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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-04-18 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-13).

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  1. blengin
  2. cellularly
    • 2008 April 18, Roberta Smith, “Dear Gallery: It Was Fun, but I’m Moving Up”, New York Times:
      Still, his starting-over debut is a double deal: a beautiful show of his green-on-green-on-blue cellularly inclined drawings at David Nolan in SoHo and strong, if transitional show of paintings and collages at Marianne Boesky in Chelsea.
  3. concelebrate
  4. copolyester
    • 2008 April 18, Ian Austen, “Bottle Maker to Stop Using Plastic Linked to Health Concerns”, New York Times:
      Last month, Nalgene introduced a line of bottles made from a relatively new plastic from the Eastman Chemical Company , Tritan copolyester, that shares most of polycarbonate’s properties, including shatter-resistance, but is made without the chemical.
  5. crosscultural
    • 2008 April 18, Bruce Weber, “Hazel Court, 82, Screaming Horror-Film Star, Dies”, New York Times:
      Ms. Court first visited the United States in 1958, when CBS imported a television series filmed in London, a crosscultural situation comedy called “Dick and the Duchess,” in which she starred with Patrick O’Neal as an English girl married to an American man.
  6. cyclocross
    • 2008 April 18, Alan Schwarz, “Medical Arena Is Calling Him”, New York Times:
      On Tuesday, wearing khakis and a black riding helmet strapped beneath his chin, Anthony rode his 24-speed cyclocross bike from his Brooklyn apartment to the Long Island Rail Road, rode that for 45 minutes, and then hopped on his bike for another 15 minutes to the Nassau Coliseum for practice.
  7. docufantasia
    • 2008 April 18, Stephen Holden, “High-Wire Act for a Film Festival”, New York Times:
      A lighter view of history informs “My Winnipeg,” the Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin ’s zany goodbye letter to his snowbound hometown in Manitoba. Mr. Maddin has called the movie, with its delectable mixture of quasi-Freudian autobiography, local mythology, free association and pointed editorializing, a docufantasia.
  8. experimentee
  9. fractionals
    • 2008 April 18, Kristina Shevory, “Test-Driving a Fractional”, New York Times:
      Vacation home sales are down nationwide, and now fractionals, which had largely remained immune from the slowdown, are starting to feel the pinch.
  10. fuzzadelic
    • 2008 April 18, The New York Times, “Pop and Rock Listings”, New York Times:
      Dark Meat, from Athens, Ga., is all about numbers: it’s a 17-piece fuzzadelic band whose onstage announcements include introducing songs made up of “81 words, 1 chord and 11 minutes.”
  11. glasslike
  12. illuminator
    • 2008 April 18, Karen Rosenberg, “The Art of the Hunt, as Practiced Way Back When”, New York Times:
      The jewel-toned miniatures (by an unidentified illuminator) reveal the extraordinary effort, discipline, skill, timing and etiquette of the medieval hunt.
  13. immaterialist
    • 2008 April 18, Holland Cotter, “Stand Still; A Spectacle Will Happen”, New York Times:
      Mr. Eliasson, who was born in Denmark in 1967, spent part of his life in Iceland and now lives in Berlin, is well known for creating immaterialist magic through bare-bones means: literally, in some cases, mist and mirrors.
  14. longrunning
    • 2008 April 18, The New York Times, “Pop and Rock Listings”, New York Times:
      DEAD CHILD (Wednesday) David Pajo, bassist and guitarist from Slint, Tortoise and other post-rock bands, has had a longrunning metal streak under his cool exterior; now that he’s turning 40, he’s able to exercise it — two and a half decades after the fact — in Dead Child, a fairly sincere (and decently tight) early-’80s metal band.
  15. microbus
    • 2008 April 18, Seth Schiesel, “Bands of All Stripes, Keeping It Green”, New York Times:
      The “Activism Center” Volkswagen microbus from the club is now enshrined at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.
  16. midgame
  17. minispree
    • 2008 April 18, Alan Feuer, “Teller Admits Helping Officer in Bank Robberies, Police Say”, New York Times:
      The officer, Christian A. Torres, 21, who was arrested in Pennsylvania on April 10, is accused of making off with $118,305 in the two robberies at the Sovereign branch in Lower Manhattan and a robbery at a Sovereign branch in Muhlenberg Township, Pa. His minispree ended last week when the police in Pennsylvania apprehended him after what they said had been his latest job and found $113,000 in his car along with a blond wig, a derby, masking tape, gloves and a black fake pistol.
  18. mohawked
    • 2008 April 18, Susan Dominus, “Young, Hip and Wild About Comic Books”, New York Times:
      A few hours in, Larry Marder, a beloved ’80s indie comic artist, had quickly inked a few of his imaginative “Beanworld” characters prancing or submerged in water; Alan Robinson, a comic creator out of Los Angeles, was putting the final touches on raindrops falling in the background of an homage to Storm, the mohawked vixen played (minus the mohawk) by Halle Berry in the “X-Men” movies.
  19. nonconfrontation
    • 2008 April 18, Graham Bowley, “Tensions Rise Over Disputed Zimbabwe Vote”, New York Times:
      Mr. Chamisa, the opposition spokesman, said Mr. Mbeki’s approach of soft diplomacy and nonconfrontation was pointless with a government that was intent on using intimidation and brutality to stay in power.
  20. popemobile *
    • 2008 April 18, Ralph Blumenthal, “Glimpses of the Pope Fill Pilgrims With Emotion”, New York Times:
      Even before the pontiff’s arrival in the United States on Tuesday, the Pequeños had gathered outside the Vatican Embassy, singing and dancing with other followers of their exuberant early Christianity movement, the Neocatechumenal Way. They waited for hours on Wednesday in a crush of admirers along Pennsylvania Avenue to catch a glimpse of his passing popemobile.
  21. popera
    • 2008 April 18, The New York Times, “Pop and Rock Listings”, New York Times:
      That leaves a huge catalog of “American Tunes” dating back to the 1960s: folky, jazzy, poetic, catchy and quietly complicated pop songs to be revisited by Mr. Simon, along with the popera singer Josh Groban, the sibling harmonizers in the Roches, the old-timey revivalist Gillian Welch, the dreamily harmonizing indie-rock band Grizzly Bear and the down-home jazz trumpeter Olu Dara.
  22. poplike
    • 2008 April 18, The New York Times, “Pop and Rock Listings”, New York Times:
      MUM (Tuesday and Wednesday) On “Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy,” released on the Fat Cat label last year, this experimental Icelandic ensemble leaned perceptibly toward acoustic instruments and poplike song structures, sounding more than ever like an indie-rock band.
  23. reorchestrations
    • 2008 April 18, The New York Times, “Classical Music/Opera Listings”, New York Times:
      And given the work’s history of revisions, reorchestrations, cuts, restorations and additions, the possibilities are numerous.
  24. seminudity
    • 2008 April 18, Susan Dominus, “Young, Hip and Wild About Comic Books”, New York Times:
      Ms. Crabapple did a lot of posing in bikinis, and less, to pay her way through F.I.T.; in addition to showing in fine art galleries and drawing comics, she organizes events she calls Dr. Sketchy’s, a life drawing class that’s also a burlesque show with music, costumes and seminudity.
  25. sidearming
    • 2008 April 18, Ben Shpigel, “Reyes’s Smile Is Back, and So Is His Effectiveness”, New York Times:
      Smith, the Mets’ sidearming reliever, acquiesced to a subtle change in his delivery, one that makes him look like Feliciano at the outset before getting into a crouch.
  26. thrashier
    • 2008 April 18, The New York Times, “Pop and Rock Listings”, New York Times:
      In Flames, a Swedish band, has been around since the early ’90s, playing shiny pop-rock anthems with grooves, but still the usual scoured metal singing; Children of Bodom, from Finland, are a good deal thrashier; the young men in Job for a Cowboy play lumpen Arizona death-metal.
  27. thumber
  28. undarkened
    • 2008 April 18, Holland Cotter, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      They were functional workaday items, and their office-supply roots come across in Zwirner & Wirth’s undarkened gallery, where the sculptures look exposed and a little shabby.
  29. unfavorability
    • 2008 April 18, Patrick Healy, “Superdelegates Unswayed by Clinton’s Attacks”, New York Times:
      And if there were some moments of concern reflected in the debate — the talk of Mrs. Clinton’s high unfavorability ratings, Mr. Obama’s flashes of annoyance — they all doubted that those moments would be deal-breakers, either.


  1. knuckling
    • 2008 April 18, Michael Kimmelman, “Joseph Solman, Painter, Is Dead at 99”, New York Times:
      But he remained a pugnacious polemicist, if a softy at heart, who suspected weaker artists of knuckling under to fashion.
  2. vey