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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-04-26 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-13).

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  1. antioccupation
    • 2008 April 26, Alissa J. Rubin, “Shiite Cleric Tells Followers to End Fighting and Unite Iraqis”, New York Times:
      The statement, read at Friday Prayer, the most important formal worship of the week for Muslims, appeared to be part of a calibrated political strategy on the part of Mr. Sadr, a radical Shiite cleric, of emphasizing his profile as a nationalist who cares about all Iraqis and playing to the Iraqi public, which generally responds enthusiastically to antioccupation exhortations.
  2. arancini *
    • 2008 April 26, George Vecsey, “No More Cappuccinos or Corner Kicks”, New York Times:
      Maybe some day there will be a southern L’Angolo with arancini and cannoli, but not with the characters who wandered in off Houston Street — like Maurizio, who claimed the seat directly under the television and pounded the bar at every flubbed pass.
  3. esperanza *
    • 2008 April 26, Richard G. Jones, “The Recurring Agonies of Asbury Park”, New York Times:
      They are doing their best not to let this suddenly uncertain moment tamp down the community’s collective sense of esperanza.
  4. fixator
  5. flamelike
    • 2008 April 26, Jennifer Dunning, “Twists and Turns of a Final Phone Call”, New York Times:
      And in Karine Plantadit, a former Alvin Ailey dancer with Broadway experience that includes “Movin’ Out,” Mr. Selya has found the perfect diva. Ms. Plantadit’s flamelike intensity and cool, clear French-accented voice are irresistible.
  6. floatables
    • 2008 April 26, Ken Belson, “If It Floats Near the City, They Want It”, New York Times:
      That crisis triggered hundreds of pieces of legislation, as well as additional funds for the corps to pursue floatables.
  7. insolences
  8. kramas
    • 2008 April 26, Sichan Siv, “Last Breakfast in Cambodia”, New York Times:
      The street was lined with city residents, a few still wearing the kramas and sarongs they had slept in.
  9. mipomersen
    • 2008 April 26, Reuters, “U.S. Asks for Cholesterol Drug Data”, New York Times:
      Isis and a co-developer, the Genzyme Corporation , expect to submit final data from the late-stage trial of the drug, mipomersen, in 2010.
  10. multimonitor
    • 2008 April 26, Roberta Smith, “Levitation and Smoking: Signature Images in Video Works”, New York Times:
      “Jeanne Delman” aside, Ms. Akerman’s greatest work is “D’Est” (“From the East”), a multimonitor installation piece that centers on blank-faced Eastern Europeans in train stations and other bleak surroundings.
  11. nocturnelike
    • 2008 April 26, Anthony Tommasini, “Masur’s Vigorous Last Laps in Paris”, New York Times:
      In 2002, with the violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter , he led the premiere of Mr. Dutilleux’s nocturnelike “Sur le Même Accord” with the London Philharmonic, a work he and Ms. Mutter will play on one of next week’s New York programs.
  12. nonadventure
  13. queenmakers
    • 2008 April 26, Larry Rohter, “Superdelegate Stalemate Shows No Sign of Easing”, New York Times:
      “The fact is that the unpledged delegate group was added not to be kingmakers or queenmakers but simply to give each state a few extra slots without having to sign in blood for a presidential candidate or run against their own constituents,” he said.
  14. recyclist
    • 2008 April 26, Bernard Holland, “Stravinsky Got Off to an Early Start in Recycling”, New York Times:
      It should have, for here was the great man, also a passable pianist, as recyclist: the Violin Concerto reduced to two instruments, or the snippets from “Mavra,” “The Firebird,” “The Fairy’s Kiss” and “The Nightingale,” now copyrightable.
  15. skeletonize
    • 2008 April 26, Bernard Holland, “Stravinsky Got Off to an Early Start in Recycling”, New York Times:
      Reductions of orchestra scores usually skeletonize originals, but here, as in the Concerto, the black-and-white piano sound is not all that out of the question.
  16. undercovers
  17. underreaching
  18. vanguardist
    • 2008 April 26, Ben Ratliff, “Jimmy Giuffre, Imaginative Jazz Artist, Dies at 86”, New York Times:
      His album “Tangents in Jazz” (1955) did away with chordal instruments like piano or guitar two years before Sonny Rollins famously did so; his trios from 1956 to 1961 were without a drummer, prefiguring the quieter, classical-timbred music of vanguardist jazz circles in the 1980s.
  19. yuppification
    • 2008 April 26, George Vecsey, “No More Cappuccinos or Corner Kicks”, New York Times:
      Given the yuppification of the city, you cannot have too many nail shops and Starbucks and boutiques.


  1. tifosi *