of the popemobile.
  13. propulsiveness
    • 2008 April 17, Roslyn Sulcas, “Catapulted Into the Present Tense”, New York Times:
      This is not to say Mr. Forsythe is Balanchinian in tone, even if there are influences in some elements of his style: the dizzying, off-balance extensions of academic ballet positions, the athletic virtuosity, the speed and propulsiveness, the emphasis on doing rather than interpreting.
  14. ratchety
    • 2008 April 17, Jon Pareles, “An Antipop Soundscape of Beats, Riffs, Throbs and Hisses, Full of Ideas”, New York Times:
      The duo barely established one pattern before mixing in suspenseful harbingers of the next one, which was likely to turn what preceded it inside out: midrange instead of sub-bass, sustained instead of staccato, ratchety instead of pulsating, bell tones following up thuds.
  15. semidwarf
    • 2008 April 17, Leslie Land, “Veggies in the Shade”, New York Times:
      A. Yes. Although Miss Kim is often described as semidwarf, this popular late bloomer can become 9 or 10 feet tall.
  16. subhistory
    • 2008 April 17, Ben Ratliff, “Painting Outside Those Usual Lines”, New York Times:
      The transcription of an eminent old solo, reused as written material and arranged for a band, has a little subhistory in jazz.
  17. subscapularis
    • 2008 April 17, Tyler Kepner, “Yankees Back Home for a Quick Hi and Bye”, New York Times:
      Posada has been throwing before games in an effort to strengthen the shoulder, which has a small tear in the subscapularis muscle.
  18. unsedated
    • 2008 April 17, Adam Liptak, “Challenges Remain for Lethal Injection”, New York Times:
      Justice Stevens urged states to consider abandoning one of the three chemicals, the paralyzing drug that would leave an unsedated inmate conscious but unable to move, breathe or cry out.
  19. washwomen
    • 2008 April 17, Cintra Wilson, “Little Hedge Fund on the Prairie”, New York Times:
      A kimono dress by Derek Lam evoked the washwomen of feudal Japanese warlords ($1,390).


  1. overwhemingly = overwhelmingly
    • 2008 April 17, “Still Awaiting an Accounting”, New York Times:
      But the church faithful still await an accounting of the long years of cover-up and the “stunning failures of the overwhemingly majority of U.S. bishops,” in the words of The National Catholic Reporter.