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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-05-31 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-13).

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  1. antidebt
  2. articulator
    • 2008 May 31, Joe Nocera, “At Exxon’s Can’t-Miss Meeting”, New York Times:
      He’s got a point; the same qualities that make Exxon Mobil the world’s best producer of oil and gas also cause it to be a terrible articulator of its own message.
  3. balconied
  4. cyclosporin
    • 2008 May 31, Jeremy Pearce, “Richard Lower Dies at 78; Transplanted Animal and Human Hearts”, New York Times:
      At Stanford, Dr. Shumway combined the use of cyclosporin, an immunosuppressant drug, with an innovative biopsy technique that enabled him to readily check the body’s acceptance or rejection of a new organ.
  5. demicharacter
    • 2008 May 31, Alastair Macaulay, “Riding the Emotions of a Ratmansky Ballet”, New York Times:
      But other passages of “Concerto DSCH” have strong elements of what ballet folk define as both demicharacter and character dance.
  6. foppishly
    • 2008 May 31, Elisabetta Povoledo, “Michelangelo for Readers With Deep Pockets”, New York Times:
      With Piazza Maggiore, Bologna’s main square, as the backdrop, a short video depiction of the volume, which can be seen on , was followed on Thursday night by an hourlong spectacle that included dozens of costumed dancers, a string quartet playing from a stage suspended in midair, suckling pigs roasted over a pit, a fake snowfall and a foppishly dressed acrobat walking Spiderman-style up the facade of San Petronio, the city’s cathedral.
  7. lowballers
  8. megamillionairess
    • 2008 May 31, Charles Isherwood, “Vengeance Revisited, With Singing”, New York Times:
      Chita Rivera , celebrated for her long career as a Broadway dancer-actress, plays Claire Zachanassian, the much-married megamillionairess who returns to her hometown with more on her mind than happy reunions.
  9. nonassertive
    • 2008 May 31, Eric Schmitt, “Gates Warns China Not to Bully Region on Energy”, New York Times:
      “We urged then, as we do today, the maintenance of a calm and nonassertive environment in which contending claims may be discussed and, if possible, resolved,” he said.
  10. nonspectacular
    • 2008 May 31, Alastair Macaulay, “Riding the Emotions of a Ratmansky Ballet”, New York Times:
      The finest beauties of the second-movement pas de deux for Ms. Whelan and Mr. Millepied lie in modest details: some lifts that touchingly hover only at nonspectacular heights, some skimming lifts where Ms. Whelan — never more touchingly intimate with her music — softly beats her legs in time to some rippling triplets in the piano part.
  11. postgraduation
  12. preindictment
    • 2008 May 31, Gail Collins, “What George Forgot”, New York Times:
      This was during Kerik’s happier, preindictment era.
  13. recomposition
    • 2008 May 31, Anthony Tommasini, “Berio’s ‘Love Letter’ to Schubert, Inspired by Sketches for an Unwritten Symphony”, New York Times:
      It was not just the characteristically inventive program he devised but the way he presented it that was so rewarding, especially when he turned to “Rendering,” Luciano Berio ’s wildly free recomposition of sketches Schubert made late in his short life for what was to have been his 10th symphony.
  14. shotmaker
    • 2008 May 31, Christopher Clarey, “Springtime in Paris Is Cruel to the Williamses”, New York Times:
      The 26th-seeded Pennetta, an athletic shotmaker who can handle and deliver power, had beaten Williams on a hardcourt last year at a minor event in Bangkok.
  15. slippered
  16. thwonk
    • 2008 May 31, M. P. Dunleavey, “Paying Off the Debts That Seem Unshakeable”, New York Times:
      As time rolls on, the odds are greater that life will sneak up and thwonk you over the head with other unforeseen expenses.
  17. trelliswork
    • 2008 May 31, Nicolai Ouroussoff, “Looking Skyward in Lower Manhattan”, New York Times:
      Wavy panels made of steel trelliswork hang from the entry’s ceiling; big squat columns frame views to a small public garden outside.
  18. twitterers
    • 2008 May 31, Kenneth Chang, “Phoenix to Earthlings: I’ve Landed! Awesome!”, New York Times:
      Most twitterers use the service to send up-to-the-second news about the minutiae of their lives to friends, but Rhea Borja, a member of Ms. McGregor’s team, sees it as a way to spread NASA news to twentysomethings.