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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-06-12 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-13).

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  1. beshagged
    • 2008 June 12, Cintra Wilson, “Be Old Money or Just Look Like It”, New York Times:
      Oversize pseudo-ethnic prints in AstroTurf green, mustard and white would be perfect for the beshagged Carol Brady to go from the sailboat to poolside, then straight to the Dinah Shore golf classic.
  2. blippy
    • 2008 June 12, Ben Sisario, “A Brief, Noisy Moment That Still Reverberates”, New York Times:
      Despite its brief, blippy existence, no wave has had a broad and continued influence on noisy New York bands, from Sonic Youth and Pussy Galore in the 1980s to current groups like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Liars.
  3. bogeyfests
    • 2008 June 12, Larry Dorman, “The Open Course Is at Its Best”, New York Times:
      With more opportunities for creativity, shotmaking, risk-taking and birdie-making, this second United States Open to be played at a municipal course has a very good chance of generating added interest among golfers and spectators who had grown weary of over-par bogeyfests.
  4. celebreality
    • 2008 June 12, Mike Hale, “Four Years On, Clinging to Lower Status”, New York Times:
      For that there’s the show, and one of the main charms of “My Life on the D-List” is that it’s all business. Ms. Griffin and her fellow producers jettison the pretense, common to nearly all celebreality series, that what’s important is the “real life” lived away from the stage or the recording studio.
  5. charreada
  6. charreadas
    • 2008 June 12, Patricia Leigh Brown, “Rough Events at Mexican Rodeos in U.S. Criticized”, New York Times:
      “I sometimes feel like we’re the witches in Massachusetts,” said Mr. Franco, whose federation sets the rules and regulations for the charreadas.
  7. charro
    • 2008 June 12, Patricia Leigh Brown, “Rough Events at Mexican Rodeos in U.S. Criticized”, New York Times:
      The pageantry is an elaborate re-enactment of roundups on vast colonial estates, and the dazzling equine skills of revolution-era horsemen in mountain forests established the charro as asymbol of Mexico.
  8. charros
  9. collegebound
    • 2008 June 12, Warren Buckleitner, “So Young, and So Gadgeted”, New York Times:
      Giving collegebound children their next digital prize, a laptop, while they are still in high school gives them time to set up their MP3 players, learn how to find Wi-Fi zones and write papers before they are on their own.
  10. declaratively
  11. dethatching
    • 2008 June 12, Jay Romano, “Grass, Simplified: Hire Someone”, New York Times:
      The services available vary widely, from basic tasks like mowing and edging walkways and flower beds to more involved work like trimming shrubs and bushes, applying fertilizer and pesticides, and dethatching, which removes layers of dead grass.
  12. eardrops
    • 2008 June 12, Ruth La Ferla, “Shopping High-End Resale”, New York Times:
      Cascade eardrops from Ippolita, originally selling for $1,750, are marked at $795.
  13. fressers
    • 2008 June 12, Glenn Collins, “A Big Birthday in the realm of the 'Sturgeon King'”, New York Times:
      And so, he and hundreds of other fressers took an Upper West Side journey down memory lane on Wednesday at Barney Greengrass, a k a the Sturgeon King, when that shrine to smoked fish celebrated its 100th anniversary by rolling back its menu to early 20th-century prices.
  14. furnituremakers
    • 2008 June 12, Penelope Green, “Mystery on Fifth Avenue”, New York Times:
      Before long, his firm, 212box, was knee-deep in code and cipher books, furnituremakers were devising secret compartments, and Mr. Clough’s former colleague, Heather Bensko, an architectural and graphic designer who had been his best friend at the Yale School of Architecture, found herself researching the lives of 40 historical figures, starting with Francis I of France and ending with Mrs. Post.
  15. gomphrena
  16. hyperprivileged
    • 2008 June 12, Cintra Wilson, “Be Old Money or Just Look Like It”, New York Times:
      Now, Mrs. Burch seems to be on a mission to offset her hyperprivileged image as the personification of her thriving lifestyle-brand with a “common touch.”
  17. ikats
    • 2008 June 12, Susan Joy, “Smooth Translations”, New York Times:
      Madeline Weinrib, for one, works with traditional artisans to update the hand-woven ikats she uses for her chic clutches.
  18. nondisabled
    • 2008 June 12, Lawrence Downes, “A Life of Quality”, New York Times:
      Instead, the world is run by and for the nondisabled, and those who don’t measure up are infantilized, ignored and stockpiled in institutions that Ms. Johnson called “the disability gulag.”
  19. nonheterosexual
    • 2008 June 12, Andy Newman, “What Women Want (Maybe)”, New York Times:
      A University of Utah researcher, Lisa M. Diamond, published a study in January in the journal Developmental Psychology that followed the love lives of 79 nonheterosexual women who variously labeled themselves lesbian, bisexual or none-of-the-above.
  20. pincerlike
    • 2008 June 12, Alastair Macaulay, “Robbins the Contrarian Will Now Bow, Thanks”, New York Times:
      Since the heroine’s method of killing men is to squeeze their necks between her thighs, pincerlike, it has been the main (if perhaps only) evidence for those who find misogyny in Robbins’s work.
  21. postprimary
    • 2008 June 12, Gail Collins, “Barack’s Bad Day”, New York Times:
      Barack Obama is having the first postprimary crisis, a moment in which the only conceivable response is: what was he thinking?
  22. promotionally
    • 2008 June 12, Glenn Collins, “A Big Birthday in the realm of the 'Sturgeon King'”, New York Times:
      As promotionally foreordained, the pickled-herring bash was not only a neighborhood nosh, but also a media mosh, with one local-news earth station at the curb towering over the lunch-hour line that was never less than 30 deep.
  23. pulmonaria
  24. rulemakings
    • 2008 June 12, Susan Podziba, “Safety Starts at the Top”, New York Times:
      Having conducted 15 negotiated rulemakings for five federal agencies, I expected OSHA to publish the rule in 2006.
  25. spearfishers
    • 2008 June 12, Austin Bogues, “Oceangoing Anglers May Have to Register”, New York Times:
      WASHINGTON — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is proposing a rule that would require recreational anglers and spearfishers who fish in federal ocean waters to join a national registry.
  26. supermarionation
    • 2008 June 12, William Grimes, “David Mitton, a Creator of ‘Thomas’ for TV, Dies at 69”, New York Times:
      Returning to Britain in the early 1960s, he embarked on a career in children’s television, working on special effects for several programs created by Gerry Anderson’s AP Films that used a puppet technology called supermarionation.
  27. underinsurance
    • 2008 June 12, “The Plight of the Underinsured”, New York Times:
      The rates of underinsurance among families earning more than $40,000 a year nearly tripled from 2003 to 2007.
  28. vendibles
    • 2008 June 12, “Americans Living in a Material World”, New York Times:
      One thing for sure, with the way the free-market purists have turned everything from political representation to health care to spiritual redemption into mere vendibles, they won’t be pleased with him for pushing this particular line of inquiry.
  29. vetoproof


  1. alphahydroxy
    • 2008 June 12, Katie Zezima, “Putting ‘You Look Tired’ to Rest”, New York Times:
      For people who aren’t sure why they have dark circles, he recommends topical products that contain a plumping agent or alphahydroxy acids, which can thicken the skin, or vitamins C and K, which can inflame skin and add volume.
  2. downtowniana
    • 2008 June 12, Ben Sisario, “A Brief, Noisy Moment That Still Reverberates”, New York Times:
      In the last year two other books have been published on no wave and overlapping periods of downtowniana: Marc Masters’s “No Wave” (Black Dog) and “New York Noise” (Soul Jazz), a collection of photographs by Paula Court.