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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-06-05 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-13).

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  1. ballroomy
    • 2008 June 5, Alastair Macaulay, “Step Right Up: A Playful, Complex Whirl, According to Tharp”, New York Times:
      The mood is big city, with flashes of madcap mischief, craziness and devilry on the part of Rabbit and (especially) Rogue; the Rag Couple, sometimes ballroomy, have notes of tension and dispute.
  2. electeds
  3. fortlike
    • 2008 June 5, Ginia Bellafante, “Horror Show’s Life Lessons ...Er, Maybe Death Lessons”, New York Times:
      You know things are not going to work out well for a petty criminal when, stranded in a fortlike compound occupied by three young women who look like American Girl versions of 19th-century psychiatric nurses and talk like the weird sisters in “Macbeth,” he innocently inquires about Internet access.
  4. handwrote
    • 2008 June 5, Harvey Araton, “From $15 Per Diem in Albany to N.B.A. Riches”, New York Times:
      After which Jackson handwrote Coyne a two-page letter from Puerto Rico, where he coached during warm-weather months, to state his contractual demands.
  5. interfamily
    • 2008 June 5, Adam Nagourney, “Clinton Ready to End Bid and Endorse Obama”, New York Times:
      “Now that the interfamily squabble is done,” Mr. Obama said Wednesday evening at a Manhattan fund-raiser, “all of us can focus on what needs to be done in November.”
  6. lenos
  7. loglike
  8. nonimmigrant
    • 2008 June 5, Aaron Kaplowitz, “Player Caught in a Web Not of His Spinning”, New York Times:
      The Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act, signed by President Bush in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, instituted restrictions on nonimmigrant visas for nationals of countries that are listed as sponsors of terrorism.
  9. postapproval
    • 2008 June 5, Andrew Pollack, “F.D.A. Reviews Arthritis Drugs for Links to Cancer”, New York Times:
      Laureen Cassidy, a spokeswoman for Abbott, said there had been no instances of cancer in children given Humira in clinical trials or in postapproval safety studies.
  10. quaaludes
    • 2008 June 5, Alessandra Stanley, “Borrowing a Cup of Sugar (and Maybe a Spouse)”, New York Times:
      The show is not so much written as curated, with all the salient artifacts — mustaches, bell-bottom jeans, the hustle, Quiana halter dresses, Tab, quaaludes and wife swapping parties — tenderly laid out like an exhibition in a social anthropology museum.
  11. raggy
  12. resand
    • 2008 June 5, Jay Romano, “Refinishing Floors With Less Mess”, New York Times:
      It takes three to five days to resand and refinish 1,000 to 1,200 square feet of flooring, he said.
  13. resanded
    • 2008 June 5, Jay Romano, “Refinishing Floors With Less Mess”, New York Times:
      Frank Kroupa, a technical adviser for the National Wood Flooring Association ( ) in Chesterfield, Mo., said that a contractor can tell if the existing finish can be renewed with less extensive work — by scuffing up the surface, removing scratches and applying a new finish — or if the floor needs to be resanded and refinished.
  14. resanding
  15. resynthesizing
    • 2008 June 5, Gina Kolata, “Real Thought for Food for Long Workouts”, New York Times:
      During exercise, muscles stop the biochemical reactions used to maintain themselves such as replacing and resynthesizing the proteins needed for day to day activities.
  16. salonlike
    • 2008 June 5, Eric Wilson, “An Award for Floral Arrangement”, New York Times:
      Since opening a salonlike boutique in Paris in January 2007, he has expanded to Singapore and Dubai, and plans new stores in Kuwait and Moscow this year.
  17. togarishi
    • 2008 June 5, Peter Applebome, “Awaiting Clinton’s Return to Home on Old House Lane”, New York Times:
      The trouble is that the bowling alley in nearby Mount Kisco closed a decade ago, the best you can find for hunters around Chappaqua are paintball guns and the fare in town tends less toward meatloaf and macaroni and more toward the togarishi tuna and avocado salad in a bamboo box at the pricey Susan Lawrence food store.
  18. torsolike
    • 2008 June 5, Carol Vogel, “At Art Basel, Old Names and Few Showstoppers”, New York Times:
      Not yet sold was another work by the Scandinavian pair: an abstract torsolike sculpture in a black leather vest that comes with a black packing crate on which “Fragile” is stenciled.
  19. unpausing
  20. visitorship
    • 2008 June 5, Glenn Collins, “Bryant Park Braces for a Tidal Wave of Traffic”, New York Times:
      Managers say that the projected visitorship may also require the addition of five new sanitation workers to the 11 hired in the last five years.