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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-05-24 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-13).

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  1. agrochemicals
    • 2008 May 24, The Associated Press, “Syngenta Settles Dispute With Monsanto”, New York Times:
      The Swiss agrochemicals company Syngenta said Friday it had resolved a legal dispute with a United States rival, Monsanto , over their respective corn and soybean businesses.
  2. antimanagement
  3. intramonthly
    • 2008 May 24, Katrin Bennhold, “Rogue French Trader May Have Had Help, Audit Finds”, New York Times:
      He entered “several abnormally high intramonthly provision flows, without having obtained any valid explanations as to their validity,” the report said.
  4. layin
  5. lunchless
    • 2008 May 24, Winnie Hu, “Busy Students Get a New Required Course: Lunch”, New York Times:
      Briarcliff is one of several high-performing campuses that is confronting the lunchless, alongside other stress-reduction measures like starting school later or limiting the number of A.P. courses each student can take.
  6. misexplanations
    • 2008 May 24, Phillip Alder, “From a New Autobiography, a 1970 Breakthrough Revisited”, New York Times:
      The main thrust of the book is Wolff’s opinion on how bridge ought to be: free from cheats; free from purely destructive bidding methods; free from misexplanations; free from timely hesitations that tell partner what to do; free from organizers who do not know and love the game; and free from appeals committees that rule based on the players involved, not the law.
  7. nanotechnologists
    • 2008 May 24, Claudia H. Deutsch, “Changing the Game With Innovations”, New York Times:
      These are networks of nanotechnologists, of biochemists, of people who specialize in packaging, and who work for all the businesses.
  8. nondigital
  9. nonwinners
  10. notams
    • 2008 May 24, The Associated Press, “System for Supplying Notices to Pilots Fails”, New York Times:
      All pilots were alerted of the problem through a related federal system that has continued to collect any “notices to airmen,” or notams.
  11. parfaits *
    • 2008 May 24, Winnie Hu, “Busy Students Get a New Required Course: Lunch”, New York Times:
      Those who do stop in for Boar’s Head deli sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, sushi or shrimp dumplings often sneak the meals into the library, where the media specialist, Tamara Hervey, said she is constantly picking up wrappers, napkins, soda cans and straws.
  12. streetside
    • 2008 May 24, Andy Newman, “New York’s Past Beckons the Future”, New York Times:
      SQUEEGEE MAN Whether you wanted it or not, these streetside entrepreneurs would wet your windshield and expect cash.
  13. supersign
    • 2008 May 24, Glenn Collins, “How to Stand Out in Times Square? Build a Bigger and Brighter Billboard”, New York Times:
      Soon enough, their gemlike lights will glow brilliantly as the signature elements of the largest advertising billboard in Times Square, trumpeted by its designers as the world’s most complex, powerful and digitally advanced new supersign, with unequaled high-resolution graphics.
  14. supersigns
  15. uncontroverted