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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-05-27 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-13).

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  1. acylpiperidines
  2. antimodel
    • 2008 May 27, Charles Mcgrath, “At World’s End, Honing a Father-Son Dynamic”, New York Times:
      The team saw those movies, set in a world of futuristic bikers, as a sort of antimodel: a fanciful, imaginary version of the end of the world, not the grim, all-too-convincing one that Mr. McCarthy had depicted.
  3. crozzled
    • 2008 May 27, Charles Mcgrath, “At World’s End, Honing a Father-Son Dynamic”, New York Times:
      The roads are littered with corpses either charred or melted, their dreams, Mr. McCarthy writes, “ensepulchred within their crozzled hearts.”
  4. directorially
    • 2008 May 27, Dave Kehr, “New DVDs: Action and Adventure”, New York Times:
      At least five directors were involved in the production, from Korda’s hapless original choice, Ludwig Berger, whom he came to dislike for his intimate approach to material that Korda had envisioned as grand and sweeping; to Michael Powell (brought in mainly to work with Veidt, whom he had directed in “The Spy in Black” and “Contraband,” Veidt’s first two British films); to the American action director Tim Whelan; and, when the production moved to the United States, to the influential Art Moderne production designer William Cameron Menzies and Korda’s more directorially accomplished brother, Zoltan Korda.
  5. dropoffs
  6. duneland
    • 2008 May 27, Charles Mcgrath, “At World’s End, Honing a Father-Son Dynamic”, New York Times:
      “A little fog, a little drizzle — those are the good days,” Mark Forker, the movie’s director of special effects, remarked one morning in late April while the crew was shooting some of the final scenes in the book on a stretch of scraggly duneland by the shore of Lake Erie here.
  7. geohazards
    • 2008 May 27, Andrew C. Revkin, “Turning Schools From Death Traps Into Havens”, New York Times:
      Yumei Wang, the director of Oregon’s geohazards team, said a quick evaluation last year found that 1,300 of the state’s schools (housing 340,000 students) and emergency-services buildings had a “high or very high” risk of collapse in a substantial earthquake.
  8. headwalls
  9. iridotomy
  10. mountaincross
    • 2008 May 27, Greg Bishop, “Lure of Olympics Prompts Return of a BMX Star”, New York Times:
      After finishing the BMX season, she traded man-made courses for rugged mountains, and unstable BMX bikes for the stabilized ones in mountaincross.
  11. nonbiting
    • 2008 May 27, C. Claiborne Ray, “Mating Midges”, New York Times:
      They resemble nonbiting mosquitoes and are often abundant around fresh water.
  12. overprescription
  13. padauk
  14. pleatherlike
    • 2008 May 27, Claudia La Rocco, “Grotesquerie and Ecstasy, on Street and Stage”, New York Times:
      Barefoot and wearing black tulle, a pleatherlike tank and long gloves, with a ruff of black fabric pulled over her eyes like something out of a Rebecca Horn film, Ms. Herron undulated and grimaced, moving between ecstasy and the grotesque.
  15. reconsulted
    • 2008 May 27, Godfrey Onime, M.D., “When Hostility Melted for the ‘Funny Accent’”, New York Times:
      I also reconsulted the gastroenterologist, who now suggested a “capsule” endoscopy , in which the patient swallows a tiny camera that passes through the system so its images can be analyzed.
  16. releasees
    • 2008 May 27, “Helping Prisoners Re-enter Society”, New York Times:
      This crushing debt will leave releasees unable to acquire employment and housing, reverting to a life of crime that jeopardizes the community safety.
  17. saltational
    • 2008 May 27, Natalie Angier, “Curriculum Designed to Unite Art and Science”, New York Times:
      “If you do statistics in the context of something you’re interested in and are good at, then it becomes an incremental as opposed to a saltational jump,” Dr. Wilson said.
  18. shedrow
  19. spacefarers
    • 2008 May 27, John Schwartz, “Shuttle to Take Big Science Lab to Space Station”, New York Times:
      In April, three spacefarers, including the station’s commander, Peggy Whitson of the United States, had a wild ride back to Earth in a Soyuz whose propulsion module failed to separate from the crew module until well into the descent.
  20. stomachlike
    • 2008 May 27, Jane E. Brody, “Red Flags for Hereditary Cancers”, New York Times:
      She is one of 131 patients with the mutation who have had their stomachs removed and a stomachlike pouch created from the small intestine.
  21. tailwater
    • 2008 May 27, Peter Kaminsky, “Rules for Reservoirs Pose Threat to Trout Population”, New York Times:
      Like the more renowned Missouri and Henry’s Fork of Montana and Idaho, it is a tailwater fishery; that is, it owes its remarkable fecundity and its population of big wild trout to the cold-water outflow of reservoir impoundment.
  22. undancerly
  23. unmetabolized
  24. wadable


  1. womens = women's